Monday, February 1, 2016

Consciousness, Karma, and You -- Gaia News Brief 1 February 2016


You know, if you asked me six years ago, I still would have thought only Christ Ascended, and his mother Mary was Assumed up into Heaven.

There was no way in my mind I was ever going to do anything like that!  That's why I went to mass every week, and as often as I could. It made me feel good. I felt better working my spirituality than I did with academics or daily routines or even social events.

I felt HOME when I prayed.

On cold January day, in Baltimore, while I was interviewing for medical schools, I found a church, and got on my knees to pray.

I said, to Mother Mary, 'Thank you for being good.'

And I meant it, from my heart! For in this nightmare of reality, Mary stood as a beacon for me, both then and now, to help me find my way.  There was always her example.  And her love.
Mind you, I am both a visionary and a locutionary of her. I have seen her and heard her since 1992, in June.

Our hearts are close.

But I sensed in that January, this was the favorite prayer Mary has ever heard from me, and I felt it.

So--how do WE Ascend?

I didn't go up on any cloud!

But my vibrations in my aura have gotten higher frequency and finer vibration...both through learning Reiki and getting to know how to do energy healing work...and for much of the cleanse (clearing and releasing old buried energy patterns and memories)...

All of us are going through this, whether we know it or not.  This is because Lady Gaia Sophia is Ascended--that's right--planet Earth is in 5D or higher (regions may differ) as well as all the plants and animals upon her surface. (this is because they have a different category of life contract than us; they never are separated from Source).

My soul is 13D, from what I have been told in my meditations.

Just for today, I will share two things that might be useful to you:

1)  The pattern!  I want out--I'm stressed--and I want to go HOME. My guides are eerily quiet on the whole thing. I want The Divine where I can see it, feel it, touch it--you know, CLOSE!  But it seems to be getting farther away. Instead, I am shown KINDNESSES randomly. A reader sends a grid on selenite, right when I'm ready to go off the deep end and can't take it any more. (It turns out she is Jophiel incarnate).  My surgeon understands my anguish over Anthony's knee injury from the trampoline place yesterday (he is on crutches and can't walk)--she had her three boys break their noses in soccer, one with an open fracture that took one and one half hours to repair, and she had to cancer her whole lineup.  Another woman, the one I made the bracelet for, the nurse who is caregiver to her mom--saw I was hungry at dinner. My tamale wasn't enough. So she gave me her extra noodle bowl--ramen. I was filled in so many ways.  Even the friend who was with us when Anthony got hurt, sent a beautiful bouquet of flowers...and I started to cry over the relief and the kindness and the love from her soul.   (what happened to Anthony? Another child fell on the side on his bent knee, and it bent from side to side with three pops--with a bruise and swelling every since. There was Reiki, Divine Healing Codes, and ice and ibuprofen. I think it's an extension of the message from the toe--other leg, but still red chakra--and a life lesson thing.)  Long story short--The Divine Creator is making themselves present through other incarnate humans--instead of the usual angelic 'sign' or direct communication like before.

2)  The broken record. Many Christians pray to God for things over and over again--riches, health, love....Jesus said ask and it shall be given unto you--if you are aligned with God.  Apparently, according to Yogananda Paramahansa --it takes MANY incarnations to develop the karma to be granted financial 'millionaire' status. In fact, there is a level of karma that is required to be given a whole lot of things. This is why it is important to raise the vibration, and to work your life lesson well. Case in point, Amanda who had pancreatic cancer for seven years, 'paid her dues' and was able to reach 'the highest of the high levels' in the afterlife. According to YP, Jesus said, 'If you know the whole enchilada of spiritual life--you will be able to command and direct things just like Creator does!' (my California interpretation).  So it's not just 'ask and receive' but it's have strong spirit, and direct the creative energies--as long as your karma permits--it will be done.  (I don't know anything more about Karma on this matter--I haven't read the next chapter--so for now, please, don't ask!)

I also read something somewhere about 'being aligned with God's will'. I think it was the new John Stallman message from Jesus today. I asked Divine Father, 'what's the point of being incarnate? And having Free Will?'

I didn't really 'get' an answer. I wondered offhandedly to myself, 'why DO we need to get to know ourselves if it's just lesson after lesson...?'

Creator Writings spoke to that today too.

Here is an example of how things are when we are open to spirit--an operation didn't go as planned, and backup operation was done instead. A mass was found, and sent to pathology.

It wasn't normal tissue.

If we had done the procedure as booked, the abnormal finding would have not been discovered in time for treatment.

Afterwards, we were all like, WOW in the operating room.

Funny how things turn out.


This is your Light Body. 

I will speak more to you about it at a different time.  

What to expect, how to take care of it, etc.

Many of you are coming to the right place and time enough for conversation like this to occur.

The reason I am telling you this is that the energies right now are rapidly shifting, and many of you are feeling upset, and troubled, by the lack of control you are perceiving in your lives, and also, how quiet your guides might appear to be.

There are always two causes for the 'quietness' on our part.

Number one, we are working, we are busy, we are putting together something important for the 'next step'.

And the Second is you are not ready for it as you assimilate the incoming energies in your energy body, and you are 'at your limit' to what your energy system can hold.

Carla, talk about what happened to you with the Starbrary crystal.

C:  I saw one on eBay. It looked like it needed a good home. When it arrived, this Lemurian was SAD. I actually washed it with soap and water. It held all the sad records from the fall of Lemuria, and also, it was linked to other crystals that had been programmed for Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest at Heart. 

Today with a ceremony, Divine Mother Incarnate and I were able to clear it and to inactivate all minerals that have been used by 'Team Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart'. 

Instantly it felt better.

R:  there is a lot of 'stuff' out there from the 'Other Team' Carla described. It is also part of the exhaustion on your energy system.


Release, release, release!


Allow yourself to assimilate and don't push yourself too hard.

Do everything you can to raise your Vibration.

(clap! clap!--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple