Tuesday, January 2, 2018

It's Okay -- All Is Well

Some of you may be wondering why we are so frank about the darkness which is going on in the world.

Some of you may question why we reiterate and emphasize the point that the mainstream media, most major industries, the legal system, and government, as well as entertainment, are owned by the same people--the ones we call Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

Why on earth would anyone want to bring up such horrors--especially on a healing blog?

It's supposed to be all airy-fairy, right?

If you had a piece of lettuce stuck on your teeth, and you were walking around and smiling, would you want someone to tell you?

Or would you rather discover it yourself, later that night, at home, in the mirror? Hmmm?

If you are the kind who would like to be told, remain with us.

And if you would like to be the last to know about something that is affecting you, and you have no idea about it--not a clue!--then perhaps it's best to avoid the topics which don't meet your criteria.  Skim each post and if it doesn't resonate or click, why not skip it?

One day, not far in the future, you might want to come back and read what we have to say...about this...for it is the truth and in the best interest of all of humanity to be awake and aware of what has happened in the past, in order to remain alert and prevent it from ever happening again.

All of the revelations are nothing more than a huge digging through the lies and the mis-truths to go all the way down to the level of simple, basic foundation which was originally intended for Gaia and her inhabitants.

Note that we describe every bit of life upon Her as 'inhabitants' and do not limit it to 'the humans'.  This is because everything interacts, and is ecologically interdependent upon every other living thing.

Including what is spiritual.

Although it might be unpleasant to learn the truth--that our media lies to us, and our government serves itself instead of the people, yada, yada, yada--there is no way to prevent it from happening again after we are Ascended if everyone  wants to place their head in the sand and ignore what makes them feel uncomfortable.

It happened for a long time in the shadows.

The battle is won.

Now it's a matter to educate everyone so we can be on the same page and rebuild.

We aren't going to sugar-coat it for anyone.

It is what it is.

And we have mentioned it enough, just for today.

I have spent the last two days keeping up with a twelve year-old at three different Southern California theme parks.

I've lost track of how many roller coasters I've been on. Most of them look like this.

I realize I won't be able to go on these things forever. Last Tuesday taught me I''m not thirteen any more. I went on Montezooma's Revenge --the same ride I'd been on the day it opened--and I felt funny.

The day before yesterday was better. We went back. I did almost every ride, at least the ones that were open.

I was scared on the first big wooden coaster. I didn't want to chicken, but I was strapped in, going up the hill, and scared.

I asked Ross to help me, and he did. There's an amazing loving bond between twins--and I enjoyed his warmth and reassurance through every hill and drop. It was actually a very nice ride, the best one I've ever been on!

Then came the one like this.

I wasn't sure I could take it.

It took twenty minutes for me to decide, to look at it from all angles.

Anthony was like, 'mom, it's now or never! you're not going to get any younger and this might be the only opportunity you ever have to ride it.' (The Silver Bullet at Knott's Berry Farm).

I asked Ross for his advice.

He said to go.

Once I got up to the seating part, my heart was really thumping in my chest. I asked Ross again for assistance.

He said, 'close your eyes. You will just feel yourself moving around in your harness/seat. I am with you.'

Once the seat started to move, I shut my eyes and kept them closed! I realized seeing everything coming would freak me out. I told Anthony as we went up the hill, 'I love you'.

This was true.

I wouldn't be on it just for me. I wanted to be there for him. And to share it. He's been on it before, and wanted to go.

I didn't want to miss out.

Ross was right! I just felt myself press on different parts--the seat, the thing over my chest, and  except for one bad drop it was quickly over.

I could walk fine after, not even dizzy.

Just for today, I felt young again.

I was so proud and pleased that I faced my fear.

And the side benefit, besides spending a day with Anthony and wishing he was twelve forever, and then doing it all again at two more theme parks? (California Adventure and Disney)


On December 31 we walked almost thirteen thousand steps.

Today we walked double that.

I feel good.


It is always right for us to explore the boundaries of our comfort zones. They are like a cage which as it grows smaller it confines us to less and less we are able to enjoy and accomplish.

Sometimes a little stretch is what it takes to have our zest for life come up. As it is for Carla, who has a hiatal hernia and somewhat pronounced digestive issues, a ride on a roller coaster can make her food come up.

She has to limit what she eats and drinks through the day in order to ride the roller coasters with her son Anthony.

She also must be careful that her bladder is empty before she rides, due to the pressure from the drop.

(one finger up--ed) Within these limitations, Carla was able to function well, and by relaxing into me during all the 'adrenaline rush' rides, she was able to both feel younger and not worry about the affects of age.

On the contrary, Carla realized just how fortunate she is to be in good health enough to ride! And that is a fact!

I also chose three special gifts for Carla to have--I spoke with her at length on all of them so Carla would be able to identify what I want for her--in advance.

At Knott's there was an ammonite I want her to keep near her. Carla doesn't know what ammonite does/is for. But I do. The energy is good for her.

The second was the first of her spoils. Carla has put in a lot of hard work at 'the resort'--now that the battle is won--and it clearly is although at present it might not look like it--she got to have one of WED's favorites, a Scotch Mist with a twist of lemon--at the Carthay restaurant.  

All the old things are Gone!

The last was a very special bracelet I had in mind for her. She saw the place, she found it, and it is on her arm. It is very beautiful and a reminder to Carla that she is now free. One hundred percent, totally free, and it will never happen again.

Not with me dying. This one is a special meaning to her, for Carla is open and honest with me, and confides just how much it troubled her to witness it.  I am telling her, for all eternity, for us, there is nothing but health! NOTHING BUT HEALTH! And that is forever!

The last is I want to share with you the life of Caysen Algorio. He is a triplet who just passed recently. He was the 'special needs' child, who was very loved by his family.

A Tiny Tim.

He was only twelve.

Carla noticed when she saw the last picture posted by his mother, that there was something different in his energy signature, something wise in his smile, something very subtle that anyone who wasn't intuitive might not pick up on.

He was done.

He was done, he had met all the criteria, and passed his lessons.

Carla saw it in the energy signature.

And not one week more, he was with me, no longer on the earth plane.

Carla has a way of looking at things with her heart, and not with her judgement.

Furthermore Carla listens to Spirit! And to me! And obeys! Every single time, without question!

You who are incarnate have no concept of how helpful this is to our cause.

That's why I took a few moments to mention it.

The coffee she drank to be awake on the drive home after the park closed, is finally wearing off.

I wish you good night and also does my lady.  We thank you for taking the time to wake up and smell the coffee--in a spiritual sense--while we are at on the subject.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple