Monday, February 8, 2016

Year of Monkey! -- Gaia News Brief 8 January 2016

Happy New Year!

At Doctors With Reiki, we wish you a year of health, prosperity, abundance, and love, for you and for all your loved ones.

Things are starting to happen pretty fast, and our hope for you and for all of Creation, is to usher in a new reality, a Heaven on Earth, as soon as possible...when the energies are 'right'.

Yesterday was rough. I spent the entire weekend resting and preparing myself for it.

Mother wanted to throw a party for the Super Bowl.

Whenever my family gets together, everyone is so sensitive, someone, often it is me--ends up getting their feelings hurt.

Everything went smoothly, I think it is because people were on their best behavior, taking care to keep love above all else, and letting things 'slide' a little when it comes to hurt feelings.

I stayed in a corner next to Anthony the whole time. Just on the couch. I was uncomfortable with all the expectations my loved ones can 'bring to the table'.  Mom is a wonderful hostess. It is so hard to 'read' her whether she wants help in the kitchen or not. For example, I offered to help several times, and once was told, 'The game is important to you, I will have so and so help.'

The game WASN'T important to me.

This is the way I grew up, not knowing how to navigate the messages 'between the lines' and 'unwritten and unspoken'  on everything that was going on.

The worst part was how we have four people with insulin resistance/diabetes/pre-diabetes in the family...and how it was a carboholiday (I just made that one up).  I asked Anthony to PLEASE not eat that huge piece of ice cream cake.  It was for the three birthdays in the family, but one small piece will do.

I had three bites of mine and I wasted the rest, and two bites of the lucky pineapple pie my mother's Vietnamese (mom calls her 'Chinese') hairdresser and caregiver gave to her.

I needed to rest because of the exposure to regular TV programming is the most I get all year watching the game.

Sure enough, it felt icky, and I had to ask St. Germain to come in afterwards and help me neutralize things.

I was in shock over the whole Coldplay thing.


Because I used to like them.  I thought they were not 'in' with Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

They are.

What I saw, with my trained eye, horrified me, during that halftime show.  I saw the flower of life on the stage--a sacred tool--being harnessed with a counter-clockwise vortex to emit all kinds of combinations of it for the dark.  There was even a bell there, part of a 'ritual' for their 'team'.

Beyonce frightens me. I can't look at her. And I SAW the part where her 'Sasha Fierce' 'jumped in' to her, within a few steps into her performance.  The eyes rolled up, the body jerked, and then instead of hollow the scary thing came out her eyes.

That's how you know who is for what team. It's in the eyes. You can't fake it and you can't hide it.

If you are remotely interested at all--most of my readers are not, and have fought me long and hard with their resistance in their hearts that 'everything is okay' and 'the people who make the news CARE about me' and 'my government really LISTENS to me' and the like--to which I say FINE! and just go on with your life and don't bother--the coverage on YouTube is mixed. It's from very Christian websites, who are kind of extreme. I want you to look at the images, and not so much the words. You can't miss the symbols that are hidden in plain sight, in front of everybody!  This is how, over many years, I taught myself to read the hidden symbols and look for the intent of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. Kauilapele usually has a post on the Illuminati in the Super Bowl too, if you want to check that out.  The one video, about the commercials being tied into the whole thing was a new twist even for me, and it resonates very strongly as true--with the Christopher Walken one.

Right before the show, I realized, Creator of All That Is is STRONGER.  And THIS is my comfort to read this too:

They wouldn't try all that if they weren't desperate, Team 'Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart'.

I will stop trying to teach you about what is going on in plain sight that is against Creator and everything we stand for.  It isn't working, and it annoys the reader.

But for those of you who have taken my request, and truly educated yourselves on it? You give me great joy, and Ross too, in your willingness to awaken from the Illusion of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest at Heart.

It's painful.

I know.

I went to a concert once by Coldplay, and really enjoyed it. I thought the butterflies were 'funny' with the free  album and the tissue paper ones they had as confetti. I never in a million years would have made the connection at the time too.


This is a time for things new.

What's old is passed.

Embrace what is coming down the road ahead.

Freedom, in your heart you will feel it!

And Love.

(holds the finger up --ed)  Just because it is written on a stadium with the cards 'Believe in Love' does not mean it is with the best intent!  Only that which appeals to the heart, not for money, not for pride, not for power--is really LOVE.

Sherri Meickle Reiki wisely wished for 'all the money that was spent on the Super Bowl to go to things like taking care of the homeless, the sick, and (other society needs for humanity)'.

You will have your wish, and then some Sherri.

This and so much more.

Thank you for hearing my call, and for listening to my wife and mother of my children (we had two while we were incarnate, and one here, with Anthony).

Carla has been an amazing mother to them all.

In every incarnation!

(clap! clap! --ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple