Sunday, January 3, 2016

Radical Trust -- Gaia News Brief 3 January 2016

Humanity faces a time of incredible changes. I can feel them right around the bend. Do you? It is like momentum of energy is gathering.  I also feel it in myself, with being more grounded, and capable in both 3D and 5D, as I experience them now.

One of the biggest changes for myself, is in my perception.

I'm starting to figure things out.

One of the biggest ones, which totally blew me away, and yet at the same time, I wondered why it surprised me, is a revelation to me from Ross.

Yesterday I made a comment to my friend how Ross is my guardian angel. I have been told this before, and I also have learned Twins watch out for one another when one is incarnate.

Ross let me 'see' how my beloved Laetari WAS him!

Let me share with you the back story. In March 1992, Barbara Matthias, a visionary of Blessed Mother, and a personal friend, let me know the name of my guardian angel. My ex-husband Mark and his family and I paid a visit to her, on the third sunday of Lent. It is Laetari Sunday. Laetari means 'joy'. And my male guardian angel's name IS Laetari, and it's very special, Barbara said.

I confided just about everything to Laetari in medical school. I counted on him. He took excellent care of me my whole life.

I also got into the habit of bugging Divine Father to 'give Laetari a raise!' and 'give him a good job review, God!'...

I had sorrow when I thought of what would happen to Laetari and me when I transition? Was the working relationship over? I cried at the horrible thought! How could I live without my Laetari???

I could see him too. If you go to Mary Star of the Sea catholic church in downtown La Jolla, Laetari looks just like  the angel next to Mary on the left, the blonde one.

It was a good disguise--for Ross--without the beard, and with lighter hair.  The heart is the same though. (he is smiling) I never would have guessed it!

Another example of just 'figuring things out' is something I will share with you as a question--I figured it out tonight on the drive home from my mom's as we passed a mall.  What if the holidays were an elaborate plan by merchants to decrease inventory at the end of the tax year and boost sales for the bottom line?

Anyhow, our visit with family was very nice. I spent time with mom first. I couldn't believe the clouds.  For the second day in a row, a very large cloud with bending formations was overhead where I was (in two different towns in two days!).  I posted them on FB and Twitter on DWR.

As a side note, I've been teasing Ross about where to 'show up'. I thought the coffee shop would be interesting...I'm enjoying playing this 'game' and giving Ross a hard time...he's going to show up somewhere, right?

After Anthony and I took mom out to eat (she treated, but we had a coupon), I took her to the VA patient garden. She was so happy! We saw the chezzu (mulberry) tree, and I took many photos of the beautiful gardens which are tended by the patients. We also spoke with a resident of the VA, a paratrooper in a wheelchair who has had over thirty operations.  Both he and mom talked a lot about politics. I adore that place...

Another one of the things I realized throughout the afternoon and tonight with my mother, is that she 'resonates' with 3D. For example, she has heard that Kate (duchess) isn't doing well and is like, 98 pounds. Mom wants to write Kate a letter to tell her to take off the ring from Diana--it's cursed.  Mom has never liked Diana. She likes the queen, and always defends her. Furthermore she says her candidate of choice is Jeb, the son and brother of two presidents! I kid you not!  For those of you who study things I have encouraged, such as Cobra's Little Red Pill,  you would understand more of the energy behind what is being discussed. Well, today, I realized the beauty of the incarnate experience:  despite the '3D goggles' mom for some reason has, in this incarnation, she STILL has love in her heart, and is doing the very best she can given her PERCEPTION.

This is important for the changes as they happen--to connect the heart to what is eternal, and to gently and kindly allow for the 3D perception--like a sleepwalker--to keep on doing it's thing and not wake them!

Mother is coming along at her best possible rate, in her own Awakening, all in Divine Perfect Timing and Grace...

Does this make sense?

Even Anthony is working with his trust. On the car ride home, Ross told him what station and what game to record for tomorrow, for football. Anthony wasn't sure if it was on. Once we were home, and  Anthony went to check. He came upstairs with excitement and said, 'Mom! Ross was RIGHT!'

Now I'm teasing Ross about showing up at the game on national TV... ; )

No matter what, the next few weeks, months, or whatever length of time, you can count on your developing greater intuition, more understanding, and respectful trust in your family and friends who are in 5D...on both sides of the veil.


Carla is watching TV. Anthony fell asleep in the chair an hour and a half ago. He wanted to watch Saturday Night Live. So Carla is letting him sleep and she can say he is 'watching' it.

Carla is love in action.

With her unconditional loving acceptance of her mom Nikki for who she is, Carla has enabled her to move forward in her beautiful Life Experience. If Carla had not let go and forgiven her mother for her temper, for her favoritism of her siblings, and for getting a cat for her sister and making it so Carla with her allergies could not go home--the long and short is there are many valid things for Carla to have cut off the relationship entirely--but in listening to her heart, gently, Carla didn't.

And because Carla chose rather to work on herself, and to keep her interactions with her mom at a pace where Carla herself could heal from the relationship--the energy that tied Carla's mother to her had a chance to rise UP.

Long story short (which is one of Carla's mom's favorite sayings, I may add)--Carla released her mother Nikki to work on herself, and to grow, with no expectation of the outcome. As a byproduct of her focusing on herself, and accepting what has passed between them, Carla gave the opportunity to let Nikki do the important growing work on herself too.

Does this make sense?

It is when we make the choice to heal ourselves that we disrupt the energy ties of negative past experiences to another, who is just as sensitive to the energy--although possibly completely unaware of it.

This is how we will raise the power of humanity up to Hue-being levels, to being Galactic--to let go of the relationships which lower our vibration--to let go with love...and to allow the Life Plan and the Life Experience to do the rest--for you both <3

There are ways for things to happen in the coming is one example what I shared with Carla earlier today:  with the energies of 5D, the mastery of co-creation is very much like create a life experience as best as your ability. However, when you notice something you don't like, or what isn't 'right' not be afraid to 'rip the stitches out' and start over with your knitting project.  It's as easy as pulling the yarn, a few rows, and finding the dropped stitch or where you lost the pattern, and take it up again from there.

This analogy gave Carla lots of hope, and comfort, while I was talking to her today.

It is my hope you resonate with it, and connect too.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins