Saturday, December 23, 2017

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Yesterday I had a heart-to-heart with Ross. 

I asked him 'why am I here?' and 'when can I be with you?' and 'I know you are my guardian angel and guide, honey, when can I have more normal, everyday interaction with you dear?'

I was running on fumes and I told him from my heart I am SO tired of the invisible, of having to go by faith alone, and trust in my ability to 'pick up' on messages from Spirit. Yes, I hear. And it's QUIET! Like a tiny whisper even at its best. Yes, I see! It's very faint and I have to concentrate very hard to see anything. I'm used to it.

My request from Ross is to make communication with Home easier, like it is here between myself and others, face to face, over the phone, online...that sort of thing.

In short, I was whining over being incarnate, and over my position/role in the grand scheme of things. 

I'm tired.

Ever since December of 2012, I've been 'ready and waiting', you know? 

Ross never answers me directly when I confront him like this. 

He ALWAYS hears, I know.

He's not exactly 'at liberty' to explain things...for example, the last time I whined to him he showed me how my greatest work has been done at the last second--when My guides get me near something, like Scientology which was across the street from my mom's hospital in 2013--and ASK me to open a vortex or something like that. 

I understood his meaning, it's security. 

Last night, without realizing it, Ross sent me 'a bone to chew on' and I was DELIGHTED!

I realized with my mind, and my interest, and my persistence, I am in a position to 'make connections' which otherwise might not be made. So I will work on this with great joy today.

Thank you, my beloved, Ross...

This whole concept once worried me. 

What are these women going to do when they find out the truth? 

What am I going to do if I am the one who is misinformed?


Do you know what this is? It's a scapular. I wore the little brown one of the Carmelite nuns for many years, all through college and medical school.

If you die while you have one on, you go straight to heaven and you skip purgatory.

I wore it as a devotion to Mother Mary. 

I love her.

You won't believe how much ridicule I endured because of it.  'WHAT is THAT?!' people would ask when they invariably would see it. 'I wear it for my mother' I would say. I implied my earth mom. I knew it was for my heavenly mom. 

The Carmelites are a 'good order', and are 'good', I had heard when I was active in the church.

I could tell the orders of the priests. Paulist. Franciscan. Domenican. I could tell by the robes. I donated money to seminaries. Even as a medical student I gave twenty dollars a week to the church, and later, after graduation, I worked up to one hundred dollars a week in the collection basket, with extra for Christmas and Holidays. When someone would die I would make a donation to have a mass said for them. 

If I could live the life of a nun, go to matins, to mass, to evening services, and be totally devoted to God I would have been so happy, saying rosaries as I worked. 

I had given up on men!

I even tried two weeks of thinking and calling myself a lesbian to get away from the men...then I saw my lab worker who worked in my lab with a little hair poking out of the neckline of his shirt. And I knew my orientation was doomed to be straight miserable as men could be in my love life.

I begged, begged, begged God the Father to let me be a nun!

Much to my surprise and my dismay, God said NO!

At first I thought it was so I could be a single mother. 

Later I realized it was because of Ross as well as the things that go on in the Church. 

Last night I realized it was to spare me from satan himself. 

God loves me, is wise, and never wanted to explain himself or put fear into me! He was firm, resolute, and I am so very grateful for this!!

This is the picture of the Lady of Carmel that was on my scapular. It's a statue from a festival in Spain to honor her.

Here is the Carmelite convent in Haifa, Israel not far from Mount Carmel

Here is the one in Bethlehem.  

Here is the one in Paris, France. Please note they are the Discalced Carmelite Nuns, all of them. They don't wear shoes or socks.

The buildings are similar, aren't they? Two or three stories above, and also, a basement below. 

Feel the energy of these buildings. It emanates through the photos. It's quiet, isn't it?  It's not one of joy or nurturing, warmth, love or compassion.

There is suffering, silence, and poverty in them.

Here's why:

Sister Charlotte 'Rhoda' Keckler, born 4/12/1889, died 9/1983 in Napa California. SSN 261-58-5764
This video has been viewed 2, 803,786 times. It was first posted on this channel on April 30, 2012.  I discovered it for the first time yesterday.

I listened and put off my chores for the full hour. 

It turns out this is a very old cassette tape that has been going around. And the video is only half of it. 

Here is the the full transcript of the testimony of Sister Charlotte.

This is controversial.  Here is a supporter.  They say she was killed by a Vatican Assassin for telling the truth. It was an undercover Jesuit who got close to her, and did her in.

This blog post is from a detractor, a Knight of Columbus in Texas.  It's ironic how the post was made on June 18, 2008, what would have been my twentieth wedding anniversary. What I would recommend to you, if you have the time, is to scroll through the comments. You see everything on the map. And the anonymous who links the dark underbelly of the Vatican to Charlotte's truth, again and again, battling Kmerian the blogger again and again in all the so totally awake, back THEN, and I'm like, WOW.

To proceed to the next part, I have taken the link, The Testimony of Charlotte Wells* and printed it out. Each section is headed with a title, for example, Sister Charlotte's Testimony is section 1. Then I have numbered every paragraph. For example, the paragraph starting with One Day I made up my mind is Section 1, Paragraph 3, Line 1. (1.3.1)...

Here we go.

2.2.9-18  The Wedding Gown
The family is asked to donate money for the wedding gown for the daughter to wear in her marriage ceremony to Jesus. The convent asks for one hundred dollars. The family sends it. Only about one third is spent on the materials, and the nuns make the gown for free. (2.2.16:  They would keep the rest of it and my father would never know the difference.')

2.2.34-39 The Movie Star Nuns
When a person takes the vows, they sign over all their material rights/property/wealth to the Church. The Church knows this. All inheritance and wealth will go to the millions for the Roman Catholic Church. 

2.2.45-47  Her Compliance Will Save Her Family's Souls
The priest teaches her that her family will be saved, no matter how many banks they've robbed ...

Validation 1:  Kerth Barker, Cannibalism, Blood Drinking and High Adept Satanism
Chapter 2 highlights

  • The ritual I attended was a gay marriage where I was married to another boy my age. We were both thirteen. His Luciferian name was Martin. So it was the marriage of Martin and Kathy Lucifersons. We had never met before the ritual.
  • I was dressed in a white wedding gown with makeup on my face.
  • It took place in the satanic temple located in the basement of the Baron's mansion
  • The minister was a Satanist...woman...middle aged...people referred to her as the Dark Mother
  • It was a Satanic marriage ceremony, but in most respects this ceremony mimicked the Christian ceremony.
  • We both said, 'I do' at the proper time. I said this not because I wanted to. Nor did I say it because I was hypnotized. I said it because I was afraid the Baron would kill my mother and have me tortured to death is I didn't play along.
Validation 2:  Gayland W. Hurst, PhD, and Robert L. Marsh, Satanic Cult Awareness, Department of Justice handbook, January 27, 1993

  • page 29, line 3: Charity fraud is encouraged since this deception is approved by God. 
  • page 9, paragraph 1, line 5:  Most of the cult abuse is intertwined with religious dogma. Male and female children and adults are "married to Satan" (who is considered bisexual) at various ages. 

3.5.4 You will spent nine hours in a casket (To take the Black Veil)
Line 7 But sixty days previous to my being twenty one years of age, I'm going to sign some papers that they have placed in front of me. And those papers are this: I'm going to sign away every bit of inheritance I might have received from my family after their death. Or course I signed that over to the Roman Catholic Church. ...Because when that child enters the convent, they're going to get a portion of her money, her father's money...And so they don't mind commercializing off of that child and the inheritance that would have come to her.   

4.2.2-8 Entering the casket
I have a funeral shroud. It's made of dark red velvet and it's way down to the floor. And I'm walking down that aisle. I know what I'm going to do. The casket is already made by the nuns of the cloister of very rough boards. It is sitting right out here and I know when I come down there I'll step in that casket and lay my body down and I'm going to spend nine hours in there. And two little nuns will come and cover me up with a heavy black cloth we called a heavy drape and you know it's so heavily incensed I feel like I've smothered to death. And I have to stay there. 

Validation 1: Kerth Barker, Angelic Defenders and Demonic Abusers
Chapter 2, page 30-32, highlights
  • After my parents left Senior said he wanted to take me to a friend's house
  • After we got out of the car, he took me inside directly to the basement. The basement was large and it was painted black. Even the windows were painted black. There were no electric lights. Only gas lights. Everything was illuminated in a dim, yellowish light.
  • In the center of the room was a design drawn in red paint...near the circle was a painted triangle. Next to the triangle was a wooden box with padding inside, it was the size of a small child's coffin. Near that was a table that held a knife, a cup, a large silver pentagram and a small wooden wand.
  • They all surrounded me. Someone handed a cup to Senior and he made me drink it. The liquid tasted foul...(a woman) took off my clothes. Her and others quickly put me in the box and shut it. I could hear the click of a lock. The box was padded so I could hardly move. The box smelled of urine, and I hadn't started to pee on myself--yet. I started to scream. I realized I couldn't move and it frightened me. 
  • (the woman) taunted him...she said in a cruel voice, 'Hello, Kerth Barker. I put you in this box and I'm never going to let you out. You are going to die in there.'
  • When he is finally let out, he has not one but two separate visions of angels in two separate near death experiences.

