Saturday, December 9, 2017

The Ice

It is cold out there.


I would like to make a metaphor that the current state of the earth, metaphysically, with the Collective Consciousness, is that is it 'frozen', in the sense that vapor/steam has the highest energy water can be at. Then water has more energy at a slightly lower thermal vibration/temperature. And at the lowest end is ice. For example, this very low thermal vibration ice cave in Iceland, is thousands of years old and is as hard as steel.

There are certain beings--some perhaps not even from this planet--who are upon the earth who thrive in 'a colder climate'--vibrationally. It is ripe for 'playing games' and for 'sport' where 'Thou Do What Thy Will' for of thing.

I'm talking deception, lying, and SRA.

The worst of the worst.

And the goal is to take everyone, every living thing, right down to that vibration 'with them', so there will be slaves and people to service the elite and prey for the predators to consume.

One of the most poignant was a Instagram post by David Rockefeller, shown in a video by Carolyn Limaco--it was of a sheep looking at the camera, and the caption by David was, 'what are you looking at? you are going to die.'

David said that to Carolyn and the truthers, not to the sheep.

David said that to all of us who are not into SRA, and even the lower ranking ones of SRA, are going to die like us according to the 'Master Plan'.

Much as Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart would hate to admit it, ice is an equal opportunity injury to the just and the unjust.

They happen to 'thrive' in the 'lower vibrations'.

But they are not immune.

Neither are we.

Ice does not last forever.

The Spring arrives and the ice thaws.

This time is will arrive for good. For eternity. 

And it will stay.

This is the goal.

To melt the ice.

We do it one individual at a time.

As we open our hearts to Truth, a wave of nurturing, warmth, love and compassion washes over us.

It regenerates our hearts.

And It will remain.

I would like to change the subject now to a deep spiritual philosophical a-ha! moment which came to me last night as I was watering the Christmas Tree and praying for it to live, and also, I gave it Reiki.

The living part of the tree is right under the bark. All of the inside is old plant cells. It's technically dead. Like our hair.

It gives strength and is part of the tree life cycle.

But trees 'live on the outside'...the outer well as in the leaves and branches.

They are protected when young, and grow to great magnificence in time.

They also communicate with one another. I have heard that in a forest, a sick or baby tree will be given nutrients from a tree that is older and going to die, from root to root, under the ground. 

Here is the spiritual part.

We are made up of energy. From what I understand, the whirling spirals of energy are what connect us to our physical bodies.

These are the chakras.

Let me say this again, and please take it in as I repeat it:  the chakras are what connect us to our physical bodies.

Are we our physical bodies?


We are the energy field which comes into them.

We are technically a little bigger than our physical bodies because our aura is 'who we are'.

Not the bodies.

Are we ready for the next step?

In my training we were taught in meditation to 'open our chakras', one at a time, opening them as far as they can go.

Mine can go out of the room, out of the house, down the street, even as big as a city, or half the globe!

When my Chakras are open, I am fully conscious, I can feel the energy release and flow radially outwards in all directions. 

The top ones open bigger and easier than the bottom ones.

Don't try this at home without training--there are lots more steps and you need a teacher for various reasons. The most important is to protect you, and it isn't the teacher alone who protects you, it's your teacher and their guides.  You need to be in a safe place to do this.

Once the chakras are open, this is what remains.

A huge column of light.

You can bring up different things into it. Often we bring in white light, emerald green light, or pink light. Sometimes a rainbow of lights can go in. 

You feel it.

It's energizing.

You must always be sure to close the chakras at the end. We don't walk around like this, you know?

At this point we are like the trees.

We have strength within us. And the living part of 'us' is on the outside. Not the physical body, but the spiritual one.

The real question is where does the energy that is us and spinning our chakras come from? Our Higher Self? If so, then where do they get it?

I think it's Creator of All That Is who gives it.

I really do.

Now I would like to change the subject again.

Anthony and I watched this movie yesterday on net-flick-s.

It's the Jack-ash 2.

I was horrified.

We had to skip over a third of it because I couldn't' watch.

I saw snakes biting penises in  disguise, and anacondas in a ball pit biting the host's arm with blood everywhere.

I saw people eating shit--literally--horse shit! And having to drink a beer to choke it down. All for two hundred bucks.

There was a trick on a trick where pubic hairs were glued to a face of one person to be a fake beard, who was supposed to be a political bomber, who was tricked because the taxi driver who was supposed to be the butt of the joke was in on the joke too. (above one penis, once the hair was shaved, on camera, was an inverted star/demonic tattoo. Their whole 'religion' of SRA revolves around sex and perverted sex and humiliation)

I saw a naked dwarf  'wee man' running naked through a conference room'

I made us skip over the part where someone had a hose up the butt.

There were times where people threw up over feces 'gags'. The or four people hurled after smelling shit in their 'jokes' filmed for the show. 

And never once was the Divine Feminine present or honored. They put ice down the stairs and broke the front door. They had a fake person go in bed with the mom, to fool the mom if she would accept his sexual advances. They even branded her son, and showed her the horrible infected mess, on what, as she had said, 'were cute butt cheeks and perfect' before--as she cried out in horror and dismay.

These are humiliation rituals.

Ever heard of hazing? That's what's in the photo--kids in Portugal undergoing a ritual to be accepted into a club/sorority/fraternity/school organization.

I noticed a weird 'vibe' in the movie, where the men 'bonded' over crazy ridiculous and painful experiences. 

This was more than 'boys being boys'.

This was professional actors, who are also members of secret cult organizations (Illuminati), doing humiliation rituals on the unsuspecting public, to 'bring it out into the open'. And to make money.

They lower the vibration  really far in those who watch it.

In SRA, every member is taught from an early age to 'trust no one'. And part of it is because deception, trickery and evil are thought to be 'strengths' in this subculture. And honesty and trust are 'weaknesses'.

So this movie is a calling card for those who made it, and you can see them laughing all the way to the bank.

Here is some more on their 'latest' maneuvers:

Here is an older thing, from the Wizard of Oz, to show you how movies are so much 'more' than 'entertainment' in these people's hands.

For those of you who are still with me, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being awake and pushing yourselves to learn.

You need to see it, to step away from it.

Otherwise it's never going to thaw--the Illusion, the frozen hearts, the cruelty to animals and each other.

One more thing.

This rock is from near Ridgecrest, California.

Ridgecrest is also near China Lake.

There is no lake in China Lake, it's a dry lake.

There is a big military base there.

I was nudged by Spirit on Tuesday night to research China Lake. Where is it? What does it look like? Who lives there?

It's a very poor area, with not many people, most are connected to the military.

Horrendous MK Ultra experiments and Monarch ones have been done in the bowels of that facility.

The next day, I saw someone close to me posted a photo from Ridgecrest area/Indian Wells hotel balcony.

My connection to this person is strong.

I called for healing to the whole thing. Anything and anyone having anything to do with the secret projects done on poor innocent children at that place. 

I didn't heal it myself, I called in my teams. 

I'm really glad it's done. 

THIS is what needs to come out in the open, for everyone to awaken. TRUE awake, as opposed to FAUX one.

Then we will be free.

WE can't move on as long as the suffering continues in secret, and that the perpetrators walk unscathed.

We can't go forward as long as we are lowering out vibrations by watching movies like Jack-Ash Two and allowing ourselves to resonate with them.

The Divine Feminine on this planet deserves better. Gaia is Feminine.   

Gaia has a right to be free.


This is Ireland. It's far, far away from China Lake.

The Illuminati are there too.

They are everywhere, even in space!

Have you heard of the Dark Side of the Moon?

That there is a base there? Shhhhh!

All secrets will come out.

Unfortunately there is no way to rush it.

I and my teams are diligently at work.

What can you do about it? In order to help?

Hold on to your hearts.

Keep your vibration UP.

This will speed up the thawing mechanism in the hearts which surround you--in everyone you meet.

High Vibration = direct aura to aura transmission of increased bandwidth from what 'one is accustomed to while one is deeply asleep' and there  is no way to stop it.

So hold on to your hearts, make sure they thaw gently--you can't rush this process in you either (there is no microwave for this! --he jokes)---and be diligent in your self-care and in your thoughts.

I want you to patrol your thoughts and to police them. (Like in the military if you have crumbs all over your uniform after a meal, the order is to 'police yourself' and to brush them off to get back to your inspection-formal-ready appearance you present to others).

Keep everything on the up and up (he gestures like' this high' with his hand at his head level--ed)...

And enjoy the show!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Illuminated Twin Flames