Tuesday, January 19, 2016

FRONTRW -- Gaia News Brief 20 January 2016

Today's post is going to be a lot of little things, a potpourri of sorts...bear with me if you don't mind...

Duke Ellington

One of the things I wanted most out of our relationship and 'rekindling' of our love, is to recall without the veil all of Ross' likes and dislikes...besides the obvious vanilla!

It has been maddening.

Gently, over time, Ross has shown me that he enjoys the music of Duke Ellington. He also acknowledges and plays for me songs by Earl Klugh, because I enjoy his music very much. (In the mornings, there is too much talk and commercials on our regular stations, so Anthony and I listen to KJAZZ on the radio.)

I grow closer to Ross every day.

Yesterday, I realized just how gentle and consistent Ross is in his love for me. It was a 'wow'! of realization of how much he truly cares for me, and understands my heart. Sadly, that afternoon, I learned our local Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor closed at the start of the year. I was really disappointed, for I had been there on opening day. It is a favorite of ours, especially when we have been working WAY too hard, Anthony and me.

I remembered how after a particularly tough day, where Anthony was at school or with his dad, Ross guided me to 'go to Farrell's'.  I didn't know it would be my 'one last time'--although once there I wondered how they could stay in business because it was so empty?  I recall the original Farrell's was also very empty like that towards the end...

Tomorrow is Ross' birthday.  January 20 (I am writing on the 19th).

Everyone has their own idea for when it is. Some say 'in the Spring' and others say 'In December'.

This is the one he has shared with me, and we celebrate.

Tonight I will make a cake for him, with Anthony's help, we will bake it.

I can tell he is pleased.

The Inspectors

My house isn't going to blow up. I know how to turn the gas off if there is a leak. I even know how to look at the dial to assess if there is leakage. The nice man from the gas company, Jerry, showed me this morning.

The city inspector also said I need a structural engineer, but they didn't 'red tag' my house.

This gives me time to diagnose and treat whatever is going on with the structure. 

We give thanks for any and all Reiki you continue to send, as there is an association meeting soon, and much to be sorted out about the framework and the foundation of both of our homes, my neighbor's and mine.  

My neighbor is not going to be happy.

After all this, I lay on the couch and rested.

SaLuSa came to me.

I haven't seen him in the longest time. And I vaguely remembered and slowly asked again to make sure, 'are you the one who is going to be the chaperone when Ross and I reunite in the same dimension?'

He nodded yes.

I confessed to him I am not happy with those who say to me, 'I am So and So!'  There is one who is related to him, and I'm not 'feeling it'--the 'connection', and because it doesn't resonate with me, I keep my distance.

He asked me to explain.

The ones who are 'for reals' always have a certain apprehension about 'their memories' of 'who they are'. They are stunned and it takes some time to come to grips with their identity that was so very well hidden. 

I told him the ones who channel him, like Laura M, I'm okay with because they are trying to help others the best they can, and not bringing attention to their relationship with any Galactic.  

Then I asked for Ross and him to hold me close.

What I said shocked and delighted them. They asked me to share.

I said, 'I don't have any idea WHAT I am--person, angel, planet, Ascended Master--but I want to be close to you because you KNOW who YOU ARE and it makes me feel better!'

I humbly asked SaLuSa, 'Am I stupid?' because of the amnesia thing. 

It really gets to me sometimes, not having all the memories I need to know, although I have Full Consciousness...or so I have been told, and I 'sense'...

He said it has to do with 'clearance' and it's for 'safety'.

Let me tell you, being next to the aura of someone who doesn't have the veil is really awesome.

It's the next best thing to dissolving it yourself!

Clearing Stuck Energy

I am taking a class by the Daily OM to help me with my clutter.

Today for the first time I am starting to see results, and it feels fantastic!

I highly recommend it.

What this class offers is a spiritual 'angle' that helps free you from the trapped energy of certain areas of your life that give you the willies:  email, your closet, your thoughts and feelings you've had forever about 'stuff'.

It was like, I think, forty dollars for the year course.

I'm most grateful.

How To Be Cool About The Divine Healing Codes

The Divine Healing Codes belong to everybody.

They are a gift to humanity.

I am elected by both Marc Gamma and Isabel Henn, Archangel Raphael and Divine Mother--who in Spirit give me all of the codes, except when there is a guest like Ross helping.  I go through a process. And once they come in, the time-consuming part is making sure they do not duplicate.

I can tell you that of all the Divine Healing Codes which have been given there has never been a duplicate sequence of the numbers; if you look closely you will be amazed how the front parts link similar conditions although they were given by Divine Mother months or years apart.

Long story short:  the list on this blog (see tab above) is meant to be shared in its entirety.  There is something in the process of looking through the list which allows Spirit to assist you.  Furthermore, my energy and all the key codes and activation sequences are embedded in the link.  It has a boost, an extra 'kick'.

There are some people now who decided they 'own' the codes, as they belong to humanity. They are making spreadsheets, which, dimension-wise,  I ask, is this action 'leaning' more towards the dimension Ross and I 'are at'? Or is it more 'duality-based' and 'third dimensional'?

Another person, is playing 'who wants a code?' on Facebook.  People tell their troubles, and are given a code. 

Just one.

One code per trouble. They ration it. With NO directions or guidance on how to use them whatsoever.

Who is selecting the codes in this?  The higher self and the guides and the inner guidance of the individual seeking the help?  Or the code 'giver'?

Is there any mention of Divine Mother or Archangel Raphael at all?!

I don't need to be mentioned. I am the scribe. 

But for the codes to work, shouldn't there be some recognition of the hearts in the Higher Realms who so generously gave them, and provide the additional energy contribution for the energy healing work?


Be cool.

The reader who brought it to our attention says, 'it feels like they are giving people a fish and withholding from them the entire ocean!'

If you wish to be a sharer of the Divine Healing Codes, always be sure to explain the special connection between the codes, the heart and vibration of the healer, and the Divine Healers in the Higher Realms, Divine Mother, and Archangel Raphael...and direct people to This link in general with the frequently asked question links too  or This one which is the list plus the directions only

Thank you.

The Big Show

I never once in my wildest dreams thought that the Ascension of a planet and all of her people, as well as the plants, animals, and everything else that is alive upon it--would be entertaining.

Ah! But it is!   LOL

Can you imagine?!  Gaia doesn't even THINK of herself as a planet. The Council has said this before, and it's true.

Gaia thinks she is 'just like everyone else'...and is thrilled for the people who love her with their hearts, and know HER, who 'carry their own weight' just like she does, and listen to what she has to say, from her soul.

This link had Gaia laughing until her sides hurt and she needed to pee! It was hysterical that 'someone' would say SHE actually 'said' that!

Thank you for listening!


My 'batteries' got drained with the whole 'inspection' thing. I ended up relaxing by looking through my supplier for sterling silver lobster clasps that have soldered rings on them (my latest one has wire so fine it slipped through, and I must restring it) and more of the two different toggle clasps I have on, because I really like them and want to use them in my work.

I also spent time in the kitchen.  In the crock pot is a little cassoulet. Anthony needs to be picked up soon and he wants to stop by a store on the way home.

The reason I bring this up at all is because energy is important! As healers, we must always watch our own energy (LOL--in medicine we way, 'first take your OWN pulse!')...

Be sure to allow the slow, natural process of restoration after lots of stress.  It's more than just sleep. It's self-preservation, and kindness which is well-deserved.


(rubs his hands together and smiles and sniffs in the kitchen--ed)  Mmmmm! What's for dinner?

Tonight is my birthday celebration for our family.

Tomorrow is the actual date, however Anthony will be with his father.

Hence the cake.

Hence the wine.

Hence the 'general merriment' in the home.

Carla has been under much stress.

Carla has passed all of her tests and continues to make steady progress in her endeavors.

Time is speeding up, and also, the nature of Carla's employment with her group has changed somewhat.  Carla is more of the 'big game hitter' or 'cleanup' in her assignments. This is simply because many do not want to make the call burden any heavier for them. So they sleep while on OB, and refuse to take overnight call like Carla is assigned in the Main O.R.

As a result, there are a lot of people who work every day a short day, and go home at a decent hour, whereas Carla works either very late or hardly at all on the days she is not assigned to work late.

What has developed is a lot of close working relationships with her surgeons, who are up all night with her too, and this established trust.

You know what I mean by the term 'brothers in battle', yes? You do? That is understood.

As well, Carla is happy to negotiate the experience and apply it to her Spiritual Life.  Carla is fond of SaLuSa, myself, and all the people who are incarnate angels who are close to her.

It is difficult for a loved one to experience 'taking' of someone's gift.

Carla is well-acquainted with the 'taking' concept, of others who think only of their own needs first, and not for the general public, or the relationship--people who are sort of 'narrow minded'--as you well know from her experience with me and all of our memories which Carla dealt with the past weekend.

In the higher realms, something belongs at once to everyone--there is no 'proprietary knowledge' and I speak on behalf of the ones who are 'taking liberty' with the Divine Healing Codes and their instruction:  it is a double-edged sword on which they walk, and they will do well to temper their hearts with their minds in the spreading the use of the Divine Healing Codes.

This is why (holds up one finger, and pauses--ed)--although the widespread general distribution of the codes is well-intended (spreads hands wide horizontally like smoothing wrinkles out of a bedspread while making it--ed), there is also the 'teamwork' which is neglected.

(shrugs and smiles--ed) Which one means more?

Only you can decide, for yourselves, and for others as you share them...(holds the finger up again, as if to say, WAIT!--ed)  There is no 'right or wrong', only 'lessons', and what better opportunity to practice Love Is The Solution For EVERYTHING than in the hearts and minds of 'non-judgement' when it comes to coping with the enormous frenzy and free-for-all and grabbing when people realize they can be free of what ails them and is holding them back?

Ask me how I know! (he smiles and stands up--ed--CLAP CLAP!)

I was not the only one to work miracles!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple