Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Gift -- Gaia News Brief 6 January 2016

Yesterday Ross asked me if I could go anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be?

In Joelle's kitchen in Vouvray, working next to her, and being with my French family I love, in the Touraine region I adore.  The chateaux sur Loire...ahhhh.

Today was my first day off without being up all night, in ages.

I had looked forward to it for weeks.

Anthony had a sore throat.

I had to scrap all my plans.

I made him take naps and do his classwork when he wasn't sleepy.

But you know what?  I fed him some gumbo.  And the kitchen was instantly warm, and delightful, like back in France.  There was the warmth, the love, the conversation, and the skilled 'chef'...only this time, instead of Joelle, it was 'more or less'...ME.

We also, on a break, made some cookies from scratch. Chocolate chip. I have an old 'Mrs. Fields' recipe from the eighties...Anthony loves to get his hands into the dough to mix it.

We had fun.

Some time ago, I had been sad because I'm not able to have milk and cookies waiting for him when he comes home. Instead we are like 'fast food way after hours' on the way home, because of my schedule. Today we came home after an appointment and had cookies and milk!

He had a dentist appointment today, and I would have totally forgotten, if he had not reminded me. Well, my phone did too, but that's beside the point.

The lesson for today, 'Part One'--is that God gives you what you need. It's not always what you WANT, at the time, but it's for your highest good.

I noticed a lesion on my left forearm on Sunday.

It's pityriasis rosea, a 'herald' lesion. I had it once when I was very exhausted in 1980.

I need rest.

My body is telling me it doesn't LIKE the hours I keep.  I have to listen to it. I wasn't. I had a day all planned. But Anthony and his throat stopped me, and I napped too.

Online, I did the three things I needed. I renewed my DEA certificate, I paid Anthony's blood test bill, and I renewed the registration on the car.  I got things done.  But not going out of the house stuff.

It rained very hard today. And we did okay with it. He's never seen so much rain from this house before. My careful hoses and drainage and trenches kept the water away from the foundation of the house.

It's dry in here. And no new cracks for a while. I'm so thankful!

Lesson Number Two is I was ready to smack some people over the head with a two by four.  A 5D  two by four to get people to realize that although you might not have money....Kindness and Caring are free!!!

Here is the example. My neighbor Ivan wanted to park in my spot on New Year's eve. I was like, 'sure, no problem'.

He thought and paused a moment.

He asked, 'Do you like gumbo?'

I was like, 'OMG I LOVE IT!!!'

He asked for a bowl. I gave him a container with a lid.  He gave us a most exquisite, warm, seafood gumbo--and was most generous. At lunch today, I counted crab leg and claw--King crab, three crawfish, and five shrimps!  And lots and lots of andouille sausage too!

Kindness begets kindness. If someone does something nice for you, please get out of the 'tit for tat' mentality, and open your HEART! Allow it to share the love back--and if you feel so moved, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Just like Ivan did with the gumbo.  Anthony loved loved loved it. I did too.

I was going to add today's Creator Writings, but Wordpress is down. That's the 'me' part of the lesson...the Two by four Creator took to MY head! https://thecreatorwritings.wordpress.com/2016/01/05/a-gift-for-you-2/#more-3674

It was all about being able to let go, to allow others to learn at their own pace, and to love and give without expecting anything back.

To be like Ito, Chef Ito.

To just BE.

That is the best give we can give ourselves--to let GO of the 'tit for tat'--both in the physical, which was what I was trying to say, and for the spiritual, which is what Creator was saying...

Try to get used to being able to give without measure to those who will never pay you back--and experience the freedom and the joy of Heaven itself!

Lesson Three was the sinking feeling...that I REALLY enjoyed not having to drive on the freeway today, not taking my commute.  My day was SO much better, being home, being here, being able to rest, being able to cook.

My mom is keeping a close eye on me. She doesn't think I have another ten years of work in me. Not at the pace I've been going.  I've been working full time or going to medical school since I was twenty-three. That's twenty-seven long years of waking up with the alarm and getting out of the house in the dark...staying up all night and healing patients.  I ask my guides for Clear and Direct guidance in how to proceed, in all parts of my life, but especially, especially in this.

I am the sole support for both of us.   That's it. I dearly love both my colleagues and my patients...deep in my heart, I think I am not going to 'never retire' like I had imagined when I started this journey.  At some point I am going to have to slow down, or change what I do...so I am listening with my entire being...for something Clear and Concise and Unmistakeable...for what I am to do next.


Carla saw a lesson in humanity first hand today.  A boy of about seven was screaming while getting his teeth cleaned, and trying to get out of the chair.

The hygienist, wise in the way of children, stopped, and explained she was trying to get the 'crunches' off his teeth (plaque) and they were almost done. It was either her or the doctor to do it.

The boy was inconsolable.  The mother came. He kept crying.

He was afraid someone was going to pull his two front teeth out.  He was terrified.

The doctor came. There was much crying and distress. (Carla had turned on her Reiki full force by that time--it didn't work because it was a Life Lesson for everyone involved.)

There were four women, mother, doctor, and two hygienists--patiently waiting and working with the boy. As women, who worked and lived with kids, they 'got it'...

Finally the boy gave his consent, and lay down.

The pediatric dentist only 'took a look' and then the rest was REAL FAST.

In his panic, no one could 'logic' with him that his emotions were taking a heck of a lot longer than needed to do the actual 'work' he needed to have done.

Carla picked up he KNEW it was for his own good, but his fears and his misunderstanding of what was entailed made everything STOP!  (Carla knew, her boy was waiting for the doctor in the other room--the whole office schedule was in confusion and delay) (he smiles--ed)

Carla had the ability to SEE with her own eyes, and her Full Consciousness, that this was a 'slice of humanity' a 'vignette of the human condition' at its most RAW.

In her mind's eye, Carla was able to see the human, incarnate, in the chair, crying and fighting and totally stressing out--with the angels surrounding them like the workers and the mom, doing what they could--while the Life Lesson played itself out.

Carla was able to make the extrapolation that 'this is what it is like for us up here' every DAY!

For EONS of time!

And that is what sets Carla apart from 'the rest of us', and why she is a 'point' up at the advancing edge of Awakening for the masses. Carla is Reconnaissance, 'RECON'--and is bringing back to you what she has noticed at 'the front lines'...

Can you see with your mind's eye what Carla describes, as it applies to you?

Can you see, as Carla has the humility to include her wretched woes and agony over her own house, and her reaction to it--as her Life Lesson playing itself out?

And how just like at the dentist, where one is in the dentist chair and it is for your own good--you are SURROUNDED by people who love you, are good at what they do, and want your teeth to be clean and disease free?

Just like it is, for your own lessons...and for Carla's...you are NOT alone!

That is Illusion, if only for the learning's sake.

You are carefully monitored. And that is why after an outburst, and defeat, you will suddenly feel a warm sensation in your chest that your angels have sent to soothe you...

Everyone needs teeth.

Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile.

So it is for the soul, in its soul growth.

Who wants to have a soul that is weak and out of shape?

On Earth you will get your exercise! And have 'abs of steel' in the 'soul department' just for waking up with the alarm and commuting and doing your best you can possibly do!!!  Nothing extra is required!!! Only what is asked of you as you had agreed in your pre-birth contract, to negotiate for the exchange of Karma, for the awakening of humanity and your part in it, and for your lessons and soul growth.

That is why, as Anthony so wisely remarked to Carla the other day, 'Mom? Sometimes it's GOOD not to get what you want!'

And it is.

Sometimes by not getting what you 'wish'--you will arrive at something 'better'!

(clap clap--this is enough for today--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple