Friday, January 15, 2016

Godette -- Gaia News Brief 16 January 2016

Godette.  It is a term I invented just yesterday, for myself.

There is no way in hades I am EVER going to be a GODDESS.

I hate it.

I hate the term to describe the vixen-like, all-powerful, magical, mystical females in the Spirit Realm.  Once I go up, the hackneyed, misused, and often misunderstood term will definitely NOT  apply to me.


I like the term.

Plus, it sounds French, and I adore all things that are French.l

Let me make this clear:

Mermaids are OKAY--I have never met one who is conceited; Faeries are very nice too.

Isis, one on one, is actually okay. I had an attunement  to get my nadis open or something like that, and I don't mind at all having her Divine Feminine energy flow through me as a representation of THE Goddess (maid, mother, crone).

Divine Mother and I, we get along okay, and she is very good to me, and I like her. She's not all into that earthly distortion of 'Goddesses' I see all too much on the internet.  You know, the one that advertisers use to sell products, and be all sexy--which has transformed into the Lightworker Community as the 'be all' and 'end all' of just about every whim or desire for anything any soul has ever had!  

I like St. Brigit and also Mother Mary. Gabrielle is fine although we never interact.  I'm a little burned from the whole Mary Magdalen thing; if you've read this blog, you'll remember my Higher Self kind of hijacked me, and was a proxy one 'up there' while I was never to return back and forced the real one (me) to stay indefinitely incarnate.  She kind of liked the whole circumstance, and did everything she could to prolong it. So that's why I have a bad taste in my mouth about the entire Goddess thing.

So many humans align themselves with goddess energies, which is well-meaning, but then, their REAL Divine 'gifts' lie fallow under their layers of identifying with other  feminine Divine Beings. 

Let the real YOU shine through. BE your own 'Goddess' or in my term, your own 'Godette'. (my spell checker wants to change it to Goethe, and I like that soul too!).

So much for my rant. 


This is for the over-fifty Lightworker who feels like nothing is happening...

Talk to a young person.

Take a hit of their energy.

I did. While we waited for an appointment, Anthony and I went to Target for him to get some booster packs of his Magic The Gathering deck.  It's like a subculture, and you'd be surprised how many people will walk up to him and say, 'do you play?' when they see him with his cards.

Guess how he picked his pack?

Ross told him what to buy. What kind (a Commander deck...yes, get this... Commander!)

Anthony held his hand up over the display and SCANNED it to find the right energy match!!!

That is a little Reiki Master in ACTION! (he was attuned to the Master Level at age seven by me, he really wanted it. Since, he gives Reiki on the playground to injured classmates, bless him!)

When he lays his deck out, I can't help but comment to myself--THIS is a socially-acceptable form of pseudo-tarot!  Wow! It's just been hidden. The children connect to Spirit through this, it is a workout for them, their spiritual side--on the sly--and they don't even notice it!

I even bought a small booster pack because it had an Angelic Skirmisher on it. There were dragons and many other terms from 'our team' ; )...we played at Starbucks, and of course Anthony won.  I don't know what the heck I am doing, but I have fun with it, so it's a good match.

During the appointment, in the waiting room, M and T came in.  Their father wasn't with them. So we talked. I always pump them for information on what school and life is like because they are a good three to five years ahead of Anthony. I am honest and openly share how my childhood was a whole lot different, and I am apprehensive about all the things kids these days are expected to do. For example, the homework on the computer thing.

As it turned out, T plays the tuba, just like Anthony's drum teacher, and M plays the saxophone.

They are both not on any social media, and they are glad they 'don't have to deal with that!'

I shared how in one month my blog will reach over one million page views in all time; how I'm 'known'--and how it's different when you are 'out there on the internet' is daunting.

I got the distinct impression of two things--their souls were 'sleepers'--some pretty high-powered 'old souls' were resting inside, waiting to be 'activated' for their missions--and all three of us realized that the lives of children these days--with the coparenting and the rest--are cray cray.

I told them I pray for Anthony's future happiness NOW--for a nice girl, a good wife and mother, and a career he loves...It's what mothers do...

Deep down I got the feeling that the proverbial 'Calvary' who will come in on the horses and save the day is already incarnate! But just a generation or two, or possibly more, after us.

When Anthony came out, T asked if Anthony still plays Magic. He has two boxes of cards he doesn't play, and he wants to give them to Anthony!

That made Anthony's year!

This Gaia Portal  is a direct result of a project I launched yesterday afternoon after Anthony's doctor appointment (toe is most likely broken, but no surgery required, two weeks in the funny shoe)...

He wanted to go to Target but my old crystal store is right down the I went.

I created a grid for Abundance and Prosperity for all of humanity.

I had a team and I assigned them to this task--to create grids for abundance and prosperity for those who need it most.

I did this because earlier I was talking to Source, about how deplorable the living conditions are on Earth for so many people, and if they can 'hurry it up' and 'do something about it' would they mind?

Well--you can't go talking to spirit like this, and not put your money where your mouth is!

I bought the crystals for a grid.

It cost me two hundred dollars, the crystals I bought.

YES, I spent two hundred dollars of my own hard-earned support for my family and me--to support people I'm never going to meet, who never heard of me, and will never say thank you or acknowledge my gift to them...

I bought silver topaz, garnet, selenite, cowrie shell, red calcite, mookatie, and a birch flower of life grid.

I invite you to do the same.

Why something new? And not what I have already?

It raises the energy!

Old energy is 'stuck', and 'trapped'.

I realized this with the work I am doing on clutter. I am taking a class. Yesterday my assignment was to dress attractively. I barely have pants that are not jeans that fit. I wore my new holiday sweater. I put on makeup. We had a meeting for the Department of Surgery.

I actually got a compliment--which I haven't in about two years--at work for what I was wearing.

(typically I am in jeans and a tee shirt before I change into my scrubs)...

It felt nice!

The course is teaching me that the clothes that don't fit, the old worn-out underwear--are not an 'energy match'...

But when you look your best, you feel good, your vibration goes up, and so does the vibration of everyone around you.

This course does a lot of work on 'inner change'--my house is still a mess, but I'm changing within, and today is the first day to get rid of clothes I don't 'match'...

So! Long story short...

THIS is my abundance and prosperity grid. I invite you to create your own--gather nuts and seeds, little rocks, and shells--anything YOU can gather that is NEW.

Anthony, if he had his way, would make it with Hershey's miniature candy bars and skittles!

Use whatever will work with you--that is NEW energy--and why not join me in directing it to the poorest of the poor, so they may have an opportunity to enjoy being incarnate on Gaia, not be hungry, not be dirty, not be cold, and not exist in social isolation from the rest?

We can take it up one notch closer--to include those who are living from paycheck to paycheck--and live in total fear of not being able to pay bills...

We can advance further to those who are slaves to their work, indentured servants who pay taxes--to support themselves and their loved ones, and never get to enjoy spare time until the last kid is eighteen and their health is shot....

How about those who are bankrupt due to illness and overwhelming medical debt?

You get my drift...

I'll be posting this on Doctors With Reiki on Facebook and Twitter. and you may add your own if you wish to share...with other like-minded people <3


What can I say?

That the energies are imminent?(Abundance and Prosperity)

(he waves his hand --ed)  Naaaaah.

(clearly he is enjoying this moment--ed)  I'm just messing with you.

I know how hard it is for you who are incarnate, and help is on the way.

(holds up one finger--like an afterthought--ed)  But may I add one last thing?

(he points with both fingers to the sides of his head--ed)  Why not use this?

(he pats the replicator, the silver and white one--ed)  It's the same.

On a metaphysical level (points to the head--ed) this one will outlast the mechanical one--thoughts rearrange matter, and dwell in the realm of possibility!

As a first step--guard your thoughts! Watch them carefully! When something you don't want to have happen sneaks in--this thought which is of lower vibration--I recommend you 'edit it out' at once.

I want you to replace it with something that is happy, a vacation you wish to take, meeting us (me and Carla), or a nice full meal...a place to live...time to relax and enjoy being alive...anything.

Always replace the thought that will bring you what you don't wish to experience with something you DO wish to experience.

Do this consistently as you go through your day.

This will prime the pump.

Why not make the grid? In fact you could draw it! Yes, even if you don't have anything. Or you can cut pictures of crystals--whatever it is that works--but the work has to be your own and do not copy Carla's or anyone else's or it will not work!

When enough people in their hearts, send the signal 'enough is enough already!' to Source--not for YOU but for The Other Guy who is hungry and desperate, more so than you--the energy will shift on the planet.

Are you ready for it?

Ambassadors of Heaven!

Let's get the house ready for our guests! I'll set the table and you bring your dish! (your energy--everything here is a little pot luck--a little something from all of us, including my own...I host and provide the venue, yes?)

(clap clap!) Anthony is up and there is a pancake breakfast for him to assist!

It's time for Carla to go!

I love you!

Just like I love my family. <3

Right from my heart.

Carla does too.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple