Friday, December 22, 2017

Thank You

Yesterday something happened that keeps me going.

I am always giving. I have given the jingle bracelet off my arm two days in a row, once to the clerk at the post office, and once at my work.  I brought in the jingle pendants for two people who asked for it, and I gave the bottle of EnRGee aromatherapy oil to the head of the nursing at the surgery center.

She gave something back.

She had a basket with many tiny white little pouches in them, the kind you use when you give a crystal.

She let me pick a free crystal.

I have been to places where you pay a ticket and they give you a tiny chip of a crystal.

She gave so much MORE.

A real sterling chain, with a beautiful bail holding --mine, which my hand felt and I picked--was the carnelian point.

In the bag was an explanation of what carnelian is and does, metaphysically.

The execution of the gift was totally 'correct' in every way, my virgo rising was just singing! It looked good and those crystals really were honored, I could tell. There  was love and wanting our workplace to have harmony...

I put it on right away.

I have some 'givers' in my life. Ann and Lisa give wonderful gifts they create. John, Angie, and Catherine generously support the work. Aaron sends mala's of olive wood and candles. He has a wonderful website EarthSchoolBeads...Many of you readers have made it possible for the giveaways of the bracelets and selenite jewelry.

The last two times I went to the post office my postage rang up totals of one hundred ten, and eighty dollars. I'm going through the padded envelopes like they are water. And much joy is being created with this outreach. Much much joy.

I thank everyone who has sponsored it in some way.

I know you are givers. It warms my heart.

I write because it was a non-giver who turned into a giver, and what came my way is a stone of great meaning to both Ross and me.

It came at the right time, in the right way, when I was totally not expecting it.

And on the solstice.

I wasn't expect bells and whistles from Spirit, on the solstice.

Part of me cringed when I knew the Dark Ones use this day for their hideous rituals too.

I prayed for things to improve from that point, so there is no more loss of life or souls because of those who do not have our best interest at heart.

Yesterday was another day.

I got through it.

Anthony is better. I'm still on the mend. Ross is quiet. Soon I need to make breakfast. We are having bagels today.

It feels like I am hanging in a delicate balance, almost like a zero point, where anything can happen. And after being so closely involved with my guides, and working for so long to help raise Consciousness in others...I feel like I'm sitting in the orchestra and not playing my instrument because for me and our section it's a 'rest' written into the score, and others are playing something somewhere else but I can't hear it.

When they ask me to play I will play. I know I've practiced enough already.

Every morning when I wake up I get told by my not-incarnate cheerleaders--YOU WILL HAVE JOY! YOU WILL HAVE MIRACLES!

It's been weeks for this. And I haven't seen much except Anthony and I getting sick a lot,  and the prices for everything--cost of living--skyrocketing up in my area.

If there is a way to hold on to hope without putting much effort into it, that's where I'm at right now.

Christmas is about giving.

My family is a little weird on that, I'll give it to you. They like to 'save money'. So we only give gifts to the kids. It's not my choice, I'm not sure how it happened. As an Aspie this makes me totally confused as to do what they say or what is expected of me. It's hard. I can't read the signals.

But I saw a perfect dress for my mom on sale, and for her, I bought it. It was from Chico's, her favorite store. The clerk even looked up her points with her phone number and she got credit for it. It was fun.

Do you need to give or receive presents to enjoy Christmas?


The music is free, and it's fun.

So are the decorations. You can go places to enjoy them. Here by the coast we have the 'boat parades' which I highly recommend. I haven't seen one in years but they are fun. All decorated and driving by.

Sometimes on Christmas day if you go to the store--or the day after--you can buy things half price that you would have liked to buy but were too expensive. You just store them for next year. Cards. Festive things.

What's most important is in your heart. And that's free.

It's also eternal.

I look at Christmas as a 'graduation' of sorts. To celebrate the people who are still with us in our lives. To give thanks for them.

I give thanks for my home, my job, and I say, 'thank you for this or something better'. This gives Spirit the opportunity to line things up in case it's time for me to change.

Normal start time on Fridays is eight o'clock for the main OR, but today I'm at the surgery center, and it's a seven-thirty one. Time to wake up! And get those bagels going!

I've been gradually weaning us from meat. Anthony was married to his healthy chicken sausage in the mornings. Or leftovers for lunch. Now most breakfasts we do other sources of protein (today its lox for the bagel). Lunch is a sandwich with not too much meat. And dinner, the other night, was pesto spaghetti squash.

When it comes to our health I am as patient and persistent as a river. Now he is old enough to understand, I can steer us in the direction away from cruelty of meat, so that if I get us next year to twenty-five to fifty-percent vegetarian meals I will meet my goal. When he is at his dad's I skip the meat and I have for a long time. I didn't forget being a vegetarian. I took a detour. They KNOW that red meat causes colon cancer. And I KNOW in processed meat some of the DNA isn't purely the animal you think you are eating. They throw all kinds of things into there. And our weight is an issue too. It's time for activity to go up, and for things that grow in the earth to go up, and for things that walk the earth (or swim it) to go down. The fish will be the last to go. There are many vegetarians who eat only fish. I'll head towards that goal in the next five years.  For me and for Anthony. It's slow, steady, and I know with every meal we skip meat, we are helping the cause.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

P.S. Ross says hi, he waves' nd he says he's sorry if he was unclear yesterday in his message. His intent was to say where he is is just as natural for him, as it is for our breathing, and we are only a heartbeat away from 'getting it'. We are very close to the Awakening. And he is proud and thankful to us for our work.