Friday, December 29, 2017

Feeling The Overwhelming Love

Can you believe I only have twenty minutes to write this?  And I'm not stressed?

There has been a change for the better.

I'll try to explain it.

Last night, I made a deal with Anthony--I was tired and post call--and the deal was 'I'll cook you clean'. He greatly enjoyed his dinner of 'shit on a shingle'--ground turkey in gravy over mashed potatoes. We actually had courses, one of my mom's apples from her tree with some cheese from Beecher's as a starter. Then a LOT of salad, in the style of my nana--onion, tomato, romaine...and some radishes for me. Simple vinaigrette homemade. Then the main course. Anthony was adorable--mom? which one is the shit and which one is the shingle? We even had a paleo dessert...thawed frozen blueberries, fresh pomegranate, and mascarpone cream.  Oh, he tried to make it sound like it was the end of the world when it came to the dishes. I'd actually put each course into the dishwasher as I served. It was a lot of pots and pans, I'll admit. And he did the work. I thanked him.

His doing the work helped me so I could go to bed earlier. I folded sheets, and I put a load of laundry in the dryer while he worked. 

We were both working! And less of the burden was on me.

(now I have fifteen minutes)

Ross is helping me in tangible ways.

For example, I had bought a waxed cotton cord bracelet with a fleur de lys on it for my friend whose mom had just passed She trained in NOLA. So I figured it would be a good reminder for her. 

Ross said no. So I gave it to myself as a Christmas gift in my stocking.

I wore it all on Boxing day. It hurt like crazy. The glue had been stretchy. I had to go home and take scissors to it. Now it doesn't hurt. 

You see? The trust it builds between a couple when he does his part--helping me with the unseen.

He also has been taking steps to increase our intimacy to improve my psychological well-being.

He gave me a symbol for 'commitment'.

He calls me his woman, and says, 'I couldn't live without you'.

I have a sense of his love through this, and his intensity of his love in ways that make sense to me.

His love has never wavered since before I was born, this I know.

But the feeling of being here, under the veil, has been so lonely! Now the loneliness is starting to dissolve.

The other day he hinted to me to go to a Mexican place for dinner. I obeyed to drive that way. I've had a little too many tamales lately. Then he was more clear--go to the crystal store--which I did.

Amanda was there. She's moved to Northern California. She looked GOOD. Total earth mama vibe coming off her. I remember right when she left, she was anxious. I was glad to see her.

I was also glad to see that change can be good.

I will share with you a phrase which works like magic.

'This or something better'.

I've been really going up with the gratitude, saying 'Thank you for THIS or something better' and it's starting to work.

As a soul who has had much taken away, I tend to hold on to things. I want them to last forever. This is reasonable given the situation with Ross in our past life.

Through this practice I'm starting to SEE how 'this or something better' makes it OKAY to let go. It invites Spirit to enter a dance with you in your daily life.

This is exactly what is going on right now with Ross and me, just like on the dance floor, he has his steps (which are as good as backwards to mine for he is in Spirit), and I have mine. Together, we move across the dance floor to the glorious cosmic symphony of Life.

To be true, we are still learning--I'm learning!--he says he is too. And the results are good.

This brings us to the fundamental dilemma of duality.

Service to self?

Service to others?

Manifesting appears to be 'service to self'' doesn't it?

Do what thou wilt--and I want x and y and z.

Many people struggle to 'manifest'  material things, or romantic things, or spiritual things.

That's because they are still in that mode in their heads--of duality.

Think about it.

If you were a Lightworker, and wanting to help lots of people with your assignment, would you want to make money from your work--or stay under the radar and keep a day job too?


Carolyn Limaco is the next one to say, 'I'm not able to support myself, I will need to get a job. This full time research isn't paying out'.

Meline was like this last month.

Many people are trying Patreon with no success.

THIS is how censorship works! They go after the money. They choke you out, hoping you will stop your efforts. And THEY is 'Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart'.  That's how they roll. Embarrassment, shame, blackmail, infiltration...

This or something better is the key. It gets Spirit involved from the 'service to others' side of things.

It's like asking Spirit to dance out on the dance floor with you.

My time is up.

Which is a good thing because I ran out of pictures!

Ross will speak when I'm not late for work.  There's school break, I need to cook for A and me--he will miss me--then we drive to alternate childcare.

Ross wants me to write this.

I will still make my spiritual services available to empower Lightworkers, and to sustain them.

I have two huge successes:

  • My high school friend Shauna Reynolds saw my daily Reiki healings I send to my friends. She got curious. She took classes. Now she is a Reiki master and the newest member of TDWR. Wow!
  • I offered someone free bracelets for a year, just to help them out of crisis. I never imagined what change could happen in a year. It was like a hungry baby bird who fell out of the nest, this person NEEDED the energy in small doses to support them. I never gave it a second thought. They worked so well, this person, who has never been able to gain weight, did! To the point of needing to go up a little in the bracelet size, from five and a half inches, to like, six. I saw a photo, as this person thanked me for sending the latest ones. It was a selfie.  And I almost didn't recognize the energy any more. Life wasn't a bed of roses, but the anchor to Gaia was strong, the energy was flowing smooth and healthy, and there was a hint of being able to joke around a bit in a nice way in the energy. You don't crack jokes unless you are in a good space--healthy jokes. I'm still blown away by the results and very encouraged by this.

Ross wants our menu.

Here is a rough version.


Negativity reducing (clears the energy around the wearer) -- thirty dollars free shipping domestic USA

Grief support with pure angelite (I can make about ten then my one bead runs out) -- forty dollars, etc

Jingle blue -- ten dollars free shipping again domestic

Ross and Carla bracelet updated version--slow, steady support to the newly awakening -- fifty dollars

Second Chances --thirty dollars (pictures will come later)


Loving Embrace of Gaia -- makes a bubble of 5D around you that is impenetrable --  fifty

The Rose Petal Shield of blessings -- ten

The Ross Bondo Shield -- heals all your old hurts once and for all (with lessons it makes them less painful but still you need to do the work) -- one hundred

I hope to also show the donations on a running track sheet, so you may have complete transparency.  

My inventory of beading supplies has cost thousands, know we, Ross and I, are contributing to the cause bring these healing tools to you.

Request them if you like,, or PM me on FB at DWR.


clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple