Saturday, January 9, 2016

Yo Canto -- Gaia News Brief 9 January 2016

I'm singing!

This is the title Ross chose for us today.  He wanted it in Spanish--'yo canto'...

So here it is. <3

Something special has happened for us as Twins in the last week. I didn't understand it, but it happened on early Monday or Tuesday, I can't recall.

We have been sick with upper respiratory infection. And right before I woke up, Ross was working on my mouth and throat. I presumed his energy work was to heal my area that was sick.

It wasn't.

He told me it was the gift of his Voice.

I startled and asked, 'How will you TALK?!'

He said, 'I SHARE it, I can still talk.'

What he transferred to me is his ability to talk with others, and to CONNECT with them, heart to heart, like he did when he addressed huge crowds back in time.

As his wife and Twin, I STILL worried, 'But what about YOU and YOUR ability to function up where you are?!'

He wasn't worried at all, waved his hand, and said, 'I'll be okay'.


What I have noticed is this strange surge of energy, almost an ability to command energy, comes out with my voice when I speak. It comes straight from my chest and throat area, and layers onto the energy of my spoken word.

It started with my patients. I noticed I was relaxed and speaking easier with them, directly to them, with no miscommunication or wasted words, as I spoke to them about their operation in pre-op. It was like, 'wow, I'm just relaxing and really CONNECTING with this person. I guess I'm super experienced now in my work.'

There was no bullshit either, no beating around the bush, no trying to be polite or politically correct--from my patient OR me--all the words came out at the right time, in the right way, without any impoliteness or rudeness at all.  One patient, after the next, after the next.

THEN it started to happen in the O.R. !

I am very soft spoken when I work. I keep to myself. I talk only when needed, to confirm a request (table up! for example).  I'll chat if the surgeon wants to speak a little conversation.

Well, this funny VOICE started in my chest, and I'd talk without fear of embarrassment or being out of place--just talking--about whatever--again with this strange CONFIDENCE I never in a million years experienced before, almost like a teacher with their students, but it wasn't in class. And I NOTICED a reaction by the others, something 'registered' on a soul level with them, and they 'connected' back to my soul, as we were speaking about the weather or other mundane things...

You would think by THEN I would have 'figured it out', but I didn't.

Last night we went to the Mexican Restaurant near our house.  We weren't planning to go.  We were planning to go to the local steak house where we know the owner. But he wasn't there, it was a twenty minute wait, and it was late for me for I am working today.  Ross had told Anthony to tell me, 'you will be treated like the n.s. queen of England' and I totally doubled over laughing, as we walked into the door at the steak house (I order the salmon...shhhh). Far from being treated like a queen--there!--but at the Mexican place, the owner, she remembered us from our lousy Christmas Eve.  She asked us how we were? And again the voice came out, and we told her how much we liked her tamales, and I was eating them at work, and Umberto P. noticed how good they were, and asked me 'where did you get those?'--I said, 'At the Mexican place by my house!' and I couldn't remember the name. Then he said, 'they have those at Costco...but there's not as good.' and she LAUGHED and LAUGHED.  Later, she brought us a special magnet with a calendar, and their name of the restaurant on it, so I wouldn't says on the top, 'A Year Of Thanks'...

Isn't that a nice way to think of it?

I had the long day on Thursday. I was home and in bed around eleven thirty, but I had to go back in by six-thirty.  Yesterday was supposed to be my short day, but it wasn't! I was at the Surgery Center, and I hardly ever go, and I had to stay until mid afternoon, which was unusual.

The last case was a special request for me...and I had no clue.

Maggie met me in the main hospital during an emergency with her health. I was the only one who made it so she didn't throw up after anesthesia. I checked on her later on the floor. She had a nice family...I didn't think anything of it.

Well, she asked for me for her two surgeries for touch ups at the Surgery Center, and didn't get me.

Both times she got my boss.

The last time she yelled at him, demanding my services, and she said she didn't trust anyone else but me to take care of her!

Well, day before yesterday, she called the surgery center to request me, AGAIN, and got the 'nice lady at the front desk on the phone'.

She asked for me.

The lady said, 'All of our anesthesiologists are very good, they are the same.'

She said, 'look, who is going under tomorrow, you or me?'

The lady didn't say a word, but she stalled, and asked for the full and complete name.

My patient said, 'I know it's Carla St. L-something and it sounds French. I'm sure you don't have many of those at the hospital, do you? But I am driving and when I get home  I have it on a piece of paper and I will call back and give you the complete name.'

So she did.

My boss couldn't even LOOK at me when he walked by the bedside in pre-op when I was with her.

She showed me her texts to both her daughters...'I got CARLA!' and they responded back with hearts and flowers and 'Yayyyy!' and 'I can relax now because I KNOW you'll be well taken care of!'...

She told me, right before she went to sleep, 'You are going to get your boss's job!'

I smiled.

I wonder if she is right?



She sings I play the guitar...

This is how I look when I sing:

Like the sparkly gold microphone? LOL

All in good fun!

I want to be serious for a moment here...It was Carla who asked me what I got back in exchange for my ability to connect I gave to her. As Twins, we can modify our gifts and switch between us two...

She wanted to know.

Carla bugged me and bugged me and bugged me, she wanted it to be fair, so there was no imbalance between us as a couple.

I finally told her what I took from her, something she has excess of, and can spare, is her caring in her ability to heal the sick and focus on those who are with her in loving attendance.

That is what she is, it is called 'an attending physician'.  When she is at the bedside, a whole other SIDE of Carla comes out, with a love that is incredibly accepting and nonjudgmental in any way. Carla opens her heart, each and every time, no matter if they are lying to her about what 'habits' in 'recreational substances', or trying to say they are fasted when indeed they had a banana not more than an hour ago and Carla could cancel the surgery. Carla is patient, and always wants what's best for her patients. (he holds up one finger and shakes it slowly from side to side--ed)...This you cannot 'fake'. This one must be 'real' in order for the healing to take place. The healer MUST be 'present'--in both body and soul--every single time.

So when Carla sends her Reiki out, SHE is entirely 'present'...too. The same as when she is at the bedside.

When people ask for help, and you can imagine, how many do--both online in her blog in the many questions (there are over three hundred fifty on the Divine Healing Codes alone), in her private messages, or anywhere else in her online presence, Carla gives her ALL. Even when she doesn't have the time, and probably shouldn' is Carla that chooses to GIVE and share of her expertise.  Even when she KNOWS the prognosis is grim, Carla always cushions it, and leaves a little room for the family for hope.

This is the gift I took from Carla, a sharing of her presence at the bedside, worn of many years of long sleepless nights in attendance in healing the sick, calming the frightened, and making what could be scary--going to have an operation--very easy and almost a little fun, because Carla is light and likes to make people smile whenever there is opportunity, with her genuineness in her heart.

(shakes the finger--ed)  I drive a hard bargain and it is I who got the better end of the deal, Carla! (he laughs and holds his belly and smiles--ed).  

I know how to get what I want!  (he tousles my hair--ed)

I love you so much.


In time, you will discover, so do you, dear readers. So will you...Love EVERYBODY!!!

There is one note--please note that the 'lightworker' community is totally infiltrated at the moment. There was notification to us of a vegan on FB who seriously has a desire to 'kill all meat eaters' on the planet.

Now, where is the non-violence in that statement? That ideology? Isn't it a given that vegans are against killing of all?

This is sneaky 'influence' by the dark for their last gasping breath--for their power is fading exponentially everywhere you look, both left and is APPLYING what is OLD--the 'might makes right' mentality--over what is OURS--Vegan peace-loving hearts, and the way of the future...where no animal is hurt, ever. (in a nanosecond he feels the angst of the meat eaters, and pats the big white and silver replicator at his side--waving his finger, and pointing, so you KNOW without a doubt all your meat and dairy is coming from THIS--no more hunting venison, no more fishing--all of it is coming from the replicator and it will be just as identical and delicious every single time--ed).

Carla also got notice of someone who has translated all of the Divine Healing Codes, who is a Reiki Master, and has not given Carla any of the credit for the Copyright on her work.

What is Carla going to do?

Carla made a FB friend request to this person!

Carla is LOVING those who trespass against her!

This person, clearly, has no concept that Carla St. Laurent IS the fabulous 'Reiki Doc'--Carla is a WOMAN and that 'doc' part fools pretty much everybody who doesn't bother to read and assumes 'he' is a 'man', the Reiki Doc!  (he smiles, and thinks he is clever, I can tell--ed)...


Carla is going to pray VERY hard for this woman, who did the translation--and for her very SOUL.

Do you KNOW what kind of karma this woman is bringing up upon herself?

(he flashes an image of a huge heavy weight--like a huge ton of concrete with a little metal loop on the top, the weight shaped like a pyramid kind of--ed)

Carla is the only source on the internet with an accurate up-to-date and most complete list of the codes!!!

it is ALWAYS updating. ALWAYS changing. John Lee Garrison rightly referred to is as a 'Living Document' (Ross says 'thank you John for all your hard work in spreading the word of our Codes, and bless you--ed)

WHAT do you think will happen to the Conscience of the person who has a LIST of the codes that is provided to humanity that is NOT COMPLETE?!?

WHAT do you think is going to happen when the SOUL of the 'victim', the person who looks for healing in their native language--looks on the list and finds it isn't there, and SUFFERS NEEDLESSLY BECAUSE IT WAS ON CARLA'S MOST RECENTLY UPDATED LIST and NOT ON YOUR OWN?????'

That is even worse than making MONEY off the codes, and we know how THAT one will do when one meets up with their maker, doesn't it?!!!

THAT THE TRANSLATION LED SOME PEOPLE ASTRAY...(he shakes his hand palm down like something is way too hot--ed)  That is a way to get BURNED, for a long long very long time...a 'false prophet'.

(he folds his hands together in front of them, fingers laced, and places them on the desk in front of him--ed)  So that is how it is, at the moment.  

Medicine is a universal language.

This link: is the only one that is acceptable within this healing system, and anyone referring to it for their own 'health', of their energy system which I may add LASTS FOREVER--for their own good to avoid any karma from leading others away from the source that is both the intellectual property of my wife (waves his finger as a warning--ed) and ME (touches his chest--ed) will have consequences (taps the desk with his hand--ed) HERE aboard ship in my office, one on one, with no 'representative' or 'lawyer' at their side. It will be soul to soul, their soul versus ours, and all that is hidden like ego shall be shown with glaring light, and THAT soul shall decide for themselves what the proper consequence shall be with this action that has been wrought (waves the finger--ed) not against US but against GAIA and HER PEOPLE and ALL OF THE UNIVERSE for these codes are in fact UNIVERSAL and not only pertaining to the population of surface Gaia at this time.

Even the 'dark' ones have tried to use it, seeking codes for healing burns after a firefight with our teams in the tunnels...that code was blocked and rightly so.

(taps the desk again--ed)  Do you notice on that link I provided, there is a TRANSLATE button second from the top on the right hand column?

That is enough.

So use it.

If you feel a need to modify the list of the Divine Healing Codes and publish it, for your own sake, I invite you to copy and include that very link provided above by ME, with something to the effect that the codes are being added at a very fast clip, and that the ONLY complete and accurate list which is ALWAYS up to date--is that one.

And save it on your phone! You never know when you are going to require something from the list, and it's easy for reference!

(he raises his hand, waves, and then clap clap!--ed)  It is time for Carla to get Anthony ready to go. They have to pack all their food for the day, Carla for her work and Anthony for her mom' is going to be a long day and a long weekend for them both.

I love you. I am sorry to be stern but sometimes that is needed. And in case it was too much, go back and take a look at 'me' in that hat, 'singing' to my queen...(he chuckles--ed).

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple