Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Energy Is Starting To Build -- Gaia News Brief 31 January 2016

Short and Sweet

I'm listening to Kahele and tidying up.

It's picking up steam, the tidying. I am releasing everything around the house that has been holding me back for a long time. All the notes from boards and recertification?  FEAR. I have released the energy of FEAR.  (I also got rid of everything that has anything to do with the heart room, with the exception of a notebook of my cases I have done.)

Today I tidied up the kitchen counter, and also, released everything sparkly and shiny and no longer needed in my closet.

I don't dress like that any more. My preference is for white tee shirts, jeans, and grey.

I can FEEL the energy where the blockages have cleared, and now, on my shelves I have room for all the photo albums I inherited from my Nana Angelina.

There is feeling when you are on the 'right track', and the few hours I have spent are really beginning to add up in the de-cluttering department.

As Above So Below

Ross woke me up, and we talked at length about us.

I'm tired of the waiting. I feel 'stuck'.

And if you see this picture above, it is not a happy one for me.

It shows how the hungry have sucked up all the energy from my husband.

I was called to a strange form of Council after breakfast by Divine Father. Ross was present. There were others, too, but behind a black curtain/screen. This was so I would speak openly and from my heart without 'outside influence'. In a way they were witnesses to what was taking place with me and Ross, under the guidance of Divine Father himself.

I was told of Ross' mission, and how he was sent to accomplish X, Y, and Z.

Twice I threatened suicide, there. Once by slitting my wrist and it bled everywhere in my mind's eye--but of course I'm not going to die.  And the other time was by going into fetal position, rocking, and not speaking to anything or anyone.

When the 'proposals' were offered those were my reactions--fast, direct, and to the point as completely unacceptable by me.

Divine Father had to work hard to find the root of the issue.

I said, 'He takes!' and burst into tears.

There was a misunderstanding on Ross' part.

All the energy he assumed was directly from Source to use in his ministry, wasn't.

It flowed through me.

Its path went from Source, to me, to Ross because we are Twins.

There was no replenishing what was taken of my 'vital resources'--in spirit but also in the physical--and I am speaking here as Lady Gaia Sophia as well as me who is sitting here now...I am the voice of Gaia, I am she, and she is absolutely terrified of being emptied and used up, and dying a slow death.

This is why she ran as far away from Ross all over the Heavens, to keep that last bit of energy she had for herself.

This is why she threatened to kill herself--to have it be on her own terms, instead of the status quo.

Divine Father got angry.  He picked me up, and proceeded to ask me what I want to stay, and what I want to go.  I showed him the worst drains on my energy, and I confessed this is taking WAY too long for my energy to hold up.  He stepped on things that were holding me back, and stomped like an angry giant until Ross called him back.

I don't think I can make it, given the circumstances.

Ross completely understood. he spoke with Divine Father, and they have an agreement.

Ross consoled me. He apologized.

I'm so glad he understood.

We love the masses of all of humanity. We are adjusting the energy flows through our systems at this time. Everyone is going to be loved and supported in the coming times--and it will be sustainable for my energy system too.

This is why every time the Galactics crank up the vibrations, I do well, and feel healthy. And when they drop it, to make it more 'accessible' to the masses, for it to take root--I feel it. I feel the drag, the resistance, and the drain on my own soul. All Lightworkers who make an effort to meditate daily and accomplish their missions, assist in the overall energy situation. And every time another incarnate human wakes up, during the 'low vibration times' the Galactics set, it helps my energy system too.

It has to do with the alignment of the planets, the natural energy cycles from Source that course through all Creation, and the balance of the work of the Galactics who have been sent to assist with the awakening, the Lightworkers, and everyone incarnate upon Gaia surface at this time.


I didn't know.

I didn't realize the connection with the energy about my work.

It makes sense.

Both the situation, and the reaction out of her.

I didn't know, nobody did.

But our crew, beginning with Divine Father, have found a plan to help everything make sense, for all to succeed, and for much love and enlightenment to follow.

Carla doesn't believe me when I say I am coming to her.

She says she better not count on it--no one is coming to save her--and except for her love of Anthony, there's not much reason for her to be here at this time.

Why is this so?

Carla has a career, she doesn't 'need a man', and she has me.

Carla has indescribable JOY whenever she and I unite! Even last night, I played a board game with her and Anthony, I had my own piece, and I spoke through them both--and Carla got a TASTE of that 'sense of family' she has wanted all her life...

Carla is exhausted, both as a soul, and as a mom.

So why does she write?

She writes to record her journey, her process!  It is helping her to find a reference point in all of the Ascension--the nebulous, I can't touch it--quality of the energy work.

(raises a finger to make a point--ed) What I will tell you, is that in the board game--it was played with a DVR, the Price is Right--everything was from 2004. All the prizes looked very different then from what would be a good prize now. It looked 'hokey'--fake--contrived.

It is that ability to find a reference point that makes all the relevance in one's spiritual work!

For Carla, it is before she knew me, and after, with much less episodes of crankiness now.

Carla doesn't ask for me.

Although she wears a button on her neck to call in my presence, she doesn't use it. But today, at the stove while making breakfast, she sent a strong, 'I need you Ross!' signal and pressed the button, and I appeared to her in her consciousness.  We briefly spoke. I reassured her.

Carla tells me she gets nothing from me but 'waves of comfort' when she has really had 'enough' and can't go on.

To her it is a 'one way street'.

I invite you--this includes Carla--to guide us into what constitutes a 'two-way street' between your realm and ours, between us and you.

Carla wanted nothing more than to be a wife and mother in all of her incarnations. Carla has her soul growth too--as Lady Gaia Sophia--which is also (raises the finger again--ed) the ground beneath your feet! It has to do with energy. With the intention, of every one of us, and all of you, Creator, and her--there is an energy balance (gestures with his hands together like it's complicated and mixed together--ed).

I wanted Carla to go bowling. It will be good for her to throw the ball. And to also get some pizza.

Anthony is quiet and he troubles her not one bit. He likes to play his video games, but he also helps with her in the kitchen after the meals, and also, setting the table.

Yesterday, Carla wanted to go see Kung Fu Panda the new third episode. Anthony didn't want to go. They were late. The popcorn line was long, and the service was slow. There were no seats in the theater together, except in the very first row. They could have split up, but they didn't. There was one seat available here, and another,  there. For them the bond was more important than the film. So they asked for a refund together, and they threw the nine-dollar popcorn away.

You could see their disappointment.

Carla spoke.

Now when Carla speaks, there is a quality to it, and a voice that comes from me--not always, but when it is Truth.

She said, 'Anthony, I had the feeling you didn't want to go. That's why you stalled. I am not angry, but if you want to get along with people in your home, you might want to make the effort to do something when it is what THEY want to do, and not your idea. That is because you would like them to make the effort when it is something YOU want to do too.'

He asked about the breakfast, it was her idea.  Carla said, 'I have a LIST of places you will eat and I only pick the places that are on the list. I wouldn't dare pick otherwise!'

He understood. She said, 'I have a LIST of foods you will eat. And if I DARE to make something you might not like, then I make sure there is something else on it you will like to eat along with the meal.'

He had no idea the status quo was hurting her, so much she had changed--that when asked, 'What do YOU want to do?' she sat and stared blankly from the chair across the living room to him on the sofa, and didn't know.  It had been so long since being a mother, and working, that after tending to make sure all the needs were met, she barely had time to sleep.

'I like to read' Carla said.

Anthony added, 'You like to paint, you like art. And you like making jewelry.'

He was right.

Both Carla and Anthony grew with this experience.

And I did too, in my talking with Divine Father and Carla as written earlier.

Everyone has a limit of what they can 'take' and what is 'too much'. (raises the finger--ed)

Sometimes out of politeness, some people do not speak up.

As Galactics, we invite you to always feel comfortable in speaking up--no matter what the subject (palm down, side to side, like wiping table--ed).

Like for Carla, we are always here for you.

Do not be concerned about the energy drain on our Lady Gaia Sophia--we have 'rewired' it.

Continue on your path and know you are in the front row of the greatest event in all the cosmos!

I hope you are enjoying it.

(clap! clap!--ed)

That is all for now.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Team