Monday, January 11, 2016

Flow -- Gaia News Brief 11 January 2016

Today was a difficult day for me...yet, at the same time, it was filled with miracles.

I woke up and expected to go to work. I typed a little too long online, I took too much time in the shower, I looked up shalenblende mineral, and bought some. (I am cutting back on the sizes of my crystals, and buying the smallest mini specimens for the best price, and they will work. With the house I must be prudent, and watch my expenses.)..

So Anthony took his shower, again, a 'little too long'. He asked 'are you going to blow dry my hair?!' and I confessed 'we don't have enough time!'--I had thrown his lunch together in absolute haste, two White Castles frozen, yogurt, applesauce, guacamole, and an apple was the best I could do, I haven't been shopping.

We were at the table eating our oatmeal and having our smoothie (banana, milk, protein powder, cocoa powder, coconut sugar with the low glycemic index, and frozen mixed blackberries and marion berries) when the phone rang. It was work! I picked up the phone with hesitation, for perhaps the case had been moved up and no one had informed me I was to be there half hour earlier?

The patient was a no show.

I had only one case.

I was assigned to stay home.

Anthony and I relaxed.  Instead of only the essentials we took all of our vitamins. I cleaned the dishes, and he played his video game (he likes the new Star Wars one that is rated Teen).

I also had a friend help me to pick a bouquet of flowers to send to a family member who had a new baby. I had wanted to send them since the child was born early last week. I never had the chance while I was in the O.R. I had tried many times to order it. Only this time, I ordered a second bouquet, one for the Big Sister, which had a little bear, and the card that says, 'We are so VERY proud of you!'

Then I drove him to school.

I saw both his teacher, and a friend whose father is in remission from his pancreatic cancer! I rejoiced at being able to show up at a decent time, not at the crack of dawn, and enjoy seeing people I know. as Anthony's school day commenced.

I came home and saw the women who clean my house. They are most kind and pleasant, and do excellent work.

Then was the hard part. I had to type something up for work, for a committee, and it was about something that happened in the O.R. about six months ago. I finished right at eleven o'clock.

I ate the leftovers, and also, had a salad of arugula I picked from my yard.

I was shaken to my core, about everything I am, everything I the request of this committee for my response that was confidential and hand delivered to me without my boss or anyone saying anything about it.

Ross had told me, last week when I got the letter, and I had a gap to write my first draft--say what you saw, and say what you know. Everything is going to be okay.

So I went on a walk after lunch.

There are a lot of hills in our area, by the side of the road. And on one, yesterday, I saw a stand of narcissus with their first blooms.  I walked up to the area, and hiked up the steep slope just enough to check them out. I sat and watched the cars go by, enjoying the flowers.

There was an awful lot of alcohol containers in the area, in the plants. I saw two empty pint bottles, two beer bottles, one beer can...and it made me sad to know that I live in my area I think is healthy but in fact it is not--both energetically, and in the physical as shown by the litter from those who drink.

I let them be and went home. I wanted to pick them up like in Victoria, but my guides said no.

This is where it was difficult. I had some Divine Healing Codes to enter in, and I had to call the Association about my house, and I had to make appointments.

I followed my heart, and did with what little energy I had, to push into what needed to be done most. It was slow and heavy on my heart, and I was sad because it kept me from the codes. But I got it done.

I took more pictures of the damage to the house 'my part' --and was told the Association Meeting would be on such and such date.  I also saw the gas line is starting to bend, and I didn't like it.

On the way to pick up Anthony, I saw 'signs' from Heaven. They have an energy to them that I know is from my angelic guides. The bus with the ad in huge print, and red letters, 'Put your heart in the hands of one you Trust'...and at a marquee by the city center?  Character Quality of the Month:  RESILIENCE.

Anthony hurt his toe today at school. It was on the playground this morning at recess. The music teacher wouldn't let him go to the office. The office assessed him, but didn't call me because they didn't think anything was wrong. I arrived and found him with his foot on ice, and it had hurt like crazy all day. It wasn't black and blue, but it wasn't getting better.

I was concerned, and examined it. It doesn't move well, and although there is no deformity I think it is jammed. The mechanism is he went to kick a soccer ball hard and kicked the concrete ground below instead. It is the right big toe.

The administrator said, 'If I thought it was anything I would have called you right away' and with compassion and non-judgement, I said, 'I know'.

Then I pulled out my phone, and sent a photograph of both feet to my friend, the orthopedic surgeon, who takes care of Anthony for all his bumps and sports injuries. He said he needs an x-ray, but also, will see him in his office as soon as our schedules permit.

The administrator saw it. And she learned that medical people take things serious that might look normal.  I don't think she will make the decision not to call like that again. And frankly, I confided to her that my day had been so awful, it is just as well she didn't call earlier.

On the way to the car, we ran into the teacher who denied him a trip to the office when he was hurt. A young mother of two, she is the music teacher. I calmly looked her in the eye when she asked why Anthony was limping? And I said, 'He should have gone to the office, and I should have been notified for this.'  But instead of getting defensive, or giving her the chance, I confessed I had such a crappy day--it's all just as well...

So SHE confided her day was crappy too! HER stress was that the painters put all the percussion instruments in the middle of the room, there was no place for anyone to play, and her class time was taken up coordinating the rearrangement of the room. Although her stress is like, a 2.0 on the Richter Scale of Carla Stress, for her it was a 9.0, and I genuinely acknowledged her concern with support and a smile and caring.

We came home, and Anthony wanted a snack. I gave him and I the same, a sliced Bosc pear, and one string cheese.  I've always wanted to be able to give him a snack at normal time after school, not at eight at night like sometimes when I come home and have to have a sitter...

Tonight, I was able to help Anthony with his homework. I cooked dinner. I called to find out how a friend who had a heart attack is doing. He's home. I told him I am glad to hear his voice. It meant a lot to him. It meant a lot to me too, that I could say it...that he lived.

I called my mom, and she was happy. I 'virtually' invited her to dinner. She had been so delighted I cooked for her all Sunday, my sister texted me to let me know it today.

I never call my mom like that, just so casually, while I am making dinner. I used to, when I was a student. I called her every night.

Tonight, on the menu, was cucumber, a vegetable 'salad' Anthony will eat. Next was a half-portion of cheese ravioli, with spaghetti sauce I made from scratch but with the frozen meatballs Anthony loves--again in a small portion. There were no seconds. For dessert, we had tangerines ('cuties').

Then I made espresso, and we had cookies, Italian style. Only Anthony had milk. Italians have very dry cookies that are to be dunked in the coffee. Anthony dunked in mine, and he was thrilled he liked something new, and Italian!

We also watched TV--reruns of SNL, and laughed so very hard!

I made a bracelet. It is all new, and Ross guided me in making it. There is selenite, ocean jasper, swarovski, goshenite, and shell, as well as a quartz I think might be something else but I'm not sure lol. It IS from Kauai, the store there...I remembered the bag.

As I kissed Anthony goodnight, I counted my blessings that were given to me on this day:  the challenge, which I didn't run away from but met head on, the friends and family, the social connection, the exercise, the flowers, and my home.

I trust in the Grand Scheme of things.  I know Ross and all my angels are taking excellent care of me, and guiding me with all their might.

It's going to be okay.

Some things happen for a reason, and I am thankful I had the chance to kiss my boy goodnight, look at his face while he slept, and give thanks to God for this day I had to be a 'normal mom' to him, with no rush, with kindness, and with grace.

In a word, kindness begets kindness, and I will never forget the beautiful smile on the Big Sister's face, for being sent the gift of her very first bouquet...with a little teddy bear too. <3


A day well-lived is a blessing.

It can increase one thousand fold.

Live it well.

You have the stars in your hands, and the skies!

No one can hold you back from what you wish to create (points to his head with his right finger, and taps it gently--ed) with the exception of what is in your own mind.

Everything will happen at the proper place, in the way and sequence that is most beneficial to your growth in Spirit.

Although it might seem like a chore at times, due to the dense energies of every 'tiny setback'--these are the springboard to help you reach New Heights!

That is enough for today.

It is eleven at night, and I want my Carla to lie down and get some rest.

Yes, my Lady can drink two cups of espresso--and have a good night's rest!

That is all.

(he pauses, and then goes clap clap--it seems he knows you are expecting it--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins and your Seraphim peeps <3