Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Message From Our Lady: 8/8/13

Good Morning to all of you my Sweet Children,

There is a time ahead that is filled with happiness and delight! Walk to it. Walk to it with your feet. Crawl to it if you must, if you are not able to walk. Soon you will be able to dance and walk if even in this life you were not permitted by some twist of fate.

Everything shall be made whole and you and all your brothers and sisters shall have an opportunity to dance as you shall wish, never tiring, never imagining not even once that thou could not dance! Unless thou had the wish to go and do another thing that was wonderful to do and you were now enjoying THIS activity instead of the dancing.

Everything happens for the best, and you yourselves are living proof of this Divine Concept!
You are strengthened by your suffering in the strength of having lived in fact, in spite of it.

There is suffering no more! It shall commence in a short time, although by the property of Heaven where there Is No Time  I shall not give a date or announcement through this medium, not in any way, shape or form. The message will get twisted (ed--she wrings out a towel with her hands) out of context and that is not good for any one of us.

(ed--she kneels down and looks me in the eye, she is wearing blue) Your happiness is the Most Important Thing On Earth Right Now. (ed--she shows an old fashioned water pump and starts pumping it) It does not come at first until you move the handle of the pump somewhat. Back and forth you move your arms and you have faith that when you do this quite enough the water will commence.

And so it is with your Light.

The more you move your 'arms in faith', your Trust in that the Process is facilitating the changes you are about to experience amongst yourselves, each in your own way and in your own Time (ed--points to her temples with her two index fingers and I 'get' the word 'perception'), you will experience DELIGHT. Just like a pump! A trickle that shall grow into a flowing column of joy that shall quench thirst and overflow your little 'buckets' you have brought up to the well! In fact they shall be so full that you find they spill a little bit, both on yourself and others when you carry them with you. (ed--I hear her laugh, beautiful laughter, that is like bells, clear ringing peals of gentle laughing as she is pleased with her little joke, the sight of too much happiness that splashes among us).

Everything happens for the best; the more you are 'empty' the more joy and Light God can 'fill'.

You will find your chambers habitable and pleasant for a night or three. Everything is set!

Do not make a mystery in what I have said to you today. Do not use the mind; use the heart to experience the Message. God wants you to have fun with it. Today and every day. It is not 'work'. The time for struggle has passed (ed--I see her moving her hands like she is brushing off crumbs from a table).

My Love is with you, and it shall be forever and ever. This I share from my heart ( ed--I see her touch her heart with her right hand).

Good bye for a little while.

God loves you. And so do I. ( ed--she tousles my hair, I think for all of us she rubs the head a little bit with affection.)

Aloha and Mahalo,

Reiki Doc

This message is given with full permission to share in its entirety, with all rights belonging to Reiki Doc and this blog. In Love and Light, Mahalo <3