Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Having The Talk

I had an amazing day today. Woke up, got Anthony, and headed out together to Knott's Berry Farm.

The last time I was there, my sister Vanessa worked at a place called Argosy, and SHE knew a person who had test driven a Toyota, gotten one free ticket or two, I forget, and couldn't use it. 

Anthony was in a stroller.

That's how long ago it was. 

Again, last time, and this time, it was the holiday version of the park. The time before, everything was decorated, even the log ride.  Our photo we bought of us on the ride had a holiday border to it. This time, not so much. The Calico mine ride was decorated on the train and the waiting area.

I do have something fascinating to share. The mine ride and the log ride and I think one other ride are owned and operated by a separate company within the park. The Holbut company. And when I was on the log ride, I saw that name on a crate that was a decoration. 

Anthony's grandfather, on the paternal side, worked on that ride for like seven years in the sixties and seventies, and it was, in his opinion, 'the best job I ever had'. 

That's how I know.

Back to today, it was fun. Just plain fun. We rode a roller coaster called Jaguar, it was a 'four'. Very mellow. 

Then I asked Anthony if he wanted to ride Montezooma's revenge?

He was surprised! It was a 'five'.  A 'five' is an aggressive roller coaster, extreme thrill, not for the faint-of-heart.

I told him I had been on that ride the first day it opened, and it was one of my favorites. It slingshots the train of cars through a loop, then straight up, then it falls and goes through the loop backwards, goes straight up in reverse, then the ride comes back to a stop. 

He LOVED it. I did too.

But I can't take it, like I did when I was thirteen. It's a shame, really. I used to enjoy those rides so much. 

The funny thing is, someone called my name shortly after. We were by 'Accelerator' and it's REALLY scary. Anthony has been on it. I would never go. It was closed and I was looking at it in sheer horror.

It was my childhood friend Kimberly Newcomb.

She was THERE with me on that day the ride Montezooma's Revenge opened!! We used to hang out together with the same group of friends. She remembered it too! Today, I had the pleasure to meet her husband, daughter, and two grandsons, Ezra and Colin. 

She didn't recognize me at first, but she knows Anthony from Facebook. Then she saw me. 

The highlight of today was the Snoopy holiday Ice skating show.

The second highlight was having Anthony pick a geode and watching it get sawed into two pieces. There's a super nice fossil and gem store in the park. 

A third highlight was having boysenberry pie and boysenberry punch for a snack. You know, the name 'Knott's Berry Farm' is sold to Smucker's. They changed the recipe. If you look, it's all with high fructose corn syrup.  The Knott's Berry Farm at the grocery store actually isn't from Knott's Berry Farm any more. However, at the park, you can buy jellies and jams with a different label, that's the actual true recipe from the past. It's reasonably priced, too. 

Ghost town is awesome! Just like the old west. There's a jail where someone must see you on camera. Anthony asked the fake dummy in the jail cell how he got in there and how long? When can he come out. The man said, 'I didn't listen to my mom. I didn't stay in school. I've been here forty years'.

I was cracking up.

The man said, 'goodbye giggles!' to me when we left. 

We left at an early hour.

OH! I forgot! The wild chickens. When we had to give up ours, we let them loose at Knott's. There was an area by the picnic area is now, that had a lake and you could go for fifty cents. The park was eleven dollars. For our small family, we were poor, so we would take a picnic and go to the fifty cent part. They had cool wooden animals, a teeter totter (see-saw), and when mom was pregnant with Vanessa everyone would have a good time.

Goldie was a little Bantam.

I'll be darned but these chickens here sort of looked like her, kind of mixed up colors and shapes, but her, and some SOUNDED like her exactly. The little darker ones with attitude sounded like her. And the larger one had her color and her face. They were her great great great grandkids!

It made me glad.

This came up when I was just going for a walk at home to clear my head.

It started with, 'Ross, I have to thank you because I just need a strong shoulder in my life. I know technically I have five of them, but when you're sad, you just need one to focus and I feel closest to you.'

I told him how without spiritual help I don't know how I would keep it together--working, paying bills, planning for retirement, figuring out when or where to move...it's too complicated for me and it's not my strength!

I told him how I long to have a partner who can help me with these decisions...

That's when it came up.

Not the pain.

Just the old problem.

Whenever you are in a relationship, its never a perfect match, even with Twin Flames--when one or both are incarnate. 

Ross was always out there doing his own thing. He was so far advanced in spiritual matters he totally, totally, totally neglected the everyday, especially when it came to his relationship with me.

When we were a different set of twins incarnated --and I was the temple girl--it was a nice life. We advanced spiritually, were comfortable, and except for my being buried alive with him in his tomb so no one else could defile me and I could tend to him in his afterlife...it was a good life. I liked how we didn't have the crazy crowds in that life and I preferred it over the most recent one with all that madness...

He understood.

Galactics like Ross are never upset over a truth, when you are telling your feelings.

He actually asked me questions to help me get to put words on it.

He asked me, what would you like?

And in this question, I knew it's really ironic because I am subject to time, and he isn't. I had to find a middle ground.

I came up with three simple points.  I wanted to know if we have a place to live, and I can help pick it (in both of my marriages, the husbands had a home, and I moved into theirs). Ross reassured me we have one, and my HS gave the okay, so I will be happy once I'm there...and as an aside, we both--me and Ross--saw the painful scar I had from my two marriages in this incarnation over the place to live. It's a huge reason why I am having trouble figuring out where to go. Between school moves with training, and the marriage moves...I kind of like to stay put!

The second point was that a relationship has a natural growth to it, a daily interaction, ups and downs, which help the couple to get to know the little things. They decide together which way the relationship will go...when to retire, etc. It's a partnership through the life experience.

I wanted to know if Ross has a plan? And are we planning this together? 

With this one, we both saw clearly, the painful scars, from his being there for everyone in the world--except me, his anchor where he clearly felt secure enough to the point of wandering all over the world with his teachings! And my having to 'fend for myself'...for so long. 

The last part was I wanted to know his hopes and dreams, and my hopes and dreams, and how we would share our dreams with one another, and support each other--once time is gone and I'm on the same frequency as him--to move the relationship forward in a natural way?

There was never any blame on my part, and the pain was more of a memory than the kind of pain that feels just as painful when you bring it up. It's more of a 'that didn't work in the relationship' learning, and desire to improve and not make that same mistake again on either of our parts.

Ross was a little taken aback by my candor.

I think the part that really got to him, is how I was able to discuss the problem from a perspective which honors both my life experience here--under the veil and subject to time, in a human body--and his life experience there--with a light body in the realm of spirit--and find ways to work through our situation to make the best of it.

He hadn't expected that.

He knows me, he knows me well. He watches me and he sees the future. Everyone can where he is. It has to do with probabilities, and most likely outcomes, etc. It's not perfect. So a little thing like this can catch him off guard.

He's very confident, and doesn't get rattled, ever. And even with a totally unexpected thing like that, he always recovers well. And he does this FAST. It's almost imperceptible.

Ross has a habit of 'data gathering' while he's figuring out a way to respond. I've never met anyone like him in that way.

He asked me questions about what I want from him, and guided me along, for example, I can feel him--physically--and I KNOW he's there. But it's so much easier to know with my human ears, my human eyes, my human touch, and not my spirit ones. They are weaker. It takes more energy for me to use it. 

He was like, 'do you feel this?' and he hugged me.  I did, and I told him.

I told him I know without a doubt in my heart, he's there, and always with me. I even tried to shake him as my Twin, to ditch him forever, and I failed at that, I couldn't. Which is natural and makes sense given our stormy experiences...

I told him I'm so glad we are together now and I would never want to go back to the unknowing of 'us' again.

That's the kind of soul conversations we have when we are alone. I'm writing this because he asked me to write it when we finished our conversation. He wants you to get a feel for how things work between here and the other side.

His response to me, took me completely aback.

He was all business.

He looked me in the eye, pressed me on the arm. He said, 'I have a plan.'

I relaxed.  He had a plan for 'us', for our future. 

I already mentioned the part about the housing, his response.

And then he said, he is looking forward to our growing closer too. There isn't anything to hold our souls back from intimacy, even in the afterlife/what comes next whatever it is. 

This made me glad. 

He also said our future would be in the middle, not like either extreme--just us two and no crowds, or him away from me with the overwhelming crowds. 

This gave me hope.  He reassured me it is something 'doable' and there would be ample time for us to be alone. We aren't going to go that old way again.

Tonight's sunset was surreal.

We are talking bent clouds with vertical black stripes.

I commented to Anthony, with frustration, 'why do they keep barely cloaking those things? why don't they just uncloak them completely, once and for all, and let people get over it so we can get on with things????'

The sky out here hasn't been normal all day. Very hazy. Hard to breathe. Lots of chemtrails. Then the bizarre clouds. 

To be honest the only thing that is helping is counting the days when they finish.

The 'we are one day closer to Home!' countdown. I have no clue as to how many days it's going to be. 

I do know the full moon is building, and at the half moon today, the energies are really powerful. I'm looking forward to it.


It's time for my woman to get her 'beauty rest' and get some sleep.

(he clears his throat--ed)

(then he gestures with his hands palms curved, fingers outstretched, kind of like a position one would use to hold a hamburger, and moving on hand relative to the other back and forth--ed)

I'm trying to show you how the two worlds meet.

This is the purpose of my intention to share our private relationship issues with you.

(holds one finger up--ed)  It's not the topic or the subject per se, it's the willingness of both parties to abandon blame for past hurts (touches his chest--ed) and I've had my share of them too, in that relationship and even in this one with me here and her there, let me tell you. Carla is a pistol when she gets angry and all fired up. She let me have it! You can read about it in the blog here plenty a time.

But that's my woman, I like Spirit, and it makes the rough patches worth it to get near and observe the workings of her incredible mind and heart, especially as she is under the Illusion, of the veil, and coming to me.

It's breathtaking how she takes her stride, and consistently makes progress without realizing she is hitting the bar or exceeding it.  She has no clue.

When the average person is able to hold a conversation like this, and to hold on to their part, without the blame, without the denial, and with an open heart, THAT'S when yours truly--me and you and Carla and everyone else in our 'family' too--is going to be truly HOME in the Higher Realms.

These are the type of conversations all of you are having with your teams already every night when you are asleep.

This straightforward.

This direct.

And totally practical.

Once when you, in your incarnate 'waking' state --which is utterly false in that 'waking' is totally asleep/under the illusion of separation from source and Divine Creator, am I right?--are able to purport yourself and present yourself to us with all the candor and professionalism that you do when you are with us at night and outside of your bodies--then everybody and his brother will be well on their path to their Journey's return...to total and complete Ascension, a planet and her people--will be in the books! (for those of you who do not have English as a native language, this term 'in the books' is American slang for having a sports event be complete and now 'in the records'.)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
your friends and your guides
who just happen to be Twin Souls/Illuminated Twin Flames (which is an angelic term and has absolutely nothing to do with Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. They usurped the term 'Light' from us too. It's mutually exclusive--their term for it, their meaning--and ours up here 'on angels' wings')