Friday, December 8, 2017

Our New Life

Beauty will heal you.

There is lots of change going on around us. Some of it is unsettling. So I'm going to give you an approach to help anchor you through these changes.

Keep three separate journals. All brand new.

In the first one, you pick a random memory from your past, that is happy. For example, I went to Ports O'Call with my mom, my nana, and my great grandmother, nana Rosa.

Then you pick each sense and re-experience those feelings:

  • sight it was a beautiful clear day, the water was clean, and the stores were very colorful
  • scent I could smell fish, both cooked and raw, and also, the ocean's salty scent. My nana had on perfume, which she wore for special occasions. Things like Emeraude and Wind Song. Nothing fancy. It was special to her and to us.
  • sounds I could here the noises of the boats in the harbor...sort of a mechanical low roaring sound, layered with people talking--sounds like a flowing river--and the screeching of the sea gulls which I kind of like to hear because it means I'm by the beach.
  • feelings I felt both lucky and special to be with these important people in my life, having fun, and I felt the safest I ever felt. Nana Rosa lived in Chicago, and had made a special trip to see us. She acted like someone from far away, not here, very formal in her dress and manners, and yet I could tell she was delighted to meet me and loved me very much. Even though she did not give presents.
  • feelings on my skin and body the sunshine felt warm but it was a cool, crisp day. We wore jackets. And I loved the breeze.
  • taste I didn't remember the food, I probably didn't like it. I didn't even remember a Shirley Temple. I do recall the air was salty, and I enjoyed that. I also was glad the fish didn't taste the air with the fish smell the way the salt did with the salt smell.

The next journal, you recall and re-experience the highlight of your day, the same way, every day:
  • sight the basketball court, I was walking around for exercise while Anthony practiced with his team. It was dark, the lights were on, and three teams were practicing. One had the dwarf boy. So many kids on all the teams were smiling. Their coaches too.
  • scent  I could smell the aroma of the pine trees from the Christmas tree lot. I liked it.
  • sounds laughter. Coaches saying, 'good job'. The lack of anger and yelling. The nicknames. Now besides 'Nightmare', they have 'Brussel Sprouts', and 'Freight Train'.
  • feelings so grateful to be off work. My babysitter called in sick. Happy for a memory of Anthony's childhood.
  • feelings on my skin and body I had on shorts and a windbreaker from Lake Winnepesaukee. I had seen an adult with a sweatshirt with that on it last week. So I wore mine. The east coast coats really work better than those here. I felt warm inside on the brisk evening. 
  • taste  I had water to drink, pure and simple, fresh from a bottle.

The third journal is just whatever comes up. It doesn't have to be every day. But you process things by writing them, when you feel the need. You can rant. You can write your hopes and dreams. You can add the metaphysical things if you experience them.

This is Fabian technique basics. In an ideal world you would have a therapist who would help you work through these experiences. 

The positive things and reliving them help to rewire the brain. It builds enough connection to HERE and NOW with your own body, that anything else hidden--'soul fragments' one reader calls it, or 'buried memories', or even, God forbid, 'other personalities' if you were subject to SRA and split your core personality into alters...This is how you heal. 

It's the positive that is healing. And then gently, gently, acknowledging the 'other things' as they come up--without putting too much focus on the not-so-pleasant things. 

Essentially, you replace the 'sad' with the 'Here and Now' where you are safe, and come to terms with 'what happened' at your own pace, in a safe way.

Many readers are not experiencing Ascension with a smooth ride. 'Stuff' is coming up. Or they don't want to hear things because it's painful.

Focus on the good.

This is the best way to accept responsibility for caring and healing for what isn't so good.

You face it indirectly.

The truth will come out. For everyone. This is how we build a safe framework--three notebooks going in all.

Do I do Fabian therapy? No. I'm highlighting Kerth Barker's 'Mental Liberation' for people who might not be able to read it due to the graphic things in his own life he experienced and talks about in the book.

It's a great book. I'm glad he wrote of all his books.

Beauty is medicine.

I'm not talking photoshop.

I'm talking nature and all she represents.

When you need to heal, immerse yourself in natural beauty and natural experiences. Even ten minutes in the sunshine will do.

You are going to need to make use of this.


Yesterday Ross wrote to me. I had a gap at work. He said it wouldn't be wasted. I made appointments in that gap.

He also gave me instruction on what to do regarding my immediate family in light of my mother's poor health.

He told me to make time with her one on one, and to say what needs to be said before he takes her.

He also told me, like in this life, when I go Home, she will be the first to welcome me, even before him. 

He explained she had a tough role, one we all three agreed upon before I was born, for her not to nurture me that much, and to keep me always hungry for a true mother figure in my life. That way when the time was right I would be drawn to Blessed Mother, and I could take direction from Her. If I had been happy in my mother-child relationship, I never would have listened to Blessed Mother the way I did. And She could not have led me to Ross. It was very gradual.

Ross said 'the bracelet project could wait, go and see your mom, before I take her'.

New bead supplies arrived. I have four holiday bracelets packed and ready to go. When Ross says to do something I do. Hopefully tonight or tomorrow night. I can still work on bracelets too, as long as I don't skip mom.

What did he say for me to say to her? Thank you. Lets move on past our old differences. I'm grateful for x and y and z. That kind of stuff. While she's clear in her mind.

Earth is a mess.

The people, the leaders, the environment, the practices, the hidden occult...everything.

All of us are responsible for this--either we did it, or we stood by and didn't intervene.

Even me with my stupid bottled water...I recycle the water bottle...but I shouldn't really buy it because it's a ridiculous waste of resources. I could have my own 'hydro flask' etc. 

I put disposable diapers on my son. 

I have cell phones that take some rare resources from the earth, and I think, cobalt with mines in Africa that use child labor and there are no safety precautions.

None of us are immune. The tricksters trick us, and we buy their products and even worse, buy there stories and lies they tell us.

At some point each of us needs to take responsibility.

Does that mean we become eco warriors at the drop of a hat? No. 

The most important thing is to heal and release and acknowledge 'stuff' that comes up from your life and past lives. This lightens the vibrations on Gaia, and makes it more difficult for the Deceivers to 'run the show'. Why? Because the energies are not favorable for them as we 'drop ballast' and return to our original state.

The second important thing is healing and releasing will expose the True You and your True Purpose. Everyone has a Purpose.

As you accept responsibility for your Purpose, you affect lives and make it possible for those around you to experience the 'healing and releasing' phenomenon. 

For me, yesterday, at work, I got a request to 'clear houses of entities' (I sidestepped it, I'd felt the entity weeks ago when I met the person, their vibration is not as cranked up as it could be either--I referred to Margaret), and a request for a one hour reading, in person. This I can do. We also sold all of the aromatherapy at cost to the surgery center--GI, OR, and waiting room, as well as for two separate nurses homes. Even before the materials arrive. They want to save money. I want to get the right professional grade diffusers and oils into the patient care. They want to 'do their own blends' which is not going to come across well.  However, I put a bug in the ear of a manager how aromatherapy can't be obvious, Disney does it, (smell of Pirates, etc) where you just have barely enough to give atmosphere.And not enough to set off chemical sensitivities.  Lavender won't do in a clinical setting. It has to be more like a spa, but toned down.

That's why I'm gifting a bottle to the facility En-R-Gee--is the name. So that after they experiment they will have the tools to get it done right.

My soul knows what to do. It's done something like this before, the Awakening. I feel it. And it's good. Certainly doable.

Now it's time to get ready for work.

I hope I gave you some insights as to your own awakening.

If for example, you get a 'nickel' of stimulus (watching a YouTube) and you get a 'quarter' of response (really upset, crying, etc) you have probably discovered an area in your soul that is 'ripe for healing and releasing'. 

A 'nickel' of stimulus should get a 'nickel's' response.

Do NOT face the trauma you had accidentally discovered head on. It's not the best way to heal it.

Face it indirectly.

Start the journals. Every day.

When your subconscious is confident enough, it will let the secret out. 

With your journaling and your meditation and guides it can heal.

We also have healing services of shields. They foster a healing environment because they surround your with love and nurturing and warmth and compassion. It's like a scuba diver bringing air on a dive. It helps you tolerate 'here' better because it's a little bit of Home.

I only mention this because we got an order for some yesterday. It's helped me a lot to have mine, and that's why I help by sharing them with others.

Ross waves and smiles. I'm late for work. Again.

Aloha and Mahalos, 

Ross and Carla
The Couple