Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Test

It's been a long three days.  On Monday I would have liked to stay home, but nobody who was free was willing to work for me so I could stay home.

Anthony woke up at one in the morning with a fever and diarrhea. And I had the fever too.

We are both very, very sleepy.

I stayed home with him today. Does he sleep in bed like I used to on my sick days when I was sick?


He plays video games which annoy me to no end. He says 'there's nothing else to do'.

Of course there's nothing else to do. You are totally brainwashed and addicted to the video games!  You could read a book (Read?! he says with disgust). You could work on a hobby. (Hobby!? he says with disgust).  You could go for a walk and get a little exercise (Walk!? he says with disgust).  You could help me with chores around the house...

You get the picture.

Today I made him go walk to the mailbox just to break the spell.

It was a good day, with my boy, and I love him.

Some days it's just like pushing a rock uphill.

Ironically, the title of this blog post is about an incidental gestalt about the whole reason we are here. It's taken me since Monday to find a way to even communicate about it.

Everywhere outside of Earth, in the Higher Realms at least, ego is unheard of.

It's something unique to here. The conditions of separation from source, the 'veil' of Illusion, which create the ego.

And it's not just the 'ego' ego--it's all this stuff both the conscious and the subconscious here, which I'm not trained and I don't understand but I 'get' that there's a lot more to it than meets the eye.

I propose that the study of what happens in a Lower Realms environment is absolutely fascinating to those who enjoy to study such things in the Higher Realms.

And beings --me and you and the others here--who like adventure 'signed up' to 'see what it is like'.

It had never been done. The Ascension of a planet and her people.  That is the lure.

And here we are.

Except, in my opinion, for the most part, the experience of being incarnate--again and again and again--has been ANYTHING but 'scientific' and 'academic'.

The only thing of value, of a personal nature, is to find out who you are when you are given an ego.

Do you stay true to the values you once had before you were incarnate? Do you keep your Consciousness up and work on it? Trying to get back home?

Or do you seek new lows?

As an analogy, when you are behind the wheel of a bumper car at an amusement park, how do you drive?

Do you play nice?

Or do you smash into things just because you can get away with it?


Here are some examples which turn my stomach on the Team who supports 'getting away with it':

Is it only for the Truthers on YouTube?

Or is it hidden in plain sight?

Here's a test for you to see how awake you are--our lunch today at a local Benihana.

It actually, ironically, was my first date, a double date, back in the 1980's--at this same place--and the first time I've been back. I know--Reiki, Teppan...who would have known? Right?

Back to the facility--'Japanese Restaurant'.

not sure what this is? 

(incidentally, while watching the Polar Express last night, the latitude for the North Pole is 66.33)

sorry for the glare--see next pic to get the face of the celebrity

What did I have for lunch? I had the scallops with the luncheon special. It was cooked by Michael, who had a Vietnamese last name. It was good. He actually dropped an egg on the floor during the egg 'roll'--spinning thing to entertain us. That's why there's 'floor' in some of the photos.

Give yourself time to go over the photos of the place, and if you are having trouble finding the 'waldo' that is hidden in plain sight, I will give hints.

One--Rocky Aoki --before he founded Benihana--was a member of the Olympic Wrestling team. A trained athlete in the 1950's.  Could he be MK Ultra? I don't know.

Two--Elvis Presley IS known to be MK Ultra/Monarch. Look at the soulless, sad eyes.

Three--Presidents are all hand-picked and belong to secret societies like Skull and Bones (W--see him without the glare?)

Are you ready?

Here's the 'waldo'--which is hidden in plain sight--What do white columns and checkerboard floors have to do with Japan?  

It is out of context for a Japanese restaurant!  I've been to many, and never seen them.

But, Benihana is a highly successful Japanese restaurant.

With Masonic ties.

There's the Waldo.

Yesterday Anthony shared with me a movie his dad once had him watch, called, 'Shaun of the Dead'.

It's a zombie apocalypse movie.

'The zombies are funny mom!' Anthony says.

I suppose they are. 

My point is that to the Awake, sometimes those who have taken various paths in the 'Test' of 'Ego and Consciousness' can seem like total zombies who will never wake up. 

But they aren't zombies.

They are bumper cars gone 'wild'.

And only through grace, mercy, and luck are they going to be able to get from 'where they are' to where they are going to be (Higher Realms)...fortunately those who accept the healing have all the time in the world to wake up. It's a can and not a must...but it is an eventuality.

The ones who refuse it--people who are even more 'into it' than Rihanna--take their freedom of will and choose to merge with the Galactic Central Sun when given the choice to heal or to merge. 

This merging process has been going on for I don't know, two and a half, three, three and a half years now. It's been a lot of souls, 24/7, into the incinerator...

It is coming to a close. 

This phase of the project to 'restart' the 'test'--and salvage everything that is salvageable--approaches.

A student asked me today, 'would you please tell me more what we were doing with the DNA upgrade project?'

It was an extension of one I had done earlier with my Divine Peace Healing teams. 

The first push on that project was linked to the Egyptian Spring. 

We did a second phase with that team, I forget what it did.

Spirit asked me to work  by starting a new team with our small group. We did it according to the letter, by the book. 

Technically, in our work, we were 'proxies' for those who are driving their bumper cars like maniacs and not wanting to get off the ride. This can be from the 'sleepwalking' to the more, um, 'deranged' souls that need to wake up. These are people who couldn't wake up on their own in this creation cycle.

We were conscious enough to be able to help them, with our free will. 

It's a technicality, a loophole that works to the favor of our teams who DO have our best interest at heart.

What Spirit said is that we are like 'sourdough'.

Each DNA upgrade was like a new batch of 'starter' for use by the Guides of Compassionate Healing.

The Guides of Compassionate Healing are the 'master bakers' and know what to do when given 'the sourdough starter'.

They have been working very hard across the planet, day and night, night and day, to 'make something of it'.

I hope this answers your question.

When I can smell the bread in the oven, I'll let you know. 

My guess is it is baking at this point.  My other guess is it will be worth the wait.

Today Anthony wanted to talk to Tim, and it was the appointment where I was able to take him.

Tim Braun is a medium.

He started me on this path.

Long time ago, he was a mentor to Ross and me, in another incarnation. Not sure where or how, exactly, but I recognized both the energy signature and the face, when I was at my lowest of lows.

I knew all I had to do was go to him and everything would be okay.

I went to his teacher, Anne Reith, PhD, and the rest is history.

The reason I promised Anthony a visit, is it came out that what my dad did to him, and why I had to be like a hawk and never let the two be alone--the social worker said--is that the inappropriate touching when he was little is affecting Anthony now.

It was a chance to make peace.

Dad came.

He was very pleasant, loving, and the closest he could get to an apology was 'he wished he'd spent more time with Anthony' at the end of his life, in his last days. 

He also said he will join us on a road trip. 

Please note that I had an archangel in every corner of the room, and Ross was protecting us too, since Anthony is so young and impressionable. I didn't just 'sit' for our 'sitting'.

What came through was good, accurate.

Someone on Anthony's dad's side of the family told him not to be angry and resentful at them, for they are 'doing the best they can'. (his grandparents moved to Arizona, and he's very mad over their abandoning him. It was the posting of a grand dog pic when they came back to sit for his uncle's dog--and didn't even make contact with him the human, that sent the poor boy over the edge).

Also the ghost cat came. It's one that haunts our house, and Anthony saw it once when he was little. Tim says that animals are unconditional love. They don't need to know you to show up. But it set the tone for Anthony's gifts being out in the open. Today was his first 'mystical experience' outside the home.

Dad says he misses me. He loved me very much. And he gives me two thumbs up.

What is weird is two things--examples how spirit can use technology to send messages. When we were turning our phone off, Siri said, 'You are entitled Anthony'.  None of us thought anything about it, but Tim made the connection when talking about other things in the session.

Also, 'Frogger' was used for an example. And at the orthodontist, in the waiting room, was an antique Frogger game we could play for free.

For me, just my dad, and also, a beloved pet, the corgi my sister named 'woof-woof' and the rest of the family called 'Chuck'. I have a picture of him I see every day, and also, his old dog bowl in my room to keep him close to me. That dog helped me so much when my marriage was falling apart. And when my heart was breaking because my family had a cat and I couldn't eat my holiday dinners in the house. He would always go under my chair, and when I had shorts on, I could feel his fur through the plastic straps on the bottom of the chair where I sat.  Tim said the dog was 'under my chair'. 

It was right.

What I knew, and that Tim and Anthony didn't, was that Ross had helped to coordinate everything that transpired for our highest good. 

Ross had a hand in it. He doesn't want to take credit, and he is waving his hand as in 'no, no, no' to me--because the spirits who showed up did so of their own free will. They aren't puppets, Ross says. Ross had an agenda, the spirits agreed it was of value, added their own input, and 'gave the performances' that were 'according to Tim'. 

Was it money well-spent?

I don't know.

It cost four hundred and thirty five dollars for two people for a fifty-minute hour with Tim, and a recording of the session.

Was the information accurate? Was it professional? Yes, absolutely.

Did it give me tips that were helpful? Yes.

Did it take away my problems for me, without my having to do the work? Not on your life.

I mention this because for me, I need a 'check up' with Tim about once a year to 'navigate' and 'set my course' on my life's journey. 

To be serious, and blunt, that hour I spent talking about eternal things, and my life goals, etc, was probably a lot like the Councils and stuff I do when I am asleep and my soul is back home. It is directly 'relative' to my being a better 'bumper car driver' and helps me to 'hit the ground running' in the Afterlife. Once it's my time to be 'there'.

For here?

It's super expensive. 

Tim makes more than any doctor I know, at least for an hour's work.  He says that some mediums charge SIX hundred dollars an hour. He said this three years ago when he was just one hundred seventy five and wondering to up his fee. I know that the medical medium is like, five hundred an hour. 

If it wasn't for the 'touching' issue, and the 'promise' to take Anthony to Tim when he asked--months ago, when this old memory came up--I would have saved the money. I figure I could bumble my way though life on my own and end up more or less in a straight line, right? That's how it was intended to be.

But my dad, once, taught me a valuable lesson. My new Honda Civic, in 1988, got a bad scrape on it. I did it. It was my fault. I just left it yucky.  But in medical school, in 1992, dad paid four hundred dollars for a friend to do the body work to make it nice. 

Dad was right. 

I was worth it. 

It made me feel so much better not to see that horrible reminder of my mistake. 

I just needed him to help me get to where I could understand it, his point, and he needed to pay for it for me to learn. 

Dad talked a little to Anthony about his brain working fast. And he needs to be more tolerant of people whose brains are slower than his, like at school, and to have patience. I 'get' dad was saying for Anthony to learn to be more tolerant...of people who have 'problems', too.  Like dad's.   

I think dad's lesson to Anthony was that we live in an imperfect world, with people who make choices that aren't the best. 

I think that's a widely applicable lesson too. 

Ross called himself 'the doctor' when he was alive, and he said he was sent to heal those who needed 'the doctor'.   Although he healed physical illnesses, I like to think of him as one who healed and continues to heal souls.  

Just like the ones who are crashing around on the bumper cars, thinking they are getting away with it because mom and dad are waiting outside and not seeming to pay attention. 

Little do they know that all rides end, and it's time to go on to the next experience.

My point is, that we are all under the illusion of the Veil. It was an experiment. There was no way anyone could predict how things would play out.

In many ways, the experiment got out of hand.

It's being cleaned up.

Have patience with yourself and others. 

I don't know when better things are on the way, but the solstice right now is as good as any for it to happen. For some reason these cycles within cycles mean so much more to those who study mystic things, including our loved ones on the Other Side. 

So, happy Solstice, happy Yule, happy Christmas , happy Chanukah, happy Kwanzaa, happy New Year, and I forget when Eid was--if it's not too late I'll wish a happy Eid too.

Ross wants me to remind you of one last thing. Someone sent me something, a FB message, I clicked, and I got a voice. Some pastor saying to trust only Jesus, the blood of Jesus, and then Mary, and so on and so on. I clicked everything shut and the voice continued to boom pastor stuff at me and wouldn't stop.

Part of me thought, 'hey! you're missing someone in your list of people in that family!' and was annoyed.

Part of me thought, 'oh! my computer!'

Part of me thought, 'it's THEM'-- if I was disappointed over the lack of a warm welcoming hug from Saul--I'm not even 'going there' with the thought of anything but spit and malice coming my way from the bible belt.  I don't even know what kind of bumper car these people drive, to be honest. I just know they are all in the 'right' car and 'their way' is the only way to drive it. And they have a little fish or a NOTW sticker on the back.

So many people have 'ego to the max'. 

There's really nothing to do but to forgive. They have no clue they are in on this experiment, and that they are behaving so badly. Back 'home' I supposed they are nice folks.

I'll leave it up to our Councils and guides to straighten things out.

In the meantime, I'll remain at my post, and give thanks to be under the radar, 'just for today'.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross (who is taking a break) and Carla (who is back after her break)
The Reiki Doc Couple