Sunday, January 24, 2016

Recess Academy -- Gaia News Brief 24 January 2016

The Great Price of Pearl

I was sitting at table in the doctor's lounge, eating my 'Bun' (pronounced boon)--for our Vietnamese 'pho Friday' from the hospital.  I was surrounded by Vietnamese doctors.  The plastic surgeon, a wife of a general surgeon, was talking about going to the Four Seasons 'club' at Northstar in Lake Tahoe...

They take the skis for you, and keep them. It's so easy when you have kids. You don't have to lift anything. In the morning, they set them out for you in the snow. Up on the hill there is a restaurant. It's for club members only (residents, not hotel guests).  You take off your ski boots and they give you slippers! The view is incredible, from up there on the mountain, and the food is delicious. Then at the end of the day, you stop, take off your skis, leave them in the snow, and they take care of it for you...

It turns out that her friend owns the timeshare.  It costs three hundred thousand dollars to purchase the points, and another twenty thousand dollars a year to 'maintain it'.  Her friend gets a week locked in every Martin Luther King day. They've known each other since college. Her friend is Chinese...

In the same breath, she started talking about the behavior problems she is having with her youngest son. The oldest one 'is good'. She wishes she knew what to do to get this one to behave. He is six.

She says he is so cute that she lets him get away with things and can't carry out with the punishment; but at the school, when he doesn't listen, he gets punished from the teachers.

Her son let slip that if he misbehaved a third time the teacher was going to call his mother about his being in the 'Recess Academy'...

Kids are being denied their recess to get their work done.

Kids are being denied their recess to get them to behave.

There was one more sneaky incentive--I think a movie afternoon or something--to get the kids to finish their work too.

Then the subject at the table came up of spanking; a pediatrician with four kids under age five was present.  His technique was to look at the context of the behavior--a cranky child's outburst versus deliberate misbehavior.  His punishment was a form of 'time out'.

Another doctor had a friend who owns a restaurant, and was told by another customer that if he didn't talk to the woman who spanked her child there she was going to call the police! (the woman had slapped the hand of the child for its safety, I forget what it had done.)

The reaction at the table was mixed because the Vietnamese present had been spanked for sure, and some, even subject to use of the cane.

The pediatrician said, 'sometimes it comes to spanking. One hand on the buttocks, one swat, and that's it is sometimes what it takes, but it has to stop at one swat and can't keep on going.'  He also said, 'we are having some children out there who just won't listen...maybe we should go back to the spanking...'

I was in horror.

I was in horror of the whole duality-based thinking that was present at the table.

I wanted to run! But I didn't. I kept my vibration of Unconditional Love flowing as much as possible. I noticed in my non-judgement, people softened and let down their guard.

I also knew, these children have watched Disney 24/7 since birth, and I know--amongst other things--the parental figures are either laughable or absent as part of the programming scripts...and that's not by accident.


I have two small 'tests' I am running on 'my readers' in different areas. Actually three.

The first is pure delight--my students in the Lady Gaia Sophia Study Hall are learning to put together their psychic impressions in a systematic manner to address underlying energy imbalances which manifest as physical ailments in each other. Raphael and Merlin help run the school, and this is Raphael's project. He is a wonderful teacher, and I am learning a great deal from him.

The second is the grids.  How willing are my readers to step out of their 'comfort zone' and do something that is asked of them to help the poorest of the poor?  I know it will 'trickle up', but the ability of the readers to trust is tested.  The hearts of those who are able to open them, are blooming like little flowers and give me and all of the guides watching sheer delight!  THESE are the new hearts who are WELCOME as leaders on Gaia 2.0.  This is because they demonstrate the ability to align with the workings of the Universe to provide abundance and prosperity to the collective.  And for those who are asleep? And unwilling? Those who have had the benefit of free healings twice a day from us, and also, their Reiki Requests answered free of charge--but who want MORE and are not willing to give?

They will be great candidates to experience Life on the new planet Pan, and if Gaia had her wishes, their 'travel documents' and 'tickets' will be prepared STAT to begin their new Adventure! But for the moment, Gaia keeps her wishes to herself, and hopes for all of her children to assume responsibility for one another, even if it begins from the comfort and safety of their own home, and doing an art project (a grid) with the intention to help 'those less fortunate than me'.

I also ran a quick check on the Spa 5D to see who has a 'working knowledge' of the ways of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. This is the secret to determine how deep they are under the 'Molding of Thinking' by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart--the ones who control all mass media and forms of entertainment. The ones who make money off of it.  Sadly, this one was an epic fail, and not only was there complete lack of 'working knowledge' enough to discuss it intelligently--like a voter would know about the issues and the candidates--but there was no interest in thinking of it at all.  We who are incarnate on Gaia are caged within our own thought processes--it has been a slow and steady 'conditioning' over generations, with most of this 'programming' passed on from parent to child--and even those who show the most promise to maintain the vibration of 5D in the group are seriously affected by this 'conditioning'...I even picked up the annoyance of being asked the question! This 'annoyance' is 'built in' to the 'conditioning' process...and I pray that the Galactics have the antidote for that...and are ready to use it as soon as it is feasible...on the whole.

Special Report

The students of the Lady Gaia Sophia Study Hall have completed a DNA Upgrade project that was asked of them by Spirit.  This has been in seven phases of six week intervals over 2015. Over one-hundred-ten-thousand souls who otherwise would not have made it to Ascension have been given this gift by our caring, compassionate, and spiritually-generous students.

If you have a loved one you are not sure they are going to 'make it'--and they rise UP to 5D with the rest--you can thank these students, as well as their angels and guides who have multiplied every single DNA upgrade one hundred times...minimum...possibly more...

The Temple of Zadkiel

Last week I was talking with Ross about my being okay to leave where I am and go be with him; I've lived a good life, and I am pleased with my 'role' as 'Carla' in this incarnation.

But then I said, 'I don't want any ugly dead bodies' when I leave. I didn't want a horrible surprise for Anthony...

Ross asked, 'If you two were to hold hands together when you Ascend would that be okay?'

I said yes, but on second thought, added, 'But the pets?!'

This was shared the next day:

Yesterday I had many 'downloads'. They tingled all up and down my body. I asked, 'Is this Healthy?'  Ross smiled and said yes.  I wanted to know what is happening to me? Why this is so? How much longer is this process?'

He escorted me to Zadkiel's temple, arm in arm, walking on the surface of the water.   I actually splashed with my hand to make sure it was wet.

At the entry, Zadkiel greeted us, and he and Ross spent a long time working on me. They scanned me all over, and somehow removed this thin film that looked yellow from my whole body. It reminded me of an amniotic sac on a newborn colt, but it was adherent to my skin like contact paper and they had to pull carefully to take it off.

They looked at each other and seemed pleased when it came off in one piece--I wouldn't have been able to enter the Temple had it been on.

I walked in with Ross on one arm, Zadkiel in the other, and it seemed empty. I wasn't sure why.

I was placed in an art room on the left. It was like therapy. I painted but it didn't turn out the way I wanted. Ross gave me clay, and I tried to make a pot on the thing that spins but I wasn't happy with the way that turned out too. I liked the freedom of the art therapy, but there wasn't much instruction...

No sooner had I that thought, I was in a ballet studio, points on, and dancing beautifully.

I couldn't believe it! My body was able to do all the things I worked hard to do--splits both ways--effortlessly--and then the things I NEVER had been able to do! (really good extension).  Next I knew I was dancing the variation that was the hardest one I knew, the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy!  Ross came in, and we did a pas de deux.  He lifted me, and HE knew what to do. It was real! And I couldn't believe the freedom from my current body, how it can't dance any more, how it's in my view--'old'.  I had tears streaming down my face, I was sobbing!! I couldn't believe I was shown such mercy to ever be able to dance again!!! How could this happen?  Ross told me I could dance like this and more every single DAY...and the variation ended--I was in full costume and so was Ross--to thunderous applause from the audience...

Then--boom!--I was in the office of Metatron, only he presented himself as my father Richard, and we sat on the couch together, the old brown fuzzy couch mom had bought, and I was a kid. We watched TV, and I asked him to please trim my nails--he used to do that for us when we were too young to use the nail clippers.

AGAIN the sobs! How I realized each passing day is like a painting you will never experience again--except by the mercy of God and these memories.  How I MISSED my earthly father! How I longed for the security of my parent's home! How I enjoyed being able to relax, knowing all my schoolwork was done, and just enjoy my father's company.  He said some things, and I forget them now, but I took them into my heart.

Ross took me someplace after this, I don't remember.

Then it was Zadkiel and I, at the dock, and it was time for me to go. He gave me a long, thin, Golden tool, that looked very much like the screwdriver used for the tiny screws in glasses. It was as long as my hand, had a round flat end to it, was fluted through the handle, and had a fine point with a regular screwdriver head one it, not a Phillip's.

I could barely focus on it, and it had hardly any weight, and I struggled to figure out what it's for?

I've been healing many timelines lately, on my patients. I've healed the Pachuco (gang banger old-school) timeline, some very old bloodlines around here timelines (names were like what schools and cities are named after), timelines back to the Vietnam War...

This is different from the Timeline Splicer. This one removes specific memories of events. I'm still not sure how to use it.  Zadkiel was very kind, and I could tell the gift was of great value but he wasn't allowed to explain all of it to me at once. (I see now in my mind the whole thing spins, like a dentists' drill but slower and without the icky sound. )

Then Ross brought me home.

The Home

I'm shaken. The structural engineer took my money ($250) and said there's so much cracks everywhere, the structure is needing help, but it's the Association's responsibility. You should not be the one to hire me. You need theirs to look at the home. I can't take enough pictures to show everything. The board needs to come inside your house and be shown all of the damage.  And yes, the gas line will break and needs to be repaired first.

There's no easy fix, or quick remedy! The house is sagging.  And any local repair of the area moving by the gas line isn't going to stop the damage long-term, because it's moving.  The soil needs to be tested too.

I know the Association says they are responsible for the 'papers out'--basically, the stucco. And my insurance, and the Structural Engineer, say it's the Association's responsibility for the structure, because I can't get to it easily, and the repair of one foundation requires the lifting of all the connecting homes, otherwise the damage would be worse!  The engineer LIVES in a condo too, and has an Association.

So I pray.

I pray for the house not to blow up.

I pray for peaceful solutions.

And I ask for All Divine Assistance at this time.

Self Care

I ate vegetarian yesterday.  And at dinner, I stir fried with snow peas and carrots and bok choy with little water chestnuts. I put it over kelp noodles. These were at the grocery store in the fresh area, and they have very little glycemic index.

Ross had me make myself a Lemon Drop while I was cooking. I took out the old gold-rimmed martini glass my neighbor Tracy's sister had given her, the sister who later committed suicide. It was the first time I used them in ten years, and I raised my glass to her! I used maple syrup instead of the simple syrup, and didn't put any sugar on the rim, but it was something new, and I was surprised I could make it just like the restaurant! I juiced a whole lemon into it. It was really good.

I also had some espresso with a little panettone for dessert after I had cleaned up.

Then I read.

I lay on the couch with my glasses, under a blanket, and I finished the first volume of the book by Yogananda Parmahansa (sp?) I've been reading. I dozed on the couch, and didn't make it to bed until 1:11 a.m.

That was really nice.

Today I have laundry, my presentation for the board, and also printing up key photos...Anthony comes home from his father, and he has a big school project due tomorrow too.

It's a beautiful morning. A clear day. I see the grass and the trees and the sky, even a local mountain.

I am happy, and content.

I have to make you laugh. I wouldn't get out of bed. Ross usually tells me something nice before I get out, and for some reason, last night he wasn't really around much.  He smiled and asked, 'do you want your blessing for your day, Carla?' I smiled and nodded yes. He put both hands flat at the top of my head, as I kneeled and he said something I couldn't understand. But I got my blessing, and was able to get up and start my day.  We've never done a formal blessing between us before, always an informal one.  He also kissed me and wished me a good day 'at work'--being in the Illusion, incarnate--and I wished the same to him...where he is.


Carla is going to graduate soon. She doesn't know it, and I'm not going to tell her. I'm not going to give any of the details of what I have prepared for her.

Last night, as Carla was falling asleep, I asked her, 'what is your fondest wish? your greatest desire? you can have anything!'

She said, 'you'.

Further, she said, 'I want to be at your side, to see you smile, to be able to tell you I love you each and every day. I don't know how I got to be where I am, but I want to enjoy your presence every single day! And it's not sexual, it's more, I want YOU, all of you, in every way, all the time, no matter what.'

I made sure with her. I explained to her as my Queen she could command anything, any wish, any desire, like with the ballet experience.

'No', she countered, 'I want you, and everything else is secondary. I don't even know what a queen is or what she does, but if I must do it in order to be with you, I will learn quickly and do my very best job at it, if that is what is required so I may always be at your side. I can have projects, and so can you, but I want our connection to be one where I always know it is there. It is now, on your end, but I can't see it or feel it unless I concentrate on it. I want to be like you, and always know in my heart you are never far, and I will never be alone again.'

(he shakes his head from side to side, looking at the ground, and folding his fingers together, then he slowly looks up and makes eye contact with you--ed--and clears his throat)  Carla wants to be my queen only on the condition that is what it takes in order to be by my side!  (he looks down at the ground and shakes his head slowly--ed--then looks up)

What kind of fool is that?!

(he beats his chest with his closed fist and continues the gaze--ed) MY FOOL!!!

(he spits, starts talking to the ground and slowly as he keeps talking is looking up)  The ones who wants not power or riches or fame but only LOVE!!!  (he's almost yelling, he is speaking so forcefully--ed)

(now his voice cracks, and he almost cries--ed)  My woman only wants the opportunity to show me her love, and to be my helpmate...for all of eternity...

Her love for me is true!  (he gets on his knees, and is openly crying...and takes a few moments for himself--ed)

After all this TESTING--through the fire I may add!--her love is like a diamond--the flames have unaltered it, and now it shines all the brighter!

Carla wants nothing more than to be at my side! And she is willing to walk away from her life--with the condition that there is no shock to Anthony and that if possible our boy and all of our pets could be with her too.

(he snaps his fingers of his right hand--ed)  Just like that!

Carla is willing to walk away from everything she has ever known, to go where she has no idea, no vision (Carla has not been shown much, only the living spaces, the break rooms, the helm, and the council rooms)...(he snaps again--ed--then he opens his hands and makes a whooshing sound and the fingers make it look like ashes raining down--ed)

Are you?

Do you have the faith of Carla, and the trust in me and my teams, to make the jump when you are invited to make it?

I want you to think about this:  Carla has 'known' me since she was seven, and prayed to me every night since.  (raises one finger up--ed)  But she did not know of our connection until the end of 2013, when her Nana Angelina passed. In the early 1990's she had one 'inkling' after communion, and saw me for who I am, and thought I 'was a movie star' and fought her natural attraction to me--we are Twins! this is as strong as attraction gets--because she didn't understand it.  Carla studied and left her religious practice of Catholicism in July 2012--once she got wind of the involvement Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart have with the church.

Carla and I have only been together TWO YEARS! And much of it was in painful memories and dealing with my mistakes, the ones that had sent her running to the farthest points of the universe only to run away from me.

(he cocks his head to one side, and steeples his fingers--ed)  Is that a miracle?  that Carla wants to be with me?

It is her birthright? Some pre-destined option that was written into our life scripts?!


It is the opening of Carla's heart, the hard work she has put into her Ascension, and her total faith  in the process, in the Councils, in Ashtar and me (he points to the sky--ed) and to CREATOR in both the Divine Father and the Divine Mother!!

Carla is both Fully Conscious and very ready to have her Final Ascension.  I know it in my heart.

And this gives me great hope!

Because we all are connected.  Carla is like the claw that Batman throws up to attach the rope to the building he is yet to climb.

The rope is offered to you.

Once you find it, in your meditation you will be able to see it the most--will you take it?

Are you willing to make the effort--just like in the physical--arm over arm, pulling yourself up--with your souls?

All of us are connected.

I know you have it in your heart to do the work.

Steadfastly set one foot in front of the other...blocking out everything that is going to distract you...have it be a homing signal to you...and find your way Home to the higher realms!

You will be surprised once it is finished, how well you have done on your Assignments, and how many without your realizing the additional effort--will arise because of your efforts.

You will bring them in, like a net from a boat that is filled with wonderful fishes.

It is starting Now.

I want you to enjoy the experience of being Ascended.

(he tousles your hair, and smiles--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Team and Family