Thursday, December 21, 2017

Parsnips and Potatoes

I love to cook.

I absolutely, positively do, and I always have.

When I was three they would put a chair next to the griddle and I would make pancakes.

I made my first batch of cookies at seven.

At twelve I made the lasagna for my entire family who came for my party. We didn't tell them until afterwards that I made it.

We get a box of organic produce each week. I love it.

Last week it came with parsnips.

Those are the white, carrot-looking things on the lower right hand corner.

I wasn't sure what to do with them. I knew they had good nutrition. To be honest, years back, I put them with turnips in a beef stew, and they were nasty.

So I looked up recipes on

Au gratin....

Last night while Anthony was at his dad's, I' took the plunge'.  They wanted a mandolin.  I didn't have one. I used the side of the cheese grater for mozzarella.

They wanted yukon gold potatoes. I took what I had. I think they were it. Not sure.

They wanted creme fraiche, I had mascarpone that had gone past the expiration date. Who cares? I was going to bake it! It was close enough and creamy.

They wanted parmesan reggiano, I put in romano pecorino.

I had the thyme like they asked.

I layered potatoes, then parsnips, then potatoes and that was it.

They asked for a two quart baking dish. I used a silicone lined large brownie pan.

I put in the chicken broth like they said.

Once it had a head start in the oven, I added one piece of sockeye salmon in a different pan.

When it smelled good I knew it was done.

How did I serve it?

I used my best plate.

I used the leftover fresh salsa instead of tartar sauce. In a dipping dish, for the fish.

I put a nice square of the scalloped parsnips and potatoes.  I put the fish. And a small container of pomegranate arils.

I broke all the rules!  And it was wonderful!

One glass of malbec. A red wine. With fish! lol.

I love being a culinary heretic. And it works!

I understand food, the subtle flavors, and make my meals to harmonize with one another.  My favorite game is to be pushed outside my comfort zone to create based on the ingredients at hand.

Do I watch cooking shows?

Nope. I hate them.

The only approval I seek for what I make is my own.

I break the rules.

Even when I make bracelets.

I don't hide the knots.

Sometimes I put them next to the focal point.

I WANT you to know it was made by me. By my own two hands!

Sometimes I even put in a flaw, on purpose. Most times I do, actually.

The one in the photo has TWO focal points! lol. it's an old one I made a long time ago. The stone is amazonite.

Why do I break the rules?

Because I listen to Spirit when I make them.

Spirits rules are all about the energy and the healing, not how it looks to the eye.

Yesterday some beads found me. Yes, they do. In my beading supplies. They 'turn up'.


I knew it was for me.

I mixed the ovals with glass--crackle glass from Czechoslovakia. Alternating them. Dark, light, dark. Just in my size.

I put it on, and soothing hit at once.

I looked it up.

It's a 'hornblende', Amphibole.

There's like next to nothing on it in my books. I looked online.

It's related to Capricorn.

That's Ross' sign...<3 ...his birthday is January 20. How do I know? He told me. Long time ago.

And what is today?

The cusp of Sagittarius and Capricorn!

How did Spirit know?

I didn't.

But Spirit did, and I listened to Spirit.

Ross wants to talk.

One second, honey.

This is a white salad--not the one exactly like I'd like to show--but close. My friend is bringing a white salad to her Filipino family gathering for Christmas. Everything in it is white. Rambutan, Lychee, coconut...

I thought it was cool and the point is you can learn from your friends...


I am here.

I am honestly, positively, here on Earth.

I am with you.

I am one of you.

Can I 'project' myself on Earth like Luke Skywalker did?

Yes, a little bit.

(he stomps the ground with his foot--ed)  I am also on Terra Firma, with me, the real me, all as I am.

I am in all of you, but that is a euphemism, and to say that would be a distortion of the truth.

I am here, and the only thing that separates us is vibration...

Mine is a little higher than yours, so my 'earth surface' is approximately three feet 'higher' than yours.
But it is all the same.

Same earth.

Same time zone.

Only difference is frequency--the vibrational frequency.

When you are alive you will understand what I am saying, you will see it clear as day.

But for now, under the veil, I encourage you to keep holding your thoughts on high so you can 'make it up' to the next level, and be with all of us, back on Earth in the Higher Dimensions, as 'Home' for the coming times.

How do you do this?

Think good thoughts.

Hope for the best.

Meditate, eat right, exercise.

And pray.

Listen to Spirit if you have the ability.

That one helps too. Just like Carla with her amphibole bracelet.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple