Sunday, January 10, 2016

Earth Song -- Gaia News Brief 10 January 2016

This is my song.

And I am going to sing.

The energies are better than they have been in ages, even better than December 12, 2012.

I am content.

Ross is the one who likes this image above--he asked me to share it--so I am.

Today we are going to talk about the alignment of our energies with Gaia...that and oh so many things!

Some of the things I say here might deeply affect you. You might be upset.  I give you my blessing to stop reading any time you feel uncomfortable. I am feminine, I seek to make no conflict, and I write this on behalf of Creator who sends me for the highest good of all.

I have achieved Enlightenment.

I was at work, during very long hours, on cases that would have fatigued me had I not experienced my spiritual growth. The night before, I slept fitfully, perhaps four hours. I should have been exhausted...but I wasn't.

Instead I was filled with the knowledge of just how important it is to be in on a team in the middle of the night, helping to save people who were in pretty bad shape, in more ways than one--who were having a mental, physical, and emotional crisis--as well as financial too, I suspect--that needed surgery and my skills.  I saw it for what it is, healing, and I gave thanks to be healthy enough myself, and given the opportunity to train and develop my skills for a time it was needed the most.

I found myself, during the lull of the procedures, to be surrounded by a cloud of Bliss, connection to Source, and to  be quite happy and content.

I see how all of us are interconnected, and the energy flows to us from Creator, and we transfer it back and forth somewhat where we are, but the beauty and the glory is when our hearts are open and we send our Love back to Creator, to Source of All That Is....

How do I 'ground'?  Someone asked recently...'Is it okay if I hug a tree and send my love to Gaia?'

Others wanted to be able to take all of their troubles, and 'ground' them into Gaia's energy, and argued it is their RIGHT to do this.


Are you ready for to be upset a little bit?

Gaia's and your energy are joined 'at the hip', and together, you make a composite energy field...Gaia doesn't get any more energy than you do. Gaia has her troubles. And so do you.

Everything about the relationship is sacred...We are in this Ascension thing together...For the whole ride...

So it's not YOU and HER.

It's US.

Gaia and her soil has the ability to 'ground' electricity. Gaia takes full credit for that.

Gaia, as your 'host' one would say, is also very able to help you align your energy field with Hers.

If this is what you call 'grounding', Gaia is willing to help your energy field be in complete and total harmony with her own.

Gaia is your mother.

Like a good mother, Gaia loves all of her children very much.

However, in the proper mother and child relationship, there is a mutual appreciation and love, along with a healthy dose of respect, on both their parts.

Gaia is not going to clean your room for you.

Gaia is keeping everything running! Gaia is the equivalent of a single mom who works full time! She could use a little help in the energy department. And on her surface, in the physical.

Gaia wants to show you 'where is the dirt' is more, much much more than the pile of plastic in a ball in the ocean they call the 'Eighth Continent' is the personal responsibility of everyone who makes the plastic, who consumes it, and disposes or recycles it...

Every negative thought, every act of aggression--leaves an energetic 'mark' or 'scar' in her energy field.

Compound this over many incarnations--and Gaia energetically is pretty messed up.

To 'clean' it, Gaia asks you to do as much as you can to stop the cruelty, the killing, in any of its forms, even in your own mind, and your heart.

Gaia herself saw the Bengals-Steelers game on Saturday.

She was shocked at the violence, the cheering when one got hurt, and the amount of money which changed hands over the course of the game--who made money, who profited from it.

She saw for herself with her own eyes how not only is sports the cleverly and deliberately designed opiate of the masses, it is equally as deplorable as the throwing of Christians to the Lions back in Rome at the Colosseum for 'sport'.

It is a blood sport, for blood plus money.

In Gaia's own heart, they are EACH football players. Many of them are very skilled, and enjoy the opportunity to play and be good at what they do. However the arbitrary designation of cities, states, and teams only contributes to the lowering of the Vibration of the masses, enslaving them further into lower energies, in the name of 'sport'. Indeed it is the energy of Separation, which is nothing Gaia supports, in any way, shape, or fashion.

Here is an example of how I am going to shake things up:

Mel transitioned this month, or close enough.  Mel realized on The Other Side that no one can HEAR him down here...

Except one person he treated poorly in Life, who has a gift, and is open.  He even commented to her, without making an apology, that 'he knew she was different and it frightened him so he treated her that way'. (He isolated her, and was cold, and shunned her Light.)

In spirit ever since he passed, he has been trying to get her attention, and frankly, been rude and entitled.

Today, when she was meditating, and working on a project to heal Gaia and her people--Mel interrupted and demanded to be heard.

In her words, Initially, I ignored him (which only made him grow louder) until I'd completed my set. Then I momentarily set things aside and explained my Rules to him. That Really set him off. So much so, he was still ranting at me as he was escorted from my energy field.... He's 'going to report me'. lol I guess he's already forgotten Who I AM. (an incarnate archangel--ed)

Well, when I was typing a response just in general, the following happened to me:

Mel just came in. Ross and I called him into our 'office'. He kneeled when Mel knew who we are. We told him to get up. We showed him his 'acts' of 'unkindness'. It's like a highlight reel from a Life you know, the 'good parts'. I pointed out to him his behavior with this woman, against the LIVING who is trying to HELP HUMANITY with this meditation he interrupted which is particularly egregious... So he put out his wrists to be slapped. Ross and I were like, 'Were' not going to judge. YOU are going to decide'. He asked, 'What if I pick a little one?' and made his thumb and finger in that 'little' shape. We showed him how his vibration would drop WAY low, and that is what the quality of his life in Heaven will be. Like ten floors below where he was. He asked, 'what if I give more?' We showed him it would be higher, but still not close to where he is now. 'What if I give LOTS?' He would be eight stories higher than he is now. He bridged the gap. Mel was visibly shaken. We had his guides escort him off, to give him time to decide his own fate.

If you look closely today, there was quite an exchange in 3D--not to my liking--in the comments section of the page, Known Incarnations of Archangels.

This is the kind of treatment that is given to me, because of the Veil.

This is what we are up against as Lightworkers.

Ross says it is okay so I will tell you my story.

I am a Seraphim incarnate.

Ross is one too.

I didn't know it.

Master Usui Sensei had to give the message to ANOTHER incarnate Seraphim because 'Carla is a little slow to figure it out'...

I had no clue.

I had experienced THIS--my glowing--here's the link--and I had no idea or clue what it was that could have made me glow in my Light body and the others didn't.

I had to be told.

Since then, I have full memory, and have made the 'connections'.

I remember being in the room, where all the Seraphim are, creating the hum of adoring Creation and Creator, in complete and total connection to God, and missing it with all my heart...

There are five of us here incarnate, to my knowledge...a pair of Twins in Australia, another pair in New Zealand...the first she is a medical student--or possibly graduated--and they have two adorable kids. The second is a single mom of one who is in relationship with her Twin, and works in business, but contributes much to online Lightwkrker 'stuff'.

Then there I am.

When Ross and I embrace completely, our three sets of wings enfold along with our arms...

Why did I say nothing in defense of the accusations of the woman, who is not the one, and not what says she is? I felt her energy directed towards me, her righteousness, her anger--I felt it after I read her reply to my own, I felt it right in my chest...

Because of this--there is no convincing someone of anything in Spiritual Realms--everything is known in the Higher Realms which are above us--there is no Veil.

So because of the Veil, this person, Nikki, knows not who I am, how I am Lady Gaia Sophia, and my energy, my very breath--is her own. How there is no 'right or wrong' in Spirit, although she dishonors me publicly on my page I have presented to the world at no cost for six years is a Lesson here for both of us in which I gladly turn the other cheek, in Love.

I never wanted to incarnate.  I wanted to stay back Home in that room where all the Seraphim are.  I still do...there isn't anything like it in all of Creation, and it both energizes and soothes me like nothing else ever could.

For I am here, and constantly working, to raise the Vibration UP--that is my mission...

And everyone who is connected to a Seraphim is automatically guaranteed--a smooth and steady ride up to the Higher Vibrations when they Ascend...

Someone notified me that of all the search on Divine Healing Codes that turned up on the internet they did, only ONE had a link to the original page that has been authorized by Divine Mother herself--my own.

People are starting to take credit for them, and are starting to 'own' them--ideologically--in their heart.

Everyone wants to take 'the ways of the Divine' and TRANSLATE them into their own terms!

Someone wants to make a video in translation.

Another is making a spreadsheet--and although there is a link at the bottom--is chiding me for not updating him personally for every new code that comes up. 'You shouldn't insert them into the list--you should let people know when they are new, to notify people'.

I responded politely that in fact I DO update everyone of the new Divine Healing Codes on FB (Doctors With Reiki--this person has confused the TEAM Doctors With Reiki 'extension' private group with the original public page) and on Twitter (@usui2102) every time and have for the past two years...

I befriended the woman who has translated them into German, as a 'reiki master', and not given me any credit for the hours and hours I have spent maintaining an up to date list, and bringing in most of the codes from Divine Mother herself!  Her comment to my 'thanks for the add' is 'thank you for your trust'.

Is it?

Is my making friendship with her a sign of my trust, or my sincerely wanting her to wake up and see the risk of her actions before she turns into a repeat of 'Mel'?  

At one point, the vibrations on Gaia will increase such that many more will be able to receive the codes...

You can trust that the ones who shall be receiving them will be humble, hard working, and entirely devoted to the Divine--and able to align their energies totally without hesitation with Divine Mother, Archangel Raphael, Merlin, Ross and me...Lady Gaia Sophia...the Seraphim incarnate...who sacrificed her own birthright and place in the Higher Realms, for this project, this endeavor, to give MORE glory to the one who is the Creator of All That Is...


This is Carla.  Nothing is hidden.

Carla for herself doesn't understand how her body and her spirit are one--the human, the angelic, the planetary Consciousness...the Veil has done its number on her!  Although she trusts in Divine Order and submits to her Life Experiences if only for the Highest Good of All.

All of Creation, All of Eternity...

These are some very big concepts for one with a limited understanding of 'life through the five senses' can master...

(raises the finger up--ed) Ah! But there are SIX senses! (points to the third eye--ed) and THAT is what shall make all the difference!

For when those eyes open--and they will!--on the Collective of humanity--there shall never be hunger or disease or war or poaching or anything 'one against the other' again!

what are we doing here playing this crazy game?

why don't we go home and enjoy our diversity--our differences--which as a collective are OUR STRENGTH???

The other day I got a rile out of Carla.

I got her to reflect on what it means to be 'eternal'.  She was sitting in the O.R., which for all in itself sometimes to her feels like an 'eternity'...and she had difficulty thinking of it.

When she realized her 'not having to die' part, Carla was visibly relieved!  

That part of being human weighs on us all! It even weighed on me when I was incarnate, and although I went out with a bang and eventually returned--I no more wanted to be killed than the rest of us.

That is the Illusion!

Along with death disappearing for all of eternity, so will being imperfect, being old, being sick, being lonely, and suffering, along with many other things...

(raises the finger, and slowly moves it from side to side--ed)

It doesn't have to be this way.  

I am your brother.

Carla is your sister.

We all have Creator, who made us.

Our energy is not our own.  (raises his finger, side to side slowly, again--ed)

In fact we simply 'borrow it'.

Even Carla and I, the double Seraphim Illuminated Twins--who make up the energy of Gaia proper.  I am the Divine Masculine energy with surrounds it, and am the Ascended Master many of you know me, and I help to Create everything that is part of your Life Experience, from your pre-birth contract, to your Transition, to any and all 'meetings' that are necessary to help you 'get back on track'--a Near Death Experience for example, as well as in charge of 'where you go at night' and all the activity you have little or no recollection once you wake up!!!

(pats the console next to him on the New Jerusalem--ed) I rest my case.

Love, and the ability to align with what is Divine, and the Highest Good, to Accept and Allow...that is the way to Truth, to Humility, to the Grand Design...of which we are a part.

From the smallest ant--of which Carla killed a great number for invading her kitchen today--to the most celebrated of sages--are (gestures with hands together--ed) are connected in energy!!

(waves the hand high up over his head once and returns it to his lap--ed)  There is no escaping this solemn fact--our thoughts become habit, our habits become character, and All There Is is our Souls for all of eternity, together!

When are you going to join in the 'conga line', stop fighting amongst yourselves--in the Lightworker community and one another--and have some FUN?

All of us do, up here! It is very enjoyable!

That is why it is called Heaven!

And I can assure you, with all my heart, and Carla's own, that HEAVEN is COMING TO EARTH!

And it's NOT 'in a theater near you'! (he smiles at his joke, and rubs his hands together gently--ed)

That is all I am going to share at this juncture. (Clap clap!--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Friends, Family, and Your  'local Seraphim peeps' <3