Saturday, January 16, 2016

Passport -- Gaia News Brief 18 January 2016

The Golden Rule

Today Ross told me it could be a 'Carla day'.  I could do whatever I wanted to do, no questions asked.

To be honest, I slept in until eleven, because I had overworked yesterday to my limit. After I had potato chips for lunch, I dressed and went back to bed in my jeans and tee shirt, and hid under the covers.

I didn't know what to do with myself!

Yesterday's blog set of a chain reaction online--even though I didn't post it to Twitter and to Facebook.

  • There's Ross' two cents'
  • And Creator's
  • And a close friend online, who is the consort of John the Beloved, and his True Twin, I may add! <3 (I love you both and have known for a long time, Commanders!)--who wrote me a letter of support. She had been weeping after reading my blog post, because SHE was an eyewitness, and SHE remembers it too!
  • Another beloved reader confided how she has been on both sides of the coin--betrayed and betrayer--in many lifetimes, and sincerely apologizes for any damage she has done to the Divine Feminine, and also, gave evidence of her turning over a new leaf, and saying 'no' when asked just yesterday to cheat.
There's more.

Last night, while I was really stressed out, Divine Father took Ross and me into his office--it was a first, with both of us present together, and he showed me in grey--it looked like the lead with the raised letters for newspaper making--our pre-birth contract in that life, that showed in it Ross's behavior and choices--very likely as part of the difficult lesson--which we both signed. I'm not sure if I agreed to sign it, or was talked into it. I have the distinct feeling the last time I incarnated from Home--I was talked into it by Ross...

But also, yesterday, before I forgave Ross, it was very formal, he was there with Ashtar at his side, and his guides behind him, and he humbly and sincerely offered to merge his soul back with me.

(I was an Archangel, the first to split into Twin Flames, and I remember going into the machine, not knowing what to expect, and coming out with Ross and me, and being delighted at the result.)

I couldn't imagine life without Ross.

And I knew I had to take responsibility for myself, my own feelings, on this issue.

That is why I forgave him.

And that is why--I don't know--but Ross and Ashtar tried to push their luck by presenting to me the others, and it all went 'south' from there.

Because I have a strong mind, and because like you, I have been HURT big time in the Illusion--and I tell you, the hurt feelings are REAL, even though the Illusion ISN'T--feelings tend to stay with you if you don't process move 'forward', I liken the Earth Experience, the Earth School, with all of the incarnations, like a passport:  BEEN THERE, DONE THAT!

Once you recover from the shock of the awareness of what you have survived, as part of each 'Lesson', what you have endured...there's more on my end but I'm not going into it. Let us just leave it at 'money was short' with Ross away on his travels...and when people are desperate--they do unhappy things to survive.


That's done!

That's how my soul--in that life, and not this one, let me add!--got the 'prostitute rap' for all of history, which was created by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest at Heart for all of posterity.

I was an Essene and trained in the Tantric Rituals, Ross went off on his own, off the 'deep end' we like to call it, and others 'got ideas' while I was home alone, and I had to fend for myself.

If you read the Pistis Sophia, you can see clearly that the male apostles didn't LIKE me, and you can appreciate how they would condone and cover for Ross with his 'amorous adventures' just like what happened in our day with Kennedy, and MLK, and the like...where the press had a gentleman's agreement to 'look the other way'...

Ross is no longer incarnate.

He showed me his 'record' since he died.

Two thousand years of being true to me.

I give him credit for that.

I love him.

I always always always loved and trusted him...even at his worst...and when he passed on.

I look forward to moving on, and hopefully, my soul now is squeaky clean, and so is his, and we may move on to 'other things'...

Soul Strength

Recently I had opportunity to exercise my 'new way and new skills' boss called into the O.R. and said, 'I want to talk to you.' 

Actually it was a text.

My heart sank.

It could be all kinds of things, and worse...

I suffer from anxiety.  I hide it like the best of them. 

But I pulled out of my pocket the best tool I have to cope with it (LOL nope! Not Xanax! LOL):  what is the worst thing that could happen?

I'd lose my job, and find a new one...

I found my resolve.

I would face my boss, no matter what, with Love.

Love is the Solution For Everything.

On the best, it could have been him asking me to do his anesthesia for his surgery the next day (I doubted it, and I was correct)...

It actually was a poor outcome from the surgery center--and they had no follow up from me. I explained how it was totally random, out of the blue, and probably due to underlying illness, but the patient recovered and did okay. 

That was it.

I kept my vibration up, did my job, and we moved on to discussion of his surgery. (he wanted 'no girls' since he would be asleep--he IS still very much in his culture, and chose another from his culture to do his anesthesia.)

Next time remember the ONLY way out, is Love, and be sure to use it next time you are challenged.

Abundance and Prosperity

Here is a little hint--your willingness to open your heart, and to act on behalf of the less fortunate--in your meditation with something demonstrable in action, like a grid--is a SIGNAL to 'our friends in the Rafters' that you are MATURE enough spiritually for the prosperity and abundance gifts to be given.

Does this make sense?

As long as the focus is on 'me, me, me!'--I can assure you--it ain't gonna happen.

Judging by the response, where only my closest readers have chosen to respond--it's going to take a LONG time for us to make the Tsunami of Abundance start to roll across the planet.

It is the ENERGY and willingness to serve that is going to make this one 'get rolling!'...

One of the poorest people I know, who lives basically from one day to the next in the Philippines--makes it a habit to share with those who don't have anything. Even the son, shares what little rice he has with the sickly old beggar down the street--from his lunch.

And this woman reports to me she is having miracles!

Her son keeps finding coins in his backpack--they never run out--and it is always just enough. They both don't know how the coins get there.

Could it be a teacher or a classmate? 

Yes. It would be no less a miracle than them manifesting through the angels, because angels are incarnate these days too, and their hearts are moved by The Divine...

This woman is doing 'something right'--and will never have a regret in her heart, for her generosity is well-noticed by Ross and me, and also, all of her teams.

Generosity has little to do with money, with what you have.

It has to do with your heart.

If you put God first, Spirit first, everything will happen in the right way to increase your life abundance and prosperity. You keep an eye to your family and your needs, while giving thanks to Creator for all the gifts you have, and your ability to work with Spirit to survive.

If you put survival first, and God second--including the needs of those less fortunate than you--you are on the wrong boat, and it is headed right towards Pan, the new planet where those who need more time in 3D can experience it without hurting themselves or each other.

I have an abundance of Spiritual Wealth-Intelligence-Connection.

I share it daily here, and in all of my work, with you. 

How else can you get this information? How else can you raise your vibration enough to learn to function independently, as a spiritual being incarnate, and wean yourself from my pages and sink your teeth into your OWN Life Purpose and Projects?

This is my role, for you, and I provide it with pleasure with all of my Vibration, my Soul, and my Heart.


We are on the Home Stretch.

We are following the energies, and are in alignment with all of our souls, you and me, beautiful Carla and us, everything and everybody who is incarnate...

It is our hope that our service to the Light has been adequate...our Ground Crew has been stretched to its limits.

What happened to Carla and me requires an explanation.

I am a part of Her that could never go back.

Both she and I realized it.

But I submitted to her with the offer to let myself go back into her Vibration and be dissolved as a memory, like something bad you ate and made you sick.

This openness and honesty, for I had discussed it with my guides and truly meant it--was the only possibility for her to heal.

I will do anything for Carla to heal.

Carla has had enough, in her heart, and was adrift today, doing what in her time and culture a woman does when her heart is amiss--eating way too much potato chips, and chocolate, and ice cream, lying in bed, and being depressed.

Carla needed this time for her equilibrium to reset, and for her purpose to be made clear to her once more.

Carla gives thanks for this lesson, both on how fragile the incarnate 'self' is--both emotionally and psychologically--and how much more compassion she will have for those who are in the throes of Lesson One and Only gone Awry--like they were for her and me, when I was in remiss.

What was it like for me, when I cheated?

What was I thinking?

I was in pain.

I was misled by my counselors.

I was all in my head.

I forgot the basics.

Instead of being patient with me, and guiding me back on track--although I think she had the moral strength back then to do it--Carla isolated me, because of her pain.

So I went out to find the warmth in someone's arms...and I never found it, that love in her heart that Carla always had for me, not in one life, but in three lifetimes that I had together with her.

I failed.

I failed in what I was commissioned to accomplish .

Carla and I knew it would be tough when we signed up for it, that last round.

I didn't make it.

Carla has forgiven me, and I knew she would, for I know her heart.

It's mine.

We share it.

And the beauty is, tomorrow is a new day. I have accepted my new mission (saving Carla from self-destruction as a soul over MANY incarnations) and I have accomplished this with much success.

All of Creation will sing at our joyful reunion.

It is 'sooner than you think' and even closer than Carla--who is locked into this '' mentality can even ascribe.

For you, when it comes to you own hearts, and as your stories come up--perhaps this was a life in which you pushed your lover off a cliff and they died--and it was your Twin!--ascribe the guilt to transmute-with St. Germain and the violet flame--and open your heart, just like you would in counsel with someone who cares about you very much, a best friend, a parent, a beloved uncle or aunt or cousin--and decide what to do next.

Allow yourself to take full responsibility for your action, for your future, for your LIFE!

And move on.

Just like Carla did...with me.

I never got her the sparkly thing her special gift, for Carla chose not to leave the home.

Tomorrow is another day.

Now let's share the ice cream that Carla is having for her dinner tonight!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple