Thursday, January 21, 2016

Better Than Winning The Lottery -- Gaia News Brief 22 January 2016

Better Than Winning The Lottery

Today I was in the kitchen, heating up soup for lunch. It was leftovers. I didn't work today, not in the hospital. I had plenty to keep me busy while I was at home.

All of  a sudden I was overwhelmed with emotion.

I had to sit down.

I couldn't stop the tears.

For the first time, it dawned on me, 'I get to meet Ross! I get to be WITH him! He IS my eternity...and I--I am SO LUCKY!!!'

He asked me why I was crying?

I explained that I couldn't even comprehend the happiness that is ahead of me. I had no concept of such eternal love!

And to such a wonderful person, too!

I blurted out, 'It's BETTER than winning the Lottery!'

He was very serious, and asked me if I mean it?

'Well, yes, of course, Ross! I do!'  (it was the only way I came up with at the time to describe it)

He asked me how I feel?  How can I explain it, if I could, my feelings...

I said when I am near you 'everything is better'...'it feels RIGHT'....and it's my 'home'...

He held me close, and was very moved.

I thanked him for everything he has done for me, and for helping me out of my situation, my distress, my troubles...I was overwhelmed with gratitude, and a little shaken by the 'near miss' of 'what could have been' had the Galactics not intervened.

I apologized profusely for getting myself into that situation...please forgive me...I don't know how it happened and got away from me like that...

I thanked him for all the times I had been mean to him, and demanding, or being upset.

He said it wasn't my fault for any of it. He held me some more. And he asked me to share the idea of 'Better than winning the lottery' with you.

Is This Good?

Today was the second week in a row I took Anthony to his counselor. There is one hour to wait between school and the appointment. He likes to stop off at the store, and buy booster packs for his Magic the Gathering cards.  We buy something at Starbucks, and we open the packs.

Last week I bought a pack of cards. We played the game for a little while.

Today, I said to him, 'I think I should make a deck of my own. I want to be able to play.'

He was overwhelmed and kissed me on the cheek with pure delight!

He is so happy I have an interest in it too.

Last week, I noticed something, and I forgot to mention it.

This week, it happened too.

We sort through the cards, and I hand him mine, and I ask, 'Is it good?'  He inspects it, and says if it is worth value or not, and dismisses the not so valuable ones without batting an eye.

My grandfather, Nannu Filippo, used to collect COINS!  Every night after dinner at the table, he would bring them out, have his little magnifier thing, and we used to sort through them.  With the same movements, the same phrasing and intonation, he would answer my question, as I showed him a penny and ask, 'Is this good?'.

Only the 1974 S ones were, I recall. But once I found a silver Kennedy fifty cent piece, and he was pleased and proud.

Anthony is in the reincarnation of my grandfather.

When Nannu used to work, he would go to this neighborhood, when I was twelve, and dig the holes for the street lights. We have special ones here, made for our town. They are beautiful. He used to tell mother how pretty it was out here (it's far from where I grew up) and how wonderful it would be to live here.

In my neighborhood, there are streets with both my Nannu and my Nana's names on them. 

I feel so loved! That Spirit would prepare for me this place to live...and that Anthony would be so very fond of our community, and our home....


Carla had a hard day.  She did a lot of work on the phone, calling specialists and lawyers for legal direction, regarding her home situation.

I helped her.

I found her some wonderful stones to ease the distress of her 'battle'...Enstatite Chondrite (a meteorite),  Blue Peruvian Opal, and the even more rare Purple Peruvian Opal, Chrome Diopside...they will help her to ground and focus.

Carla learned that Enstatite is a mineral that is found both in space (meteorites) and on earth!  It is also a component in Bronzite...and Carla said to herself, 'Aha! THAT is why I had a sudden craving for Bronzite in my bracelet not that long ago!'

Carla tell them what you did.

C:  I lay on the couch, and my council came in. They all know me and they love me. They wanted to give me a reward of some sort, and I couldn't understand why? I just AM. It was something 'official', but just between us, not a big thing. I cried a lot, and I thanked each one for 'making the time and the effort' in their otherwise busy lives for me, for my needs, for helping me out of my situation. I realized just how much work it all has been, and how close we are to the end of the 'project'...they reassured me it was their pleasure to assist...

And what did you think?

C:  again, it was the funny thing, new thoughts and concepts I could barely comprehend they were so wonderful! I was overwhelmed by the dedication and lovingkindness that was shown to me when I was at my worst...

And how do you feel?

C:  LOVED, honey. Very very loved. From everywhere around me. I feel wonderful and fortunate.

And is that better than winning the lottery, so to speak? (he smiles, as I see he is planning the whole line of questioning with care--ed)

C:  Yes! Oh so very much so! YES! With this I can do ANYTHING!

I have said enough.

(Clap clap--ed)  It's time for Carla to go to bed.  (he laughs--ed)  It's time how I get to spend some time with her!  (in the astral plane--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple