Monday, August 26, 2013

What IsYour Lack?

My lack is Time. Time with my friends and family. Time for sleep. Time to go to appointments, or even make them. Time for things I enjoy.

That is what I am hoping will resolve after the Event.

For my Lack to be Filled!

Part of the whole Ascension Process is the mental shift from 'empty' to 'full'. Why? Because your thoughts are what you manifest!

Is your Lack money? Try to look beyond numbers in the wallet--to how that money makes you feel? It is freedom to do things you enjoy? Is it security and ease of knowing that your earthly needs are being met? Is it power? That might not be such a choice to work with the Universe...where we are One and there is no need to empower one at the expense of another...

Is your Lack health? You might want to check out the YouTube video of the paralyzed veteran that learned to RUN through yoga. Watch the determination on his face! Watch the falls! See how he manifested perfect healing by doing a little 'more' every day.

Is your Lack companionship? Imagine how it would feel to be loved and cherished deeply. Do that often enough, and a little fire of 'that something special' will start to glow in your heart. It actually can be like that when you are all by yourself! I know, I surprised myself on that one recently. It works...

Is your Lack a dream you never made happen? Is your Lack low self esteem? Is your Lack yearning for deeper spiritual knowledge?

This is the last time I want us to use the term 'Lack'. Let us replace it with 'desire'. Not 'wish', that word implies it is NOT likely to happen. 'Desire' on the other hand, represents 'that which IS possible'. If you work hard enough for it!

Manifesting can take twenty years! But it still is the same process.

A friend of mine, her granddaughter just won a gold medal in swimming for Junior Olympics today. In a Dubai! What a victory for Women everywhere that this could happen! It took a lot of practices and swim meets to get there...see how manifesting works?

So give thanks, and get excited about what YOU are going to Create out of Nothing--by harnessing the power of the Universe at your consciousness....

Aloha and mahalo,

Reiki Doc