Monday, January 4, 2016

Splendid -- Gaia News Brief 5 January 2016

Life moves on.

I'm back to work. Anthony is back to school. We are still in our house at the moment. The insurance company denied our claim as not being 'covered' due to 'earth movement'.  I have yet to contact in person the Association, and the gas company, over the area of concern.  I had one case after the other all through the day at work, and it really isn't appropriate to call in the O.R....

Today was marked by calm and composure.   I ate light meals I packed, but nonetheless, the leftovers did me good. I especially enjoyed the half an omelet I had made with the arugula from the yard...there was so much 'life force' in it I could feel it.

Although I ate, I didn't drink. I had forgotten my badge, and was stuck inside the O.R. proper. Our water cooler was empty. I had one coffee on the way to work, eight ounces of cranberry juice (two little cups with tinfoil lids), and one coffee on the way home.  I was falling asleep in the chair in the living room, and explained to Anthony I was dehydrated.

He got up and got me the biggest glass we own, a plastic one from the Angels game, and brought me water to drink.

I perked up.

Then I opened the mail. I actually went to the mailbox and carried it into the home.

I was excited to get a Japanese Twin crystal I'd won the auction on eBay some time ago. It was sent from China. It's tiny, but beautiful, and it makes me think of me and Ross.

Then IT arrived.

It was heavy and filled with many plastic shopping bags and smelled like cigarettes...

It was a large Russet-potato sized piece of cornetite on chrysocolla. The little card read, 'L'etoile Mine, Congo, Zimbabwe...

It didn't look earthly.  There was no brown. And no beauty, although it was blue and green.  There was a shiny scar from where it was taken from the mine.

The Congo...

The energies were bizarre in that piece.

I asked Ross if he could help and he said, 'no I can't...Free Will'.

I thought of Michael.  I went to him and asked. He paused when I said, 'If it is MY Free Will to ask YOU, then it is YOUR Free Will to say yes or no, isn't it?'

He agreed.

I saw MANY images as I held that stone, none of them pretty, and they were layers upon layers over time.  

I asked if I had made a mistake or been sloppy in that part of the world? In my homework project?

Michael said no. It was just picked for some reason, and that's why things happened there instead of other places.

I really didn't like the energies, but I sensed there was no way to 'fight' them...

Michael gently explained to look back in time until the energies and the land were pristine.  In the original state, before all of this.

I found it, and at that point, Michael and I, but mostly me, started to overpower the stone--the key to the timelines in the area--with love.

It wasn't easy. It fought back.  It felt like when Reiki doesn't go in.  Like two magnets that repel, the energy felt.

But then, as I deeply concentrated, Anthony fell asleep on the couch, and in my mind's eye, his Light Body or Astral Body got up to help us. He started to snore, as I felt his energy outside his body, for the same goal as Michael and me.

And as I looked at him sleeping on the couch, my heart melted. I remembered all the times with him as a baby, falling asleep, and my heart overflowed with a mother's love...

That was the key to the Congo.

This energy was the right frequency to heal the area, through the stone.  I held the frequency for as long as I could, until I felt it 'give way', the resistance stopped, and the energy flowed naturally from my heart to my 'child', the beautiful pristine region of the globe called the Congo.

Michael was pleased. He took the stone--in spirit form--and placed it high on the shelf in the living room of our home.

I startled.

Wait! I have a HOME with you up here?

We do. We are married. I needed the marriage for the preparation for this incarnation--all of them. ( I am also married to Merlin, and to Raphael in addition to Ross).

Michael said that we were not just shacking up, it was official, and we have a home with him I can visit any time I wish.

'But I thought Ross was my home?!'

In the Higher Realms, things are different. As Michael says, 'there is all of Eternity...' and he said something else I can't recall, but it made sense. I asked about his Twin, here, who blogs, and asked, 'Doesn't that get confusing?'

Again, he explained how this is possible, and permitted, within the social structure for the purpose to help us grow.


Michael reassured me Ross won't. It has to do with what happened when we were incarnate. Everything is known and agreed by Ross,--on me with the others--and it was needed to heal from my wound of losing him.  Together, the three 'approximate' the energy of Ross, and they were needed because I was running from Ross with all my heart, and gradually, through this process, I was able to reunite with him.

Monogamy is a 'can' but not a 'must' where the Galactics I know live.   When we were incarnate, it was a 'must', but things happened...we've worked it through...but the damage was deep and needed additional support for it to heal.

I wasn't expecting that!

I wanted to record this, before I fell you would know how things work, and that the Congo is healed at last.


How does Carla 'travel'?

How does Carla go from her body, incarnate, on the easy chair opening her mail--to holding a mineral and having 'flashbacks' telepathically and through psychrometry back through time?

How does Carla go and heal with Archangel Michael like she did?

Where DID she go?

Carla travels to other 'visits' through her ability to traverse the astral plane with her mind. Have you heard of Edgar Cayce who did his spiritual work while asleep? It was in this way he was 'open'. He forgot everything once he was awake.

To a lesser extent, most people are like this. They dream of their loved ones, and feel peaceful and refreshed. It is a life-changer, and offers hope...the people never forget the experience of being with their loved ones who are deceased. Many times they are reluctant to wake up, for they experience LOVE of a different calibre or is so VITAL, so REAL...they want to hold onto it 'a little more' and 'not go back'...

Sound familiar?

It is almost like the white tunnel to the Other Side stories, is it not?

This energy of overwhelming LOVE embraced me. I saw my family. And I was told I had to go back, although I wanted to stay in that place FOREVER... (he smiles and steeples his fingers to make a point--ed).

Carla is able to travel to this place and to that, with her mind, since Carla has done her 'work'--letting go of what holds her back.

Carla is a gifted psychic, but this is certainly attainable through practice, with a loving coach, such as Carla's teacher, Anne Reith, PhD. It brought up her skills to a professional level, her years (two) she spent learning Reiki with Anne, and taking Psychic Development Classes. Anne gave her the personal support, individualized, for Carla to tune her skills...

So Carla travels with her soul, her mind's eye, and her CONSCIOUSNESS.

This is what lives when the body does not.

You are allowed to separate them. Only for a short time. When thou art in what you call, 'meditation'.

For Carla it is like a 'popping in' at this location, and when the 'lesson' is finished,  she 'pops right back' to her Here and Now, never losing sight of the perceptions of her body in the chair, her breathing, and where she is.

This is enough for you today. I want you to ponder, to reflect, on 'how I can do what Carla does, SAFELY?'

It helps to keep your Vibration WAY up!

And how do you accomplish this?

Here are some examples...

I have said my peace.

I want you to know I am okay with it. The Carla being married to our 'surrogate composite' for me.  It was necessary for me to get Carla back from where she was running. If you've heard of the Runaway Bride--(he is cracking up to deliver the punch line of his joke--ed)--Carla is the Runaway TWIN!

(he holds his belly and laughs hard hard hard--ed)

That is enough for today. (Clap clap!--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple--FINALLY (he sighs and smiles--ed)