Monday, February 29, 2016

Renewal -- Gaia News Brief 29 February, 2016


I called in at work. This might not sound significant to you, but from a practicing anesthesiologist this is huge.  The unwritten rule is that unless YOU are an inpatient at the hospital, you need to show up at work, or else there will be no cases, and the surgeon and hospital will lose money.

Thursday I was sick. I wanted to sleep in. I got called in for one case, and by the time I arrived for it, another colleague was free and wanted to take it.  My options were to lose and go home, or to put up a fight, lose and go home. (The unwritten rule here is if you come in to work you get to do at least one case, but my colleague doesn't care about anything besides 'Number One').

Friday I came to work. One would have covered for me, mid-day, but I forgot to check in with him. As the day got longer and longer, I got more and more fever. You could touch me and I was hot. The cases got sicker and sicker. I had to do full invasive monitoring.

Except for the basketball game on Saturday, we lay low. Anthony was sick too.

Saturday night, and Sunday, the fevers were unreal. So warm, so painful. I didn't give us tylenol because I knew the fever would help us heal. But we had aches and pains, I couldn't cook. We ordered a pizza because we couldn't think of any other way to get food.

Saturday night, as I fell asleep, I told Ross, 'If this is our time to go to YOU, I am okay with it. It isn't what is expected, but I know we are in good hands and have nothing to fear.'

We haven't been this sick since Swine Flu.  That's when I told four-year-old Anthony if mommy 'acts funny' or 'doesn't wake up' to call 911.

I'm just starting to turn the corner. Anthony is a day behind.  I don't know if I can work tomorrow.

And yes, I had the flu shot (I have to, because of my work. I neutralize it with Reiki before it's injected.) and Anthony didn't. It makes no difference for us today.

Yesterday I asked a colleague who had the day off to work for me. He said yes. I told the nurse house supervisor of the switch for today. She had been in bed for four days with the same thing, and only now got better.

Here is more about the flu:

Off My Chest

According to Louise Hay, in her book with Mona Lisa Schultz, 'All Is Well'--the flu is from fear of the overriding beliefs of the population.

It's so true.

On my own page I have been attacked by a reader 'What does THIS have to do with REIKI?' when I raised the question of foul play about Scalia.

Some readers valiantly defended me. I thank you.

I also thank the one who read the whole 'red pill' for two weeks. This reader wants to tell the world, too. That's how I have felt since when it was first written in July 2012, and I read it.  In my own way, I have, but honestly, people don't want to know it.

People are not willing to put in the time and the effort to wake up.  These articles will make you feel uncomfortable, and upset. You will see how the wool has been pulled over your eyes by experts.

I have also been approached with healing codes and symbols from three-hundred-sixty degrees around me.  'What is this?' people ask. 

I know what my assignment here on earth is.

I will focus on it.

With the exception of my few students--who know me and are in my care--I'm not going to engage.

I know my task and I will stick with it.  With love.

I have checked with Divine Mother and Divine Father...all I will say is this isn't the first time a lightworker has innocently been misled by The Energies of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. The symbol to 'break' the darkness actually 'enhances' it.  The codes are in the wrong sequence of numerals from Divine Mother herself's wishes.  Her pattern is two, space, two, space, and three. She wants this for simplicity.  So, with a combination of friendly and polite, and ignore, I will stick to my tasks, and do what I have been sent to do, with as little interference as possible.

I'm also going to stop posting cute things on cats for my readers. I am terribly allergic to them. I posted some cute videos out of love for my followers who are passionate about cats.  This has not been good for my energy, as cats bring me nothing but pain and misery and a feeling of being shut out.  I can't look at them.  You are welcome to love cats and enjoy them because it is in your birth plan to do so.  For some reason, it's not in mine. And I ask, in all kindness and respect, that unless its for a reiki request on Team Doctors With Reiki, please don't share photos of them with me, because they lower my vibration.  I have been friendly and polite, but it's not good for my aura, so this is one boundary I will place for those who care about me. No cats, bobcats, lions, tigers, pumas, jaguars, ocelots or other felines. Dogs are fine, as are all other animals who are not feline. Thank you.

On Scalia?  Here he was before he died, at a 'ranch' which is 'men only' and has 'strong ties' to Bohemian Grove.

If this is offensive, then you might want to skip the Strecker Memorandum.  It's even more scathing. It alleges that  HIV was not 'random'.  I had not heard of it until reading my latest book.

I have been reading Drumvalo Melchizedek's The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life.  I take it with a grain of salt. But the mer-ka-bah meditation is really worth all the parts leading up to it. It explains how when I was pregnant with Anthony I couldn't read enough about ancient Egypt. I craved it. It's all soul has been trying to recall who I am and why I am here my whole life. You might enjoy it too.


Carla has been having a hard time. It's been growth, through the 'void' if you will. The 'void' is a space of 'silence' and feeling 'far' from your guides. 

It is painful.

In her fever and aches and difficulty breathing, Carla sent out a prayer of acceptance to me, that if now is the time for her and Anthony to come Home to me, so be it.

It was everything I've worked for in our relationship, in our being together, her faith in who I am, and how everything is happening in the right place, at the right time for Heaven.  

And for the Highest Good.

Carla is being reinforced by her teams, and some of the highest forces in the galaxy. I am one of them, her Twin, but there are many.

Carla is bringing to earth something that has never been in all of existence.

And her students are going to help her create in the perfect time, in the perfect place, in the benefit of all.

I really don't have much message, except to encourage you to have faith and trust in All There Is, and to know in your heart, everything is happening at the perfect time, perfect place, in total and complete harmony--whether you cross the 'void' temporarily--it is only a little unsettling to make it to the highest realms. 

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple