Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Las Brisas

Las Brisas is the name of a very fancy restaurant in Laguna Beach. My ex-husband took me there on one of our first dates. It was for my birthday. He put a lot of planning into it, and gave me my first cell phone as a birthday present.

I realized that in all our marriage, that was the most effort he put forth, was for that one date.

I haven't been there since. I'm glad the restaurant is still in business. It's high on a bluff over Laguna Beach...not too far a walk from why-land gallery.

For those of you who don't speak Spanish, Las Brisas means 'the breezes'.

Tonight I will speak to you about the 'winds of change', which, in my opinion, are as welcome and balmy as a tropical breeze.

For a moment, with the strong winds in Southern California, and the alert for the fire hazard sent out over our telephones...we will pause in reflection for those who are affected by the fires in this 'round' of blazes, and also, for those whose homes were affected in the last 'round' of them. Ross and I send you healing every day. We hope for the safety of all beings. Namaste.

The other day Ross said something to me that was profound, and striking.

He said, basically, 'you don't know a thing about Love, and I will teach you...'

I felt it in my bones, I sensed it, as his introduction to Galactic and Angelic Love. He was very intense, and earnest.

It also is logical. I'm incarnate and under the veil. He isn't. And up where he is, Love is really more than the romantic, family, friendship, camaraderie we have here...

I'm ready to learn.

My healings have changed considerably in the last week. I send healings to my patients during surgery. 

One was a teenager who had multiple health problems, mental, physical, chronic pain, drug seeking, and super morbid obesity. This was the child of a colleague of mine. It happened by 'accident' that this soul came to me. You know the 'random' workings of our guides, who 'coordinate' things behind the scenes? That kind of 'accident'.

Long story short, I hot-wired the chakras of this teen. 

The bottom three were shot. So out of whack I couldn't even cleanse and balance them back to 'normal'. Red, orange and yellow were a MESS, a total mess! I've never met a challenge I couldn't find a way through, and this was no exception. I just merged the three, put them into the new modified yellow chakra position, and gave it a big 'jump start'. Lots and lots of Reiki. 

I'm getting souls who just barely made it to 5D, but are going to have a hard time of it, so I'm working extra hard on them while they are under anesthesia and able to benefit from the Reiki.

Today, I had one, a special request, and when I went to give Reiki, something new happened. I just focused super intense on the third eye, held the head in my hands (I was adjusting airway so I was already there) and blessed through the third eye like I'd done this forever. It felt like the most natural thing in the world to do.

Next came a challenge.

This was the other patient who had complex issues, almost died in anesthesia, woke up slow, and was super high risk. There was a cloud of negative thinking in both the patient and the family member. Anesthesia and surgery was difficult, as I thought perhaps might happen...

Ross told me to bless this one, same as the first one.

I was like,! Not easy to do!

The energies were NOT natural, I knew the patient needed it, and I used effort to 'bless' the same as I did before, the same way. 

Both needed blessings.

One was lots easier--colleague, special request, someone I know.

The other--less easy.

It was a good lesson to learn for me. Building the spiritual muscles! 

Isn't this a cool sheep? It's all wooly. 

Try to visualize this--something with more form and texture--than a regular sheep when you think of those asleep, and start wanting to call them 'sheeple'.

They are not sheep or sheeple.

They are wonderful individual souls who are caught up perhaps a little 'too much' into the Illusion...from Stockholm syndrome to sympathizer...and all of it is okay.

They are going to wake up.

I have a series of arguments with videos I'd like to reach a conclusion...(I love Geometry, can you tell? LOL. Total mathematical  'proof'!)

First off is this--a little slanted--but makes an excellent point:

What these two are illustrating is what is called 'The Narrative'--the official story that we are told by 'society' or literally by saying 'society' we imply, 'Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart'  who 'run things behind the scenes'.

Here is another look at the origin of the 'official view' of the Narrative on Jesus.

( Please note--the important part is in the documentary clips within the video, and if the speaker's tone upsets you, turn off the volume, look at his summary, and turn it on when you see the documentary with the other dude. <3 Some of my students got really upset over this film. This is your disclaimer <3)

This one is twenty-six minutes well-invested. This video is the link between the beliefs of SRA (Those Who Don't Have Our Best Interest At Heart) and antiquity. 

It explains the pedophilia and the perverse sex.

It explains the hatred against Jesus, and in fact, proves beyond a doubt that he IS real. Why else would they say he was killed, beheaded, etc and is 'burning on excrement' in Hell if he didn't exist, right?

He was a threat to the status quo.

Just like Bob Marley. Please read the link from the CIA agent's deathbed confession which is linked to Bob's name.

This video is really hard to watch (the person talking is just low vibe/hard to listen to), however, Carolyn Limaco says that this gentleman says that the Rothschilds consider all of humanity to be 'livestock'.

Kerth Barker, in his books, says that 'Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart' consider themselves to be superior to us, and 'predators'--which explains the cannibalism.

In This video Richie from Boston and the Romanian follower are brilliant! Barium (Ba) plus Aluminum (Al) in chemtrails equals BaAl!

The plot thickens!

The truth will come out in the end.

We are so very close to our goal--the end of our mission--do not be concerned about negative outcomes. The very best help is at hand. And there's also one more reason.

The increasing vibrations which surround us--both of humanity and Earth itself.

Here are two examples of extremely rapid manifestation, the not-so-good, and the good.

Example A:  Surgeon is negative thinker. Surgeon did not pay taxes. The government is now foreclosing on the home.  (this is also an example of how the middle class is being 'squeezed out' and a physician is having a hard time making a living in today's economic environment.)

Example B:  Charlie wants to go to Big Sur. He's excited about the piece of jade he found there several years ago. He carried it with him in his pocket for days, and then took it on the tip up north. He's looking for a waterfall, and hikes. Once he's there, he's drawn to an outcropping of rocks. He sees one that is green. Just inches sticking up from the soil. He digs. It's a very large specimen of jade! There are times he's not sure he will succeed--he has no shovel, and he digs with his bare hands. He succeeds. He has a new fifty pound specimen of jade at home. He had to carry it back from the hike, it wasn't easy, but he did it.

As for me, I like food. I think I'm going to manifest it.

By the way, I wasn't sure if the Medical Medium was legit. You can tell someone by the company that keep, and his company is all celebrities. However, I tried what he says to do, just in case it works. I've been juicing for my thyroid, and I feel better. It's hard to explain. I haven't done all the remedies yet. The few I have done, are really nice. I'll try more.

Today wasn't the best day.

I had a day off.  There's a little lump on my arm I wanted removed. My friend the surgeon--not the one in Example A--was going to do it at my appointment. 

Yesterday a nurse reminded me her procedure is today, and she wanted my services. I said no problem I will come in for you. 

Well, my boss didn't want to wait, and offered me the rest of his lineup, which was with a slow person and ruined my appointment.

Luckily, my doctor is my friend. And she understood, and waited for me--one and one half hours late!

Her mom has blue fingers. She's not responsive. She's at the end end end stage of lung cancer, in Illinois, where her brother lives. He's taking care of their mom--who's in a facility near his house. 

The lady who helped me with my appointment (husband and wife are both my doctors, I saw him last week)--her mom died only days before my appointment. I heard from the surgeon that a family member was rude to the lady even before the funeral and it was totally inappropriate. 

When I heard about the rudeness I decided to make a grief bracelet for her, because I heard she was really shook up.

And spirit nudged me today to make two bracelets, one for my friend and doctor (surgeon) and for her office staff with the 'rude' experience. 

I dropped them off today. I gave one to the office lady, and explained to her, and asked her to give one to my friend/doc when her mom dies. It's angelite, I said, and it will help with the grieving process. 

I'll never forget the one tear that ran down her face as I gave her that. When I said, 'I heard someone was rude to you and I decided then and there to make you a bracelet to help'. It touched her. She didn't know how this could come out of the blue, and yet, it touched her heart where it was sore and helped her to find relief from this ache--all this was said by the tear. And the holding back, because it's a work day, and there's work to do, and it's so easy to fall apart with so recent a death.

After my appointment, Ross wanted me to go to the crystal shop. 

Charlie was there. He normally doesn't work those days. He's the one who knows crystals as much as Brandon the owner. 

They had just had a recent shipment. 

I didn't want to spend money, I just wanted to honor Ross and soak up the vibes.

Charlie showed me the interesting new crystals. He was right, the sulfur quartz IS detoxing! I took a small piece, a point. I found the rutilated quartz, a double point wand with a beautiful band of golden rutile. And then he showed me the citrine spheres. Wow! Everything I found--pink danburite, an enhydro (water inside the crystal), the sphere...helped to energize me. I had thrown myself into my new projects so 'full steam ahead!' with enthusiasm...that was energizing me...or so I thought.

My point is I am at a new level. I'm functioning in a higher capacity to teach and assist souls. 

So Ross' point is, I'm learning about Love in a whole new way.

This also needs new tools for me.

The way Charlie explained it, is if you get thirty acres of land, you're not going to be able to mow it with the lawnmower you use in your back yard. You need new equipment. 

Ross reassured me this is Divine Will, to never be afraid of getting the tools you need to do your earthly mission, and to take from the Divine as much as I love to 'give' of the Divine in my life's work as a healer to others.  

I had a hard time earlier today because I'm so frustrated with everyone 'up their' being so invisible! How they come and go. I told Ross yesterday the worst part about our current situation is I never know for sure how he is or when I will be to see him--I know I know I know he totally loves me--it's the long distance thing where I don't have any control or sense of 'normalcy' that's so hard on me while I am incarnate. He asked me what was the worst part. 

I'm a good trooper, and I'll keep on going without rocking the boat.

The crystals Ross sent really helped me to FEEL the more intense connection to Home. I suppose I also 'outgrew' the last ones I bought. I'm really growing with my soul by lots and lots...


Carla is very happy. Her heart is roaring like it has never done before. 

Everything is healthy, her body, her mind, her spirit, and also her attitude. Carla tell them about what transpired between you and your friend the lady surgeon today.

C:  She saw I have grey hair. I never thought she had any. She said hers is just like mine--white/silver. She has to go every four weeks to get it done.  I was so grateful. I told her I was thinking of going grey, and she said don't do it! She said she doesn't because if she lets herself look older she might start ACTING even older than she already is! I was so thrilled to hear this. From looking at some website, last week I realized even Brigitte Bardot and Kim Novak and all those 'hotties' from the past really are unrecognizable now. Especially Catherine Deneuve! I figured it was a 'one way street' and not to get too upset over the changes as I age. My friend has a good compromise. I feel better when I have my hair nice too. I'm so glad to have a friend Ross!

R: Do you think I worry about my grey hairs? (he pulls up some hairs and lets them fall slowly so you can see his 'grey'--ed)

(now he clears his throat--ed)

(I start to understand the aging process is something unique to here, its an 'experience' and part of the 'curriculum'--ed)

(he clears his throat again--ed)

I don't want anybody to miss out on any of their life lessons.

For Carla, the lesson on Beauty is to reinforce what she has always known, since she was a child, and that beauty is WITHIN. It always is. The pretty face can't take it with you where you are going...but the beautiful heart? It lives.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The couple