Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Upgrade

We Ascend.

As a planet with all the living beings upon it.

It is an incredible 'upgrade', the Universe has seen nothing like it.

All eyes are upon us, here, who are going through it at this time.

Many of you are 'experts' at this process--you have no concept of your experience and how you won against fierce competition to be incarnate at this time--in a helping position.

Everything has basically started. I've noticed a few things, and I am going to share them with you.

Whatever is going on is fooling Nature.

There is one tree on the main thoroughfare of our neighborhood that thinks it is Spring. It's in full bloom, with blossoms of white.

The same thing happened last year on a different street, one perhaps one month early.

This tree is TWO months early.

Is it the only one?

A fig tree at my house is bearing fruit.  It's December. This isn't supposed to happen until July.

The peppers in the back are growing too, they are summer fruit.

Well is it something in my town?

Not at all.

At work, one of these is blooming too. It blooms in April.

I kid you not when I say that things are 'up'.

Well what else have I noticed?

I recently had a repeat of a certain argument that used to happen a lot when Ross was alive with me the last time.

It went something like this:

Woman from village Ross and I lived in at the time:  Your husband gave my husband some business advice.

Me: Yes?

W:  He's spent all this money following your husband's advice and it's not paying out. How can I pay our bills?

Me:  My husband gave the advice. Your husband made the choice to take it. 

W:  Isn't there a little something you could do to help us out? Can you tell your friends?

Me:  My friends don't go for that sort of thing, honey... I don't know. He does things like this all the time with us too, and our bills barely get paid. I never know where the next meal is coming from, you know?

W:  I'm glad you understand. Thanks and I appreciate all you do.

Me: I'm glad to help. If my husband is right we will all be very rich. If he isn't well, we will take it from there and figure things out.

I recall Ross had a terrible time with money. Really, really bad. He didn't care about our future. He didn't care about anything but helping those he served. He got all these men to go along with him on his path.

I went with him once to India. It was incredible how without money, we were able to live comfortably. Somehow he was able to trade--goods and healing services. He was never attached to any item, and if someone wanted it, 'bam' there it was he gave it on the spot. He could work and work for a whole day, only not for money. 

He had this incredible charisma. And when he was alive, somehow, things always worked out.

It wasn't until he was passed that I knew what true hardship was...

Let's have a little chat.

We are here on Earth, in physical bodies, everyone more or less reading this is 'awake'.

We are by far the vast minority. We are surrounded by those who are under the spell of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. They are deeply asleep. Brainwashed is not a very nice way to say it, but let us say they are 'conditioned' to behave in ways that benefit Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart...

The core of the issue is money.  To give to Caesar what belongs to him. 

Everyone here needs it to live. I haven't figured out a way to live without it. Some go off the grid, that's close. 

Awake people don't have the same 'ambition' as those who are deeply invested into the system.

Furthermore, people who haven't sold their souls and actually 'joined' the ranks of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart will not prosper. 

They can't.

Only the ones who are the puppets where the unseen hand holds the strings become enormously rich.

What if...let's play a game of 'what if', shall we?

What if...the government/Illuminati took all our bank accounts--both retirement and savings--like they did when Greece or someplace was going bankrupt. 

What would happen to us? How would we live? After the first non-payment of the credit cards that would dry up, right?

How about another 'what if'?

What if the government collapses, and the currency we currently have is worthless? What if the incoming government gives us let's say, ten cents on every dollar we have, to convert to the new currency. Then what? Right?

Or how about this 'what if'?

What if something important, like transportation, or food, or even waste management/sewer, were to go out of business everywhere overnight with no alternative?

We would be stuck, hungry, and up to our noses in stench, wouldn't we?

Security is an Illusion, we are fortunate to wake up every day, and go about our lives with some semblance of 'normalcy' even though everything could change in a second, at any given time.

This is reality.

Our world isn't predictable.

Our thoughts manifest--if we think we are going to end up as street people--our worst fear--this will come to pass!

If I think of a rat, I catch one under the sink!

If I think of the trap, and thank it for protecting me--every day--it protects and the trap is empty.

The vibrations on Earth are so high at this time manifestation is very quick.

So watch what you think.

Remember the surgeon who is a negative thinker?  He didn't pay his taxes. Now his home is being foreclosed. And for other reasons, his twelve year old son is wanting to suicide.  This person is manifesting his worst nightmare!!! Even if it's a Life Lesson, keep your thoughts in times of crisis on the UP and UP!!!

So what about 'our neighbors'? Those in our lives who are soaking up the vibration of Conscious Awareness we are maintaining for ourselves?

They are starting to wake up.

Is it going to be pretty?

Not on your life.


Because we've had a slow wakeup, steady, over years, to help us see the lies and deception which surround us. It's old hat to us.

It's not to them.

Their entire sense of well-being is linked to the dollar, to security (doing what the Illuminati says to do --save, invest for a good retirement), to our government being able to 'look out for us' and 'do what is best'...and it's going to be shaken up.

Here is an example of how repetition by the Dark Hats is used to lull us into a sense of complacency that 'nothing unusual is happening'--but when it's all side by side, you see it's really unusual and doesn't make sense. (Warning--Call for an Uprising voice--you might not like him--the content itself isn't disturbing, it's family friendly)

Much as we would like to wake people up, we can't. And beside, as the 'conditioning' breaks apart at the seams, some 'newly awakened' might lash out, be mean and nasty, because everything they built their sense of 'security' around is being 'taken away' from them.

So--keep your vibration UP. 

Hold the space for them to awaken.

And answer questions when you are asked.

Don't explain anything without being asked to explain it first.


Oh what a day! Man! (he shakes his head from side to side with a smile--ed)

Carla woke up late and got her hair done!

It looks beautiful Carla. Do you enjoy it?

(yes Ross, thank you for noticing <3)

There isn't anything I have to say except to enjoy This Moment Now.

There are going to be a lot of them.

What about me and my non-money ways? (he's teasing a little I think?--ed)

Tell them what you have done.

C:  We started the giveaway for the negativity neutralizing bracelets with four. People had an overwhelming response. We wanted to help everyone.

R:  And HOW many helped?

C:  A LOT.  Actually I have sent out thirty Ross. 

R:  Thirty?

C:  Yes, thirty.

R:  Out of four?

C:  yes Ross, out of four. 

R:  And how many for the jingle bracelets? 

C:  Only eight, but I see there's lots of comments on YouTube to address. 

R:  Why are there only eight? it's a beautiful bracelet, and it's free?

C:  Actually, a lot of people are gifting them to others out of the eight. I had thought people would want them on their own, but they aren't.

R:  What is in common with both projects Carla?

C:  People are liking to give. The negativity neutralizing bracelet, people donate and pick someone to receive a bracelet. It's very energizing. And for the jingle one, more people are interested in having one to give to someone they know who could benefit from it. 

R:  What do you think?

C:  When the focus is on helping people, and money is out of the equation--as in selling--people are very supportive and even understand that international postage and shipping supplies and beading supplies aren't free.  And they are HAPPY to hear of the joy they have brought to someone else, when I share the enthusiastic response to the news of being chosen with the 'secret sponsor'. Being a secret sponsor feels really great. It's healing too. Very healing, almost more so than the bracelet recipient.

R:  Does everyone want to give?

C:  I think for the most part, people in general enjoy helping and giving and being kind and loving.

R:  Is it nurturing?

C:  yes.

R:  Is it warm?

C:  yes, and caring.

R:  Is there love?

C:  oh yes, Ross! lots and lots and lots of it.

R:  Is there compassion?

C:  Yes, extremely so. Some of the sponsors know which one to pick right away, they are deeply moved, almost to tears. And very few, ironically, have chosen the same people as others. It's like Spirit calls out to them to find the right ones.

R: (acts surprised--ed)  Isn't that something?!

C:  YOU have been helping to pick, haven't you? Just like you helped me?

R:  I and my teams, my love. I and my teams.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins