Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Heaven's First Steps -- Gaia News Brief 13 January 2016

I am falling in love with humanity--my patients, whom I have always adored, my colleagues, even the difficult ones, and my family and friends....even the people down the hall who are laughing with each other, x-ray techs from the radiology is with a smile in my heart I can see as Spirit sees them.

It is beautiful indeed!

I will do anything for a cancer patient.  The one I had yesterday was so thin!  Gaunt... The family was at the bedside with horrified looks on their faces, holding back the tears.  But this patient, their soul responded to me...I made them smile...relax...and be fully present in the Now--which--cancer or no is all anybody has!

I had a surgeon who can be difficult to work with. When it is time for us to do our jobs, he rushes us. But when it is his, sometimes he can be slow. So he wants to make up for his delays by speeding up our times!

My meals yesterday were rushed and unhealthy. I had one yogurt mid morning. Then just after when I normally would eat lunch, I had one piece of pizza, cold, in the locker room.  Something high-calorie and filling you can eat in less than five minutes is fine.  I didn't eat again until six.  I had the other piece of pizza, and about four kiwis.  It wasn't until I came home at eight thirty I had the tamale which had been in my lunch with the cooling packet all day. I also had two potato pancakes and a lot of potato chips while the microwave was going.

I don't feel 'hungry'.  I'm not sure if I have been conditioned to not get food, or if my vibrations are VERY high. Once I have food, I eat and enjoy it. But I survive on much much less than I once needed to get through my day.

Even with this surgeon, who is a nice guy but can be difficult in the O.R., I experience a soul connection, and I can't judge or be upset.

He's just being HIM.

And he's learning his 'lessons' that he put into his Life Script, his Pre-Birth Contract.

Does this make sense?

So for the cirrhotic, the drunk, who is having serious health threats and did it to themselves?

I say to myself, 'Wow! They are sure doing a good job learning their lesson! They are about as deep into their 'lesson' as the lesson of Alcoholic can be!'

And I let it go...

Everything is Illusion, here in our day-to-day.  Only the love is 'Real'--it is 'Eternal'.

And as I go through my day, when I am challenged, and believe me, yesterday I was! I had not one but TWO patients be admitted for observation, a lot of 'million dollar teeth' I had to take care not to damage (for the record, I don't like implants. The teeth are so much longer than the native ones, and they are at risk of being damaged by the laryngoscope. People spend all this money and they have no clue how stressed out their anesthesiologist is going to get when it's time to insert an airway--there's less room, you can't see the glottis because the teeth are in the way, and it's not strong like natural teeth. Someone needs to invent something to get around this. I stick with the Glide Scope for laryngoscopy in these situations, because it's plastic instead of metal--but I still stress.)

I give you this not as a rant but I want you to get a hit of my concerns and my energy I endure throughout my twelve hour day--so you will understand what comes next:  the realization of soothing LOVE that bathes me in the O.R., and I realize I am connected to Heaven, and nothing can every change the connection to Heaven that I have!

That's right.

It's like the little match girl when she lights the match--everything is better! You don't feel the cold. You don't feel the tired. You don't feel the low energies in the O.R. (it can be rep, patient, nurse, tech, or surgeon who is low). You don't feel tired, or sore from all the working.

You just realize you are loved, and this is not forever the situation you are in, and you relax and enjoy it for awhile, the warmth and the energy that bathes you.

I can hold this 'feeling' easily for about five minutes. And I go and do patient care- while being bathed in this Love-tending the foley, checking the twitches--routine anesthesia stuff--all while feeling surrounded by that Love.

I didn't want to get out of bed this morning, to be honest.

I wanted to lie in the warmth of the covers, and just BE for a little while more. As I got up I was like, 'well, here goes my day!'  I am now in the habit of praying for my patients and my surgeons and teams the night before. I pray for everything and everyone now. Closest to my heart is my boy, and his sore toe, who was at his father's house last night because I had to work. I sent much healing and love to him before I fell asleep.

Ross is interrupting me with a song:


Carla has said enough about her day.

Want to know about mine?

Everything is getting brighter and BRIGHTER (he gestures to Earth surface--ed)!


(he taps the dials with his finger on his dashboard console--ed)  You can measure it.  

It's real.

The whole thing is about to 'give'.  (I see an image of some old dark crusty castle separating away from the Light one, kind of like a used rocket booster falls off in the sky--ed)

(He pats the console with his hand twice--ed)  Are you ready?

Are you ready to experience the magnificence of Heaven on Earth?

(he picks up a Magic 8 ball, shakes it, waits for the little thing to float up and shows me it reads ALL SIGNS POINT TO YES--ed--and I am totally cracking up)

I thought you would believe it more if you heart it from this (shakes the Magic 8 ball up next to his head for emphasis--ed0 than you would from me (points to himself with his other hand, the right one --ed).

(He laughs--ed)  I am just messing with you!

Everything about the coming phase is beautiful and pleasant. (he interlaces his fingers--ed) You will begin to see things 'coming together' and to 'understand' the way it is, in all of its perfection. 

Everyone is at their places! Rehearsal has been rough. But now it's not practicing. And it is time for the show.

Carla tell them your example:

C:  Yesterday someone brought to me the attention of a person (name withheld) who says he is Jesus incarnate. He spoke in anger with another holy man for 'not believing in him'.  This 'Jesus' also had a woman leave her husband and five kids to follow him.  A reader was concerned, and thought I should know about it.  I worked with Ross. I knew instinctively Love is needed to everyone involved. And Ross said, 'Enjoy the show, watch the drama, this is as good as it gets!'  I am praying very hard for the woman, who is a victim of Spiritual Abuse, and is going to have some harsh realities to face when the truth comes out.

(he taps his chest, and wants me to say it, say it, tell them, it is okay...--ed)

C:  That woman is under the delusion she is who I am. Ross is my beloved. And my heart goes out to any and all who have been convinced--by spiritual leaders--or perhaps, vocations--that I don't exist.  That HE is married to THEIR HEARTS in the way ours, for some reason that we share--are connected irreversibly between one another, me and him, as Twins! It is my wish, and Ross's too, our fervent desire--for as much gentleness and love and healing to be offered to those who carry misperceptions of us, and our story, to give them hope. The poor woman is only trying to do what is right--given the situation, and clearly the lack of her own direct connection to Source, she has done a heinous thing of abandonment of her duty, her charge, in Life!  We ARE Love. And for those who channel the Sananda's and the Mary Magdalens, who are not authentically 'us' or part of any of our communication to the community--we give them our blessings at what is going to be a difficult time for them.  It is our Love, our steadfast faith, for the new found joy and love people are going to experience in each other, as the energies rise--the Heaven!--will supersede what is outdated in both the traditional spiritual and  in the newer Lightworker communities.  Heaven is so incredible!  Let it take away the pain of the discovery of 'having had the wool pulled over our eyes', and may the nurturing, warmth, love and compassion assist everyone as we go--slowly, it won't be all in one instant!--from the old to the new.  How is that, honey?

(he applauds slowly, leans back in his chair--ed)  I couldn't have said it better myself.  (he leans forward and points down--ed)  You know the ones incarnate are the ones all souls listen to, even more than me, or any of us up here. The souls trust one who has been incarnate like them, the ones most recently deceased always will follow the advice of a psychic and medium from Earth over an angel in spirit who is standing right next to them now that they are deceased!

It's the human way.

(he looks at you with a piercing gaze, wanting you to connect the dots...YOU are INCARNATE. YOU have a strong connection to Source. The Newly AWAKENED are going to trust YOU more than Ross and his crew, when it comes right down to it...there is a responsibility, a call to action to you, on your part--and through his gaze, Ross is asking you, each and every single one of you, are you ready to be the ambassadors of Heaven that you wrote into your Pre Birth Contract? --ed)

The job you were given that was much competition for you to get? (being born here, now --ed)

(He leans back and smiles, because I think before you even realize it, he knows what your answer is going to be, and it pleases him so much--ed)

(Clap! Clap!--ed)

That is enough for today.

I have to get my woman to work on time and also get her breakfast! And to all the pets too. When there is no Anthony sometimes Carla dawdles and is late.  (puts his fingers to his lips--ed) Shhhh! Carla is human just like you! (he tousles my hair and gives me a kiss like he's saying have a good day--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Family