Validation 2:  Gayland W. Hurst, PhD and Robert L. Marsh, Satanic Cult Awareness, DOJ Handbook
  • Page 8 TYPES OF ABUSE AND TORTURE Confinement/Isolation in small places, often with sensory deprivation: II Blackhole/pit, cage, coffin or grave. Often the container is filled with or a body (animal or human), snakes, spiders, etc. Children are told that worms will eat their brains out. Often they are left for days in absolute filth. This abuse is involved in significant rituals or may be utilized as punishment. Being reborn into satanism (hauled out of live burial) through symbolic death is a standard ritual for children. 

6.1.4-5 Signature in Blood
(after the casket) But, you know, when I walk in there this time the mother superior sits me down in a straight backed, hard-bottomed chair and immediately I'm going to take three vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. And you know, as I take those vows she opens a little place in the lobe of my ear and she takes out a portion of blood because I must sign every vow in my own blood.

Validation 1:  Bob Dylan interview he sold his soul to the Devil

Validation 2:  poor audio quality video from expert on signing contracts in different colors of ink

Alright. Now after all of this has transpired and all of this has happened everything I have is gone. I've sold my soul for a mess of theological pottage, because not only are we destroyed in our bodies. Many of us in our minds. And many of us, if we die in the convent, we've lost our souls.

7.3.15-18   Refusing to bed the priest
And here this priest is, and of course I didn't go to the bridal chamber with him. I had a strong body then. One of us would have been wounded because I would have fought until the last drop of blood. And you know it made them very, very angry I'll assure you because I didn't go to the bridal chamber with him. 

13.3 and 13.4, highlights
And now they can do things like this. Now if a Roman Catholic priest comes into the convent, he may go to the mother superior and ask her to permit him to go into the cell where one of the nuns are. ...But here she brings that priest into one of our cells. Now I wonder if you know how serious it is. That Roman Catholic priest, he has liquor under his belt. We know that. But he has a big strong body. He's had three square meals of food every day of his life. He can eat all the food that he wants. But you know, there's a little nun that may have a broken body, and she may not have very much strength. And what did he come into that cell for? For nothing other than to destroy that little nun....The mother will turn a key in the lock, and you're locked in there with that priest. Now we have no way to defend ourselves, and I often say (I had to nurse those little girls. I'm an R.N. I got my nurse's training by going through the tunnel over to the hospital as I lived in an open order convent). But may I say that after the priest is taken out of there, if you could look upon the body of that little nun, she looks like something you'd throw out in a hog pen and a half dozen old sows had just mauled that child's body.  And this is convent life!

13.5 all--consequences of refusal of priest
Now, if I refuse to give my body (you know we are supposed to give our body voluntarily to those priests. Many times the nuns are overpowered), but if I refuse to give my body voluntarily to them, then you know he becomes very angry and he goes immediately to the mother superior. Then when the two carnal minds come together, they can invent things that you and I -- we don't have enough evil in our heart to invent things like that...Now the mother superior might say to me in a day or two, 'Now, we're going to do penance.'. Now the penance that they'll inflict on me is something that the mother superior and the priest has invented and it might be very, very cruel.  They might take me down into one of the dirty dungeons (and there's no floors in those places)...

15.1 Unwanted pregnancy
Well it goes. Then sometimes the priest come and they get angry at us because we refuse to sin with them voluntarily. And you know, after all, the nuns bodies are broken after we're there awhile. And many, many the time, to have him strike you in the mouth is a terrible thing. I've had my front teeth knocked out. I know what it's all about. And then they get you down on the floor and kick you in the stomach. Many of those precious little girls have babies under their heart, and it doesn't bother a priest to kick you in the stomach with a baby under your heart. He doesn't mind. The baby is going to be killed anyway because those babies are going to be born in the convent. Why wouldn't babies be born when you run places like this under the cloak of religion? The world thinks it's a religious orders, and there are babies born in there. And most of the babies are premature. Many of them are abnormal. Very, very seldom do we ever see a normal baby. 

15.2  Being a nurse midwife in the convent
You say, 'Sister Charlotte, do you dare to say that?' I most definitely do dare to say it, and I intend to keep on saying it. Why? I've delivered those babies with these hands, and what I've seen with my eyes and I've done with my hands, I just challenge the whole world to say it isn't true. 

15.3  Infanticide by Mother Superior
There won't ever be a blanket around his body. They'll never bathe that baby's body, but he can only live four or five hours. And then the mother superior will take that baby and put her fingers in its nostrils, cover its mouth and snuff its little life out.

15.4 Getting rid of the evidence
And why do they build these lime pits in the convent? What is the reason for building them if it isn't to kill babies? And that baby will be taken into the lime pit and chemical lime will be put over its body. And that's the end of babies. 

Validation 1: Kerth Barker, Cannibalism, Blood Drinking and High Adept Satanism,
Chapter 3, Cannibalism among the aristocracy
  • Film 1 two children are slaughtered, roasted, and served to guests. Two new initates, a couple, are shown the heads at the end. They vomit when they realize what they have done.
  • Film 2 a poor mother who is pregnant and bound to a wheelchair due to a broken leg that won't heal, finds a benefactor who pays for her hospital course. She is taken to the home. Her infant is prepared in the same manner as in film 1. She's shown the head and is horrified to learn she ate her baby. Everyone laughs at her. She is then taken aside and killed.

Validation 2:  Pizza Gate Breeders
Validation 3:  Department of Justice Manual
  • sexual torture
  • forced participation in abuse and murder
  • forced to eat flesh, excrement

Validation 4:  comments in Kmerian's blog post

  • Anonymous said...This story is 100% real. Her story is not an isolated event. I have a reliable source that went to the Vatican in Rome and bribed a cardinal for $200 US dollars to show him around inside. One of the most startling things he said he saw was a large underground room about the size of a football field that was stacked from floor to ceiling with the bones of newborn babies. They were the babies that were born to the nuns that the priests got pregnant since the early beginnings of the catholic church . . .
  • Anonymous said...I met a man from Canada about 10 years ago who told me that a childhood friend who had become a Roman Catholic priest had offered him a nun to sleep with and it had severely affected his faith. He was still disturbed by it when he told me about it.

Summary of Sister Charlotte's Dark Secrets:

  • funeral duty over a dead nun (8.1, 8.2)
  • put in a dungeon for three days and nights with no food or water (8.4)
  • flagellation  as penance with bloodshed and no medical care for wounds (8.7)
  • hung up by thumbs for nine day penance, with water and rotten potatoes only every three days (9.3-9.8)
  • Sleep deprivation. Up at 4:30 am, bed by 9:30 p.m., woke at seven minutes to midnight, have to chant/pray for one hour, then back to bed. every day.
  • Food deprivation. One four ounce piece of bread every morning. One cup of black coffee. Skim milk one cup three times a week. Vegetable soup for dinner. On escape, in medical care, she weighed eighty-nine pounds (half her normal weight). 
  • having to lick crosses onto the floor with her tongue until it bled (11.1)
  • torture with ankles strapped to rings in dungeon, falling, covered with bugs and vermin, no food or water for three days (13.5, 14.1)
  • participating in execution of another nun (16.1)
  • water torture in the stocks which makes many nuns go insane (I found it on the online version but not my printout, sorry, my numbers may be off)
  • gruesome discovery of the slow deaths in a dungeon, chained around wrists and waists (18.1-18.5)

Validation 1: Kerth Barker, Cannibalism, Blood Drinking and High Adept Satanism, Chapter 2
  • You were going to lock us up in your basement and make us beg to be released. That's what you did with the two chaps from the Committee who came to visit you recently.
  • The bathroom looked immaculate, but Bernie took out a magnifying glass from her vest and found a spot they had missed. She immediately began to physically torment one of the slave girls. She slapped her  face, cursing her for being sloppy and lazy. Bernie cruelly pinched the girl's nipples and pinched her butt. Nancy started to do the same sort of thing to the other little girl. The girls never made a sound, they didn't resist and they didn't say anything. But I could see the expression of pain and humiliation on their faces. I felt sad for the situation that the little slave girls found themselves in. I wished that I could help them but I knew I was powerless to do anything but watch. 

Validation 2:  DOJ manual
  • General physical torture: Mutilation/marking the body for satan, drawing blood, banging by arms or feet, tubal insertion in body opening to allow for fluids to be introduced. Electric shock to spine/knees, dragging with rope or leash around neck, generally being treated like an animal, immersion in feces/blood buckets/urine, pulling/drilling teeth, being burned (trial by fire), blood transfusions and skin grafts from sacrificial victims. 

We are on our way in our journey --for those of us who are interested in exposing the darkness which is hidden in plain sight.

This blog post isn't for everyone.

For those who seek truth, what has happened in this blog post is we have established that first person testimony of dark secrets in the church have corresponding correlation to first person testimony of Satanic Ritual Abuse (Kerth Barker) and Department of Justice guidelines on identifying and intervening in cases of SRA--as well as solving murders related to this abuse. 

It's not just rumor. 

It's two victims with similar stories, two survivors who have escaped their own abuse.  Plus the expert information from our Department of Justice. 

Only you can believe what you are able to accept as true. For those of you who are on the cutting edge of Awareness, who are ramping up the Consciousness to have 'eyes that see' and 'ears that hear', and to never be fooled again..this blog post was created with love in our hearts for YOU, the valiant warriors. 

If you are uncomfortable by this post, it is understood, and there is no pressure for you to 'wake up' like your peers. You have all the time in the world. You are not alone. Look at the blogger, the Fourth Ranking Knight of Columbus, who has a lot invested in the system of his faith, and it's being true. That's why he calls Sister Charlotte a liar. That's why in the comments section, many defend him, the church, and condemn her. It's completely human to feel this way. There is no judgement on our part of your comfort zone. You are loved in any stage of slumber or Consciousness.  Your time will come when all will be revealed, and you will see clearly again.

For us, Sister Charlotte spoke to our hearts. There is a style of abuse survivors, a pattern, and we've seen it proven on Bomgard's Body Language videos . We believe she is real, we believe in her story, that it is genuine, and furthermore that she risked her life to share it with us.  We give thanks to her, to those who spread her word, including the transcript, as well as to Kerth Barker, Gayland W. Hurst, PhD, and Robert L. Marsh for their contributions to exposing the truth. 

We wish you great joy, and love and appreciation, for those who are with you in this life, as well as for your unseen guides and angels, this holiday season.


I love my Gaia Sophia, who is Carla by another name.

It's all the same and in many incarnations I have loved her. Including this one. From both sides of the veil.

Carla has worked hard and spent two full days to bring this information to you. It is from her heart.

She knows that the intellectual 'spark' that motivated this exposé of sorts is from the Divine. And this is what excited her: to have a purpose to put her skills towards the benefit of Ascension, a breaking away from the old, and making the path for what's new.

We wish all of you a taste of this zest for life, a reason to exist, and to be strong towards the finish of your days you walk on the earth.

(he puts his finger up over his lips--shhh--ed) I won't say anything about what or when or why or how we are going to Ascend.  It's so secret that I don't even know. 

Only the Divine Father of all that is knows the final arrangements.

In the meantime, I roll up my sleeves and work towards the cause, just like my beautiful wife works for the same goal--from the other side of the Veil from me.

One day our efforts will meet in the middle!

Our very best and love to you.

(he sits down and you see his robes as he's like on the curb--ed) For those of you for whom this blog post upset you, may we ask why?  Is it painful to see the truth? Is there a lot of yourself caught up in 'the powers that be' and 'the way things are'?  Is 'change' welcome when it comes in the form of others having to change their belief system and not yourself? Are you worried that your holiday celebration is ruined by the facts of the horrible abuse deeply hidden in the system? Are you upset over the donations you have given, unknowing that it contributes to this horrible cause?

Don't worry.

It's all Illusion.

Everything is. 

"It also requires our seeking to know God's presence and God's will. To do this we need to raise our vibrations and expand our consciousness, for God is at a vaporous vibration, as in 'steam'. Consider how the physical is solid (like ice), the soulful is liquid (fluid, flowing) and the spiritual is vaporous (like steam or clouds). Sharing our daily lives with God (from the most-earthly to the most-heavenly of activities and thoughts) builds the 'at-onement' in our hearts and minds that makes life eternal and spiritual--even while we are physical.'  John Van Auken, p. 12, Venture Inward, January/February/March2018.

Keep moving forward.

Try not to take things personally.

And always try your best to cheer our team efforts on, even when you are not in complete and total agreement with the other members of the same team. 

All of us on Earth are in various stages of Awakening.

Each of us listens to that powerful 'nudge' which is going on in our heart.

I will leave us at this for today.

Merry Christmas.

Happy New Year.

And may all your festivities be bright. And blessed!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple