Thursday, December 14, 2017


Hello! I will keep this simple. Please be sure to read the blog post again, and again, until the concepts soak in and you fully understand them.

This is because just for today, simple will also be profound.

And there are lots of photos!

My son had an event on the schoolyard at daycare. The school called. He was in much pain. He didn't fall. But he seemed to have pulled something in his back. Unfortunately for him, I had just made my way to the front of the long line at the post office, and had many international packages which could not wait.  Between the packing, addressing, and post office I spent three hours yesterday making sure the contents of the bag I posted--with all the envelopes!--got sent on their way where they are meant to go.

He was in tears by the time I picked him up. I was concerned because basketball playoffs are this week.

His team needs him.

I was also concerned because the emergency room is thousands and thousands of dollars. It would have to wait overnight with no improvement for me to go take him at that price.

I remembered his dad and phoned him immediately. We went to see him, and he was able to do some tissue work to get our son out of his discomfort. He gave us a hand held massager to use.

This morning, we had to do the ibuprofen and the massager and the stretches. He couldn't lift or help with anything.

It's like this always happens when he's doing well in sports and taking it to the next level...

I was half hour late to work, sadly. In trouble and everything.

But on the way to work, I saw an image of my boy from behind and thought him, to see the third (solar plexus) chakra.

He's had incarnations with diabetes, is pre-diabetic in this one, and I've known it's his issue.

I never realized it could come from the back too.

This vision helped me to relax, to understand the situation, and also to expand my awareness...

There are certain souls incarnate (Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart) who have an even bigger problem with the solar plexus.

Nothing is ever enough for them--when it comes to money and power.

Their highest level in one form is a thirty-third degree.

Solar plexus to the max!

They understand our life cycle and have hijacked it.

They 'condition' us so that the parents are the ones to introduce 'socialization' to their children. This way the innocent children trust in what they are taught from day one.

They also understand our generations, and have, like an orthodontist making braces tighten, they have just the ability to 'adjust' the mindset of one generation a little farther along with their 'agenda' by the 'Narrative' than the generation before.

Furthermore, the goal is to eliminate this characteristic life cycle of Earth--the Divine Feminine triad of 'maid, mother, and crone' which supports life on the planet. At least for most mammals.

I saw this video about a twenty meter square house and it really resonated with me.

Physical health is linked to emotional health and mental health.

Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart KNOW this. And exploit it to our disadvantage.

The Industrial Revolution took us away from the land, away from our self-sufficiency, away from our community based way of life that didn't always need money, and away from our self-pride, self-respect, and autonomy of a life based on having a 'trade'.

It put us at the mercy of, for lack of a better term, 'the Robber Barons'.  The big corporations.

The introduction of 'labor saving devices' for women's work took away woman's role as equal to husband in helping the family. The 'spare time' for this generation was a plus, however, it was grooming the children in the future generation to be unhappy as 'housewife' and to seek the 'freedom' (read, 'yoke') of having to work outside the home.

Now it is expected of all women. It's not an option.

They even have an artificial womb...I saw a lamb in one on a video today. Take away the womb from women and you have something not human at all any more! It's what lies ahead for our daughters. I wonder how much to incubate in one will cost? And who will be allowed to reproduce?

It's like agenda sixty-six in Star Wars--when the robots take over and slaughter the people!

This is voluntary. It's fun and relaxing. There's GMO popcorn and high fructose corn syrup in the soda. There is all kinds of subliminal 'stuff' hidden in everything on the screen.

And people eat it up.

They PAY to go be 'entertained'!

I noticed now my brain craves 'information'--I need my phone to 'find things out' now, when there is downtime.  In the past I used to be able to sit with my thoughts.

What will follow this for the next generation? 5G?

This is what happens when those who are in power keep taking power...there's nothing left for everyone else!

Our society is reeling from the power being taken away from us.

Our bodies are wise. They have intelligence. And they try to alert us to this dreadful imbalance in the use of our creative abilities!  We get diabetes, stomach cancer, pancreas disorders, gallbladder conditions, GERD and kidney problems. 

Our bodies are telling us something is out of balance in a big way! We aren't designed for this lifestyle. It's not healthy.

Somehow, 'ego' and 'third chakra' are distorting the beautiful plan Gaia had at the start for her live in peace with other creatures, and to enjoy their time on earth.

If our society was aligned with Gaia, children's ability to create with art and play--would be encouraged during the entire lifespan. 

We ARE 'Creator' Beings!

The first years would teach in nature, and to connect with earth and others. Not mind-numbing facts!

Love, marriage, parenting would be spontaneous and without ceremony that puts families in debt. 

People would be a little nomadic, have few belongings, and be 'off the grid' more than they are 'on it'.

It is Gaia's prayer that this balance will one day be restored properly.

Today was hard.

Work was unimaginably hard--and didn't pay well. Two strikes down, really.

I hit a low point.

Ross and his teams sent me a sign.

I saw a beautiful scout ship with a long pointy end (like a slice of pizza)--a Pleiadian one! in the sky near my work.

I had been asking 'why don't you just come here and fix it? WHY do we have to do all this work by ourselves as a team?'

It gave me hope.

The other thing--out of the blue--was a holiday e-card from John Smallman.

Yes, Saul! His words sounded like it was for me, but it wasn't to 'dear Carla'--it thanked me for my kindness and generosity in the past. It wished me good spiritual things in 2018. It was a nativity card.

Chances are, it was an automatic thing he sent to everyone on his email list, and he didn't recognize the email address as I am forgotten; it doesn't matter, we sort of stopped interacting when I was like, 'I'm Mrs. Ross!' and hoping for a big hug that I , frankly, didn't get. It takes a lot for me to mention that to someone, and to have shared a past life with that soul--and to suffer because of the connection!--took a lot of healing on my part just to get moving with my heart again.

The card touched me.

I'm glad it was sent.

I'd like to think Ross whispered and nudged him to send it.

So I am glad.

Ross picked this one. It's Golden Healer Quartz.
He says two can play at that 'three' game!

He shows us his muscle--you know, how you bend the arm and flex the bicep.

Then he blows us a kiss.

It's time for bed.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Rain