Sunday, February 21, 2016

Blinking At Glory -- Gaia News Brief 21 February 2016

I Am Overwhelmed With Love and Gratitude

I had tears of joy in my eyes on Friday night as I drove home...I had volunteered to take a colleague's overnight call. He was still in China, helping his wife's family grieve her most sudden loss to a horrible but not life-threatening disease of long, slow, steady decline. 

This past week, I get more 'good feelings' or 'high' from helping people than from other forms of happiness like food, drink, long hot bath, exercise...

I've changed.

I'm much closer with my guides.

And I had just spent two hours ballroom dancing with a coworker's group--she invited me to join her since we both ate dinner after our cases finished, and her activity started in thirty minutes.

I was in Heaven!

If you can imagine the joy I felt just dancing around the house in the morning to Bamboleo by Celia Cruz...being back in a ballroom doing the steps after twenty- four years was bliss!

I even remembered the steps!

(In the grand scheme of things, given the choice, I would rather dance than eat, and I LOVE food! LOL)

I couldn't believe my good fortune to be so loved by Ross and my guides, to be shown this place! To meet such nice have a chance to work off the 'baby weight' I have never been able to lose...for Yukkie's Te'Ate distance healing for my arthritic toe, just in time so I could dance on it without pain...everything comes together so perfectly at the right place, at the right time, for the highest good...

The 'Reach' of Heaven

In my last post, Ross mentioned how we are taking 'the scenic route' to Ascension. I shared this with a worker at my local crystal shop...who was trying to find a way to describe how the changes are happening all around us but really slow to keep people from freaking out...She totally cracked up and snorted because she had never heard it, and it is such an apt description!

(She also shared how her coworker Joseph had told her about Team Doctors With Reiki, and she thinks it is 'really nice and very much needed' to have an outreach like that for people too.)

While I was looking for Danburite, I met 'Maureen'.   She was looking for 'information about the lotus flower' for 'a report for school'.

Maureen is very simple and unassuming. She is 'just waking up' and according to Michael--the teacher who 'opened her up' she is 'finding herself'.

We spoke. She approached me.

It was my energy.

On some level, she recognized who I am--soul to soul--but her mind and awareness simply couldn't process it.  But she felt close, and she said I have beautiful eyes--the soul part, not the shape.

She said, 'I bet lots of people talk to you'.

I said they do. She was talking about sprays and crystals to protect her from 'absorbing other people's energy'.

I smiled and said, 'I have a shield.  I bought it'. (I have two:  Golden Mesh of Protection  and The Diamond Shield of The Divine Mother)

She didn't really understand. She wants to learn Reiki. She showed me some books that 'called to her'--and one author I recognized as disinfo, and I cautioned her against it, vaguely, and redirecting her to something else she also was 'drawn to'. 

Then I went with my five HUGE pieces of Danburite, and went to meditate in the chair.  Let me tell you, I have been feeling STRONG tingles all day and night since. I almost floated up and away. It was incredible!

But while I was there, I heard Maureen approach 'Jackie' at the display right behind my chair where the sprays were. Jackie is from England, and is 'very analytical'.  She is having psychic experiences, and it is 'freaking her out'. She wanted to pretend 'it wasn't real' but now 'she is certain'.  She also is having trouble with the energy at her work, and is seeking 'protection'.

Both Maureen and Jackie are empaths, and don't have the basic skills to disconnect their energy from others.

Simply say, if you are an empath--'If it's not mine, Lord, please take it away'--and the energy will automatically disconnect.  You can't say this one often enough if you are an empath!!

(Michael the Archangel is very good for cutting etheric energy ties between you and others too. Just ask.)

Maureen had told a friend who lives far away that her dog is very sick. Sure enough, even though it had seemed fine, it needed to be put down a few days later.  Her friend was amazed!

Jackie has had similar experiences. She was telling Maureen how 'she has a gift'...

Maureen was guiding Jackie to the sprays. One was 'rainbow dragon' and the other was 'focus'.

To be brutally frank, no Jackie is the world is going to listen to me.  My vibration is too high, and she isn't 'ready' for what 'makes me tick' and 'what I am about'.  Her mind and her heart can process it, but it's too much energy for her.

Maureen, although she can't understand it yet, is able to absorb and accept who I am and why I am sent--on an aura to aura, soul to soul level--and she doesn't reject it.

I want you to think of the next phase of Ascension like 'spoon feeding a baby'...the little one has to open their mouth and accept it. Not all of the food is going to go in. You are going to wipe the face after each bite, and probably change the clothes and hose off the high chair after too.  

But enough--what is needed to support the growth of the child--goes 'in'.

Maureen has the ability to 'puree' the 'energy food' from apple-consistency 'energy' to applesauce-consistency 'energy' with HER energy system and state of Ascension.

Maureen offers the companionship, the warmth, nurturing, love and compassion to Jackie in just the right way that doesn't offend anything and cause Jackie to 'reject' this life-giving increase in her conscious Awareness...and Maureen gently offers the tools, 'sharing' is more appropriate--this works for me and you might like to try it--approach.

THIS is the next phase of the Ascension process, on our leisurely 'scenic route'...back Home to the Higher Dimensions.

Those Behind Jackie's Level Of Consciousness

I have been fortunate to have been 'under the radar' with the occasional troll and stalker--since I have been blogging...but recently, both myself and others are starting to experience 'attacks'.

I liken this to someone like Jackie, being exposed to energy that is too uncomfortable for her--the response, just like in the feeding the baby analogy--is to close the mouth and turn the head away.  

The attackers are basically crying and having a tantrum to 'get their truth'--their 'way'.

Truth is stranger than fiction.

Eternal Truth does not need to be 'believed in' for it to stand alone as Eternal Truth.

Many people get hung up on this!

Whether you believe it or not, Jesus exists. So does the Buddha. There IS a Creator in Heaven!  Mermaids exist, as do dragons, and unicorns, and faeries, and MORE!

So...the Truth IS.

And we are reaching a point where I feel no ability or reason to have to water it down and explain it gently to 'help people understand'.

Many of these people who reject what Lightworkers are doing for humanity, want to stop and halt everything so they can ask their questions, have them answered, and THEN 'accept' this as 'truth'.

I am not going to stop this bus.

Not for that reason.

I am not going to stop a train, or land an airplane emergently--energetically--for these people to be 'okay' with what the majority of humanity who have their heart OPEN enough to feel and sense what is what and are okay with it.

We are talking about 'the stragglers'.

This isn't the 'slow class'.  Doctors With Reiki is for the advanced Lightworker's mutual love and support--on all of our platforms.

It is for the Maureens of the world, who are going to assimilate just enough of the 'apples' to guide those around them with nurturing, warmth, love, and compassion, to take up enough 'applesauce'--to guide them home.

Gaia wants this--the energy of separation, ignorance, and want--to be wiped off the face of the earth.   Forever!

Attacker 1:  The Pastor
  • He calls Reiki 'satanic filth'.
  • He hates--has the energy of hate and lashes out on my page at me, both in public and in private.
  • Ross calls him on the carpet with the closest thing to disclosure he has ever done! and the man is BLIND.   He called Ross 'satan quoting scripture'.
  • In spirit, all the Archangels and Ascended Masters, Ross and I approached this Pastor, soul-to-soul, in peace.
  • On a soul level, this individual is aware of what happened, and is accepted and loved by Creator of All That Is, and is sobbing because of the nightmare that has transpired in this incarnation--both for him, for the planet, for everyone else...
  • There is no idea, no clue--when the soul and the ego are going to come to terms for this person.
  • He has been blocked from the page.
  • He will not be invited to the celebration with the bride and groom--he let his oil run out. That door is closed to him now forever, by HIS choice!

Attacker 2:  The Reiki Practitioner
  • The very thought of a post raising the possibility Supreme Court Justice Scalia was murdered on DWR brought up a LOT of anger and lashing out.
  • This was challenged openly on the page 'what does this have to do with Reiki?'
  • The expectation of this reader for our page to have her concept of Reiki 24/7 was 'not met' and she reacted in ANGER, threatening separation.
  • Although I later hid the comment from view--except for her--I engaged just enough to see if she would disengage from the group.  She didn't.
  • I am an athlete in spiritual growth--and if you caught the conversation--you would see me 'doing my thing' with this individual.
  • The point of contention is 'FACT' or 'EVIDENCE'.  This is a classic reaction by one who is deeply 'invested' psychologically into the 'system' of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart...'my government cares about me', 'my news sources are unbiased and have nothing to do with the money from sales or viewership', and 'the one percent controlling the rest of us isn't true'.
  • This reader provided three links about 'evidence' for Reiki which are not peer-reviewed from reputable scientific journals. There is a article on a machine that measures Reiki, some Energy Medicine Journal reference that isn't up to the standards of the journals I read, and also, one reading from Edgar Cayce on the topic that is 'highlighted'.  These sources are not 'robust' and no scientist would ever consider them as 'proof' of anything other than the hopeful intent to make the subtle energies of Reiki 'valid' in the field of science.  The technology 'just isn't there yet'. I suspect it has something to do with Free Will. Once there is 'proof' of Reiki, everyone will 'accept' it...
  • Fortunately, I made the HUGE discovery that this article gives 'street credibility' to Reiki in a backhanded way in Scientific American from December 2015.  The blogger comes to the conclusion that 'even though it is a pseudoscience, Reiki relieved suffering in a patient who was dying' and 'that is a good thing'.

My Opinion--Not That It Matters

It is my perception that many of the people we see in the media are in fact holograms and avatars who are created by teams working on behalf of Creator Of All That Is.  The original souls have been cleared out, and there are both 'walk-ins' and 'holograms'  who are going through the motions to keep the 'story line' intact.

As I look at the elections, everyone is highly skeptical of the candidates.  

On a soul level, most people--even the ones who believe in the system and are actively backing a candidate--seem to wonder why there isn't anyone better suited for the job?

I think that making things seem more and more ridiculous are a way of transitioning from the old to the new, by taking the 'scenic route' for the masses on the journey from 3D mentality to 5D. 

It is also giving those who work for Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart (their lower-ranking ones) opportunity to publicly 'crash and burn' further the awakening.

What is my hunch from? Why do I assert this? Has Ross told me anything?


But the gasoline prices are at an all-time low (many layers of 'middlemen' have to be out of the freedom to price gouge for this to happen)--and if you look at the tabloids at the check stand--the 'what are they hiding' exposé, with all the people's faces you see in the debates and on the campaign trail.

Everywhere you are going to see things 'questioning the status quo' and 'raising the possibility'  of freedom...

This is how we raise the Consciousness...of those who neither meditate or accept 'things spiritual'...and those who are deeply entrenched in the belief systems which surround us today.


Carla is 'my honey'.

I am closer to her than anyone on earth or even in Heaven.  I am her Twin.

Now Carla gives me great delight in her willingness to serve, and her ability to step away from the arena of conflict willingly.

Carla also obeys me when I guide.

I tested her ability to both hear and follow my instructions. Yesterday she went to the bead store by the ocean to find a 'special center bead' for a bracelet project.

It was closed.

They haven't relocated.

Did Carla get upset? It was not one BLIP on her energy--I should know, I continuously monitor it.

She just shrugged and said to herself, 'there must be some reason for me to be here, I will enjoy the drive'.

When Carla made the bracelet--it is special order, and I guided her to both the closures and the beads for this person...the first one had very difficult to thread spacers.

She wanted to make it seven and three quarter inches. It turned out to be over eight. She took off a bead, keeping the pattern...although she measured it in length it appears to be seven and one HALF inches.

Without skipping a beat, Carla obediently sought to create a second one. Mind you, these beads are very expensive. But this time, Carla went with the spacer which is even MORE tiny and difficult to thread--and a slightly different closure, the one I had said was for 'her'.

The effect was beautiful. And although she measured, it appears to be seven and a HALF inches for the pattern again.

What did Carla do? She made matching earrings. She made other bracelets too, none of which were for her. And she will double check 'in the morning' she said to herself.

Carla knew she was in some sort of 'test' and just went with it!

She knew a good night's rest would help her to face it anew.

The object of this bracelet is to give this EXACT message to the one who ordered it! Nothing is 'straightforward' and sometimes things that don't 'turn out right' in the LONG run turn out to be for the Highest Good.

It is the MAKING of the bracelet and the patience and the lack of self-blame and panic and simply willingness to LOVE and keep trying that is the message that is just as important as the stones themselves...which are rare Peruvian chrysoprase, and in the first, black spinel, and in the second which is better suited for her energy--Labradorite--which happen to be Carla's favorite string of beads out of everything she has!

It is the LOVE and the willingness to GIVE (in this case the earrings), as well as the willingness to serve and make it right (if it doesn't fit she will redo it for free if the reader sends it back) that is the lesson!

It is NOT about the Bracelet!

It is about LIFE!

(Clap clap!--ed)  That is enough for today! Whew!  I really was standing up on a soapbox for a moment there...sigh...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple