Sunday, December 31, 2017

To Hades In A Handbasket

The dark ones are experiencing sudden loss of power. Their world is falling apart.

This is the culmination of a three or four year project where starting at the top down, the souls of the darkest leaders have been given a choice--heal or merge.  Healing means to be under direct supervision and remediation to heal from their habitual abuse of others, seeking power for themselves, and serving their ego without consideration for the effect on anything else. The lies must stop. The abuse must stop. The cheating must stop. Forever.  Merging means to choose to remain unchanged, face the consequences, and to be consumed in the Galactic Central Sun, to have their soul traits separated forever, and to be later rebuilt into newer souls.

Heal or merge.
Heal or merge.
Heal or merge.

You would be surprised at how many choose merge!

This has been going on twenty-four hours a day, three hundred sixty five days a year, and it still hasn't stopped yet.

Those select few who have chosen healing have been offered the best care available and are making slow but steady progress.

The elite have remained in power because of the two images above; with people chasing dollars they are able to exploit them, and live a live of grandeur because of all the 'worker bees' who are working under them.

They also take no chances--at possibly not winning--so, they have everyone in their pocket:  police, judges and courts, healthcare, education, finance, and the mainstream media.

They take no chances at being dominated or beat in business.  That is why there are many legitimate 'fronts' which hide illegal activity.  (pizza and coffee houses running pedophile rings, for example).

Child pornography is a key part of the power system.

It's more than just perversion.

It's a means of control for blackmailing people lured into 'compromising positions' on videotape taken without their knowledge during pedophile sexual acts.

(Kerth Barker describes performing fellatio on powerful leaders where there was a hidden camera in his series of books which are available on Amazon.)

According to him, 'Only now, many decades later, do I understand what was really going on. Senior, Shotzy, Bob and Ole Jack all worked for the Baron. And he worked for something called The Committee, and the Committee answered to the Illuminati leaders. Luciferian secret societies have been around since ancient times. The real purpose of these secret societies is tomato sure that the wealthy aristocrats remain wealthy, and in power. These Luciferian secret societies all know about one another, but some of them are somewhat independent of one another. The Society of Lucifer is a name for all the secret codifies from around the world when through of collectively. But they've never been completely unified. The Illuminati has the goal of unifying all these secret societies to create a single, all powerful world government. In those days, the Committee pretty much dominated the secret societies in the U.S., Europe and Israel.'  Kerth Barker, pp. 143-144, Angelic Defenders and Demonic Abusers

This 'structure' is collapsing.

And today I will show you examples of how clearly their 'unseen hand' can be seen as it works behind the scenes to impair justice.

To help us prepare, I am going to share a few verses that are mentioned on the wrappers at In and Out Burger, a Christian, family owned and operated organization:

  • Proverbs 1:32   For simpletons turn away from me--to death. Fools are destroyed by their own complacency.
  • Revelation 3:20   Behold, I stand at the door and knock:  if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.
  • Nahum 1:7   The LORD is good, a strong refuge when trouble comes. He is close to those who trust in him.
  • Proverbs 3:5-6   Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.
  • Proverbs 24:16   The godly may trip seven times, but they will get up again. But one disaster is enough to overthrow the wicked.

The other day I got the word Agammemnon in my mind. 

I looked it up. To be honest, it's kind of boring and predictable how one father is killed, a son vows revenge, achieves it, then the other son vows revenge, etc. etc. 

The image above is Mycenae an ancient grave site. 

I don't see how these sorts of power struggles which are recorded in ancient history could have ever happened without the covert, behind the scenes influence of the early equivalent of the Illuminati.

They are never mentioned in the history books.

However, there are secret libraries which account for the True History.

Kerth Barker has been in them. 

"One is written the Book of Five Rings that was composed by Miyamoto Musashi in 1643. Originally written as a book on martial arts, it has survived into the modern world because of its insights on the process of struggle between conflicting persons and groups. Many feel that it reveals insights applicable to many different types of human interactions." Kerth Barker   p. 93, Cannibalism, Blood Drinking and High Adept Satanism. (this book and the Five Rings book aren't hidden, we can read it too).

'...when I was a teenager I did read a somewhat similar Luciferian book called Way Of The Warlock.  It was written by a man who was a Freemason and a member of a Luciferian secret society. His name among the Society of Lucifer was Gregory, which means watchful. He used this book to show how ideas from Freemasonry and Satanism could be applied to military actions. Apparently he had been a combat soldier during the Great War and a professional mercenary afterwards. the book there was an illustration of an upward pointing pentagram. At each of the five points of the star was one of the five words. Starting at the top and circling in a clockwise fashion were these words:  Spirit, Air, Water, Earth and Fire. 

Spirit: When your enemy has superior strength, or when you don't know the strength of your enemy, you apply the strategy of Spirit. This is where you remain completely invisible to your enemy and you gather information about him, In the way of Spirit you only gather information and take no action. You make yourself into a Ghost Warrior who walks unseen among your enemy's camp and yet who sees all. You become invisible to your enemy when you wear his uniform.

Air:  When you know your enemy's strength, and you know it to be superior to your own, you apply the strategy of Air. You become as a Wind Warrior who moves quickly and unseen. You strike where you will, in quick actions followed by quick retreats. Like the wind, you rise from out of nowhere and disappear as quickly as you came. You leave behind damage like an angry storm, but none can capture you or your men.

Water:  When your enemy is fortified in a fixed position and becomes complacent, you apply the strategy of Water. The way of the Water Warrior is flexibility and speed. Moving in from all directions, you flood the enemy's encampment to wash away his men and equipment. Depending upon your enemy's size and strength, you may wash away the encampment completely, or retreat quickly like water flowing down a stream, leaving behind only partial damage.

Earth:  When you strength is such that you can resist your enemy's attack, and your position is known to him, you apply the strategy of Earth. You find the best defensible position and hold your ground. The way of the Earth warrior is to be unyielding when attacked. You stand like a mountain and are unmoved. You may tempt your enemy to attack you, but each time he does, he becomes weaker and you stronger. If you desire negotiations this would be the time when you indulge in such.

Fire:  When you have clear superiority over your enemy, don't screw around with strategy. The way of the Fire Warrior is to destroy his enemy without mercy or hesitation. Be like fire consuming dry wood and leave nothing behind of your enemy but his ashes. Take prisoners only when convenient and to your advantage. But the Fire Warrior in his passion must remember to not burn down those possessions worth looting. 

...A direct attack through a violent revolution against the wealthiest one percent would be foolish. It would generate sympathy for them and give them the excuse to use violence in response. The best way to attach the global plutocracy is indirectly, by informing the general population as to how they are being exploited. This would slowly weaken the global plutocracy's ability to influence the public. Eventually the public would break free from the control of this wealthiest one percent of the world's population. Then, authentic reform would be possible. This is not easy because the global plutocracy at this time virtually owns all the major mass media outlets for television, internet, and print media. Therefore those of us who fight back in this information war must be innovative and persistent.

It is also important to note that there is a spiritual component to this conflict. A philosophy of materialism has been actively promoted throughout the world. This has spiritually degraded the human race. A widespread spiritual awakening needs to take place. This is the only way to defeat the High-Adept Satanists. 

High-Adept Satanism is the philosophy and practice of those Satanists who seek to commune with Satan primarily through psychic means. They seek an intense and personal psychic connection with Satan. Their practices give them psychic powers behind those utilized by the average human being at this time. ''Kerth Barker, Cannibalism, Blood Drinking and High-Adept Satanism.

Let's take a moment to breathe and enjoy the soft gentleness of the flowers.

Remember, there is always time to listen to the birds, enjoy nature, and connect with Creator of All That Is, even in the darkest of times, particularly a deep spiritual awakening to the duplicity which has been hidden to us for all of our lives.

There...that's better!

Let's go on.

Absalom was the third son of King David, and the most handsome man in the kingdom.

His half-brother raped his sister Tamar. 

Two years later, Absalom avenged her. 

After that, some time later, Absalom was murdered in another revenge attack. 

This broke David's heart. 

David was a good man, closer to the Lord than most. He even made a mistake with Bathsheba and returned back to the Lord. 

I don't think all this trouble came to David by accident. Not even the Bathsheba part. 

I'm one hundred percent certain there were 'unseen hands' who were like the owl--the mascot of such dark secret societies--predators who hunt silently in the dark.  They wanted to destroy David and they did. They hate anyone who is close and loved by Creator of All That Is.

Now let's take a look at how they are attacking us, children of the Divine, and trying to bring ruin and heartbreak to our souls.

If you are new to awakening, I highly recommend Carolyn Limaco's work. She is thorough, and calm. She makes her points again with evidence you can see, and she presents it many different ways.  You can find her work that's been taken off YouTube through censorship--her best work--on Bitchute.

I myself saw a resemblance in the blue bottle logo to an erect phallus wearing a condom with a reservoir tip. 

So I looked up 'blue bottle' on Urban Dictionary.   It's not family-friendly. Also, incidentally, blueberries is another horrid term which may be related to all the secret language of the pedophiles.   Here is another link to their pedophile symbolism

This Keurig smashing Hannity article helps you to see trolling in action  and feel the confusion trolling dishes out. This makes sense. Why? Because everything is owned by the Illuminati, they don't want their pedophile 'gig' to be out in the open. The Twitter people are like, 'dude, this is sick, but them!' and the whole article just becomes bizarre when people who support Hannity smash their Keurigs in support of him since Keurig pulled their adversing.

Do you see it?

Do you see the filth which is hidden in plain sight? It's like a secret language the dark ones use to communicate with one another, but the general public doesn't understand.  And to cover their tracks, they make it confusing. 

The only real way to learn how to see it for what it is -- a horrendous lie which hurts innocent children--is to keep slogging through the information presented by Truthers, places like EarthZSchool, certain YouTuber's but some aren't 'exactly on our side'--and use lots of DISCERNMENT.

This is what I was doing the other day.  I know that the Shriners are a particularly bad form of Masonic groups. I've seen Shriner initiations in Harlem online--black Shriners/Masonic/Illuminati. And I had just watched Elf and I have heard that Will Farrell is a Shriner. They are supposed to be 'lighter and funnier' versions of the Masonic Temple--and he certainly IS funny! But his presence in the Lego Batman movie or the Lego Movie was kind of creepy. So I looked them up...

Then I found THIS:

Did you know Indiana has the highest percentage of Masons in the country? About seventy percent of the population is involved with these temples.

So I watched this video--I had no idea--I had no idea the Indianapolis 500 is like the Super Bowl--in an occult sense.

This one Cynthia describes how the Illuminati cheated her out of her inheritance, how they followed her, and how they encouraged her to kill herself and handed her the pills to do it. She woke up, and is now a Truther. 

This is also special to me because it shows a brief photo of Svali, who was a brave survivor of SRA, she was actually a trainer too, who left. Nothing has been heard of her, she recalls being followed like Cynthia. And like Ron the Dutch Banker who exposed them and was murdered...she and her family are likely murdered too. As they are threats to their secrecy of the secret societies.

If you haven't read this blog post from me, I encourage you to scroll down to the part where they list the Talmud's description of goyim--how they have no legal rights--and will lose in any lawsuit against a member of the Jewish faith. (crypto-Jewish, the bloodlines).

I was in the O.R. on Friday, and they brought up Mark Rettenmaier. He was a local OB/Gyn who was caught with child pornography. He brought his computer in to be serviced, and the technician found material on the hard drive. He reported it to the federal government.   Apparently the porn was on EVERY phone, computer, and electronic device.  My surgeon and tech knew him, and said 'he was the nicest guy you would ever know'  -- there was no inkling Mark would be capable of such a thing!

I knew. Anyone deeply into the occult/SRA would have this--perhaps with alter personalities--and either would collect it if they were rich Illuminati--or to use it for blackmail--or to make money. It happens!

Well, what happened to Mark? What do you know? The case was thrown out and he walked free!

Who owns the courts? Who owns the media? Who owns the judges? Hmmmm?

The poor victim doctor, right? By the way his google ratings are 2.3. He's not doing well with his patients, either.

Here it comes again. In a day care situation.  'Poor victim Satanists':

Who owns the law? Who owns the courts? Who owns the mass media? Hmmmm?

The same people who practice THIS!

I am not joking.

Bestiality is discussed twice in Kerth Barker's books. Once they had a mind-controlled wife of a senator or congressman 'service' a horse on film, to blackmail him. Another was to have a marriage of the beast pornography video with a woman named Daisy who was also mind controlled. 

How could this be happening?

I ask again, who owns the media? Who owns the film industry? Who owns TV?

You may be asking yourself, is there any way out from this disaster?

Fortunately there is.

People are awakening in droves and sharing this information with one another! Just like in this message from the Council:

Here is an excellent article/video on RF Exposure:

Here is a wonderful example of how we can help each other. This person, like the RF guy, talks about hacking and how to know if your phone is hacked, and how to prevent it:

As you can see, there are so many more of us than Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

Their world is crumbling.

Their world is falling apart around them because people are wanting to be free from the enslavement of the systems which have been built to make society function in a way which benefits the one percent and harms the 'goyim'--everyone else who is not 'in the club'.

Freedom is inviting!

Take it.

Take what is offered to you.

Work in Spirit, work WITH Spirit, and allow both your intuition and your discernment to guide you.

Help your friends and look out for each other!

We are now in an era of soft disclosure.

A contract has been signed.

Look for articles in the media to the effect of 'what if life outside of planet earth is possible?'

I know for the last week, Kevin and Bean on KROQ had 'conspiracy theories you would believe' phone call topics with their listeners, who called in and shared their UFO stories. 

It was supportive.

Everything is working out for the best.

At the right rate, at the right time.

Together Ross and I wish you a Happy New Year.

This is a video of a clock with old sad things every hour in 2017, which is transformed and replaced with GOOD things as 2018 comes in.

Ross wants me to share one more thing with you.

I was in the O.R. last week with many patients with bad pelvic pain.

I saw this and called in my teams.

I saw them, in a circle, beaming laser-like white light from their palms to the abdomen/pelvis of my patient. 

It was breathtaking!

Ross, Michael, Raphael, Merlin and Raziel. 

They wore their uniforms from flight--flight suits?--and were incredibly healthy, intelligent, handsome, and engaged in healing like soldiers in battle who are winning the fight!

I knew in my heart that all sexual trauma and abuse, particularly from SRA, was healed that day--for we are one! And when the one is healed, all the others are healed too. 

I was sharing this with a friend yesterday, and he said, Michael says, 'they rock and roll and you can shake your booty to it!'

It's going to be an amazing year, and incredibly fun.

Please don't get discouraged by the awakening process.

And Ross has one last share for you. We watched, me and Anthony, the Secret of Roan Inish--of Seal Island--movie last night.  It's about Selkies. He's like you to watch it if you have the time. It's a wonderful movie for our era. Watch the girl, and how the family comes to believe her.  It's about the two worlds which unite.

clap! clap!

Aloha andMahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

P.S. Ross wants you to know Carla spent three hours writing this for you. From when she first woke up at seven thirty to ten thirty now. Anthony has been patient and kind waiting for his meal and to start his day. Please remember his sacrifice to the cause.