Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Sifting Thoughts

We are entering a phase where truth is imminent.

A recent interaction with a group, EARTHzSCHOOL, made a very deep impression on me. I won't say the particulars, because it's not a 'who's right and who's wrong' lesson.

It's a 'this part of our culture is super important to me and I won't let this belief go' lesson.

I understand.

I feel the same way too about certain things. For example, Starbucks is a life-saver for me. Easy mornings, if I need to pick up a lunch for later, after school snacks.

When people tell me that Starbucks isn't 'holy' (read--linked to SRA) I sigh a deep sigh, and I know on some level they are right, and I'm at my wits end how to work around this much-needed and helpful part of my day. 

The workers there don't know it, clearly, they are nice and just trying to make a living.

I have a lot of trouble getting the pieces to 'fit'...yet all the same time, I know in my heart, the truth is that there's something 'funny' with that logo, and I can't put my finger on it.

I've been there.

I saw a movie on Bruce Lee before he made it big. Birth of the Dragon. On pay per view. There is a character named Wong Jack Man who fights him. He fights him to show him that limits can be exceeded. He says that technique is something limiting, and that style is a prison. (Even this movie was made by the professional wrestling empire--there's lots of stuff online about THAT industry/brand having 'connections' much in the same way as Starbucks--but I got something good out of it too.)

This is the message I am giving to you, it is important, you are NOT your beliefs. 

You are ETERNAL.

You are a soul having a life experience, and many of you if not all who read these words auditioned against many other souls, won the 'role' because of your experience and expertise, and even though it may seem like you are 'doing nothing' you are HERE to play a fundamental part of the Awakening process.  

No one could do this but you.

With the Awakening, a lot of what is hidden is going to come to the light. 

And whenever you get the urge to cover your ears, cover your eyes, and in anger scream at the person who is telling you the truth, 'YOU ARE NOT THE BOSS OF ME!'...remember, anything related to this society that is so important to you that you can't let it go, is a PRISON.   A prison of your beliefs/styles/techniques--and remember the words of Wong Jack Man, sifu and Kung Fu master--real Kung Fu comes from the soul...the soul must be in balance...and it is connected to the Life Force which is STRONGER than the force of death.

I've put religion into this analogy.

It's like ice cream.

There are many different flavors, all of them delicious.

There's no point to change someone who loves chocolate to switch to something else.

All of it is ice cream.

As long as it helps you be a better person, believe what you need to believe.

I have a feeling we are entering an era where a lot of people are going to be upset like a child who had their ice cream cone taken from them...even if it's to offer them a huge better dessert like an ice cream cake...as the truth comes out.

I'm different.

I'm wanting to learn how they MAKE ice cream.

Yesterday I watched a ninety minute lecture on Ancient Sumeria.  Link to video here

I watched it with interest.

What I like to do is look for patterns. And somehow, the takeaway after all this, was kind of like watching a Masons video...it has 'the answers' and yet it doesn't 'ring true' with the heart.

As an aside, I'm reading Michaels message book from Ron Head. And two super important points stuck with me so far. One is do not entertain the notion that beings are going to come whisk you off to  someplace and fix everything. We are here and we are becoming one with our Higher Selves. We aren't 'going anywhere'. The other thing, which is even more important, is that the HEART tells us what is true and what isn't. Not the mind. Discernment is HUGE!!! Hugely important!

So no matter what material you are taking in, always keep your Discern-o-meter active and ON.

Back to the video.

They wrote like this--cuneform. Only a handful of people can read it. There's some guy in the seventies who wrote a book called The Twelfth Planet. It's still in print.

They were a highly powerful civilization in what is modern day Iraq.  The ziggurat is being 'protected' by US Military right now.

The video says that there were 'gods'--human-like beings of great stature and longevity. For example, if this 'god/king' on the left were to stand up they would be like twelve feet tall next to the other humans.  Women were eight feet tall in this 'god' category.

The humans 'belonged' to the 'gods' and did their work for them.

One was En-Ki.

The video lays out the bible, and the Sumerian tale of 'how we came to be'...and there's similarities--Moses, Cain (Ka-In), the flood with Noah...

Then it shows advanced astronomical knowledge, and extraterrestrial, and Niburu 'stuff'.

They said that the Annunaki got tired of mining gold themselves and created a slave race which is us.

And that the 'gifts from the gods' --agriculture, etc. --are represented by a 'blip' in the graph of the consciousness of humanity (I guess it took millions of years to go from a hand axe to an arrowhead)...and civilization took off.

The author takes a practical point--how can hunter-gatherers take the time to 'switch' to agriculture? Wouldn't they starve?

That's when my Discern-O-Meter kicked in.

This dude was sounding like Cobra.

And like I've said, I'm not sure if he's to be trusted.

I noticed in the video the 'gods' wore horns on their helmets. And also, some kinds wore fish head like 'mitre' caps.

That's what's missing.

History as we know it, according to Kerth Barker, is a lie.

The REAL truth, the behind the scenes influence of 'influential parties' (SRA and Illuminati type organizations), is only included in the hidden libraries of the occult.

Apparently there is a lot that goes on 'in the shadows' to infiltrate and patiently set the stage for a coup, or a victory, or whatever.

From what I know about Ancient Sumeria, there's the whole thing about Baal/Esoteric teachings which are active today. All you have to do is watch a Super Bowl Halftime Show and you are watching a ritual just like the 'old days'--only they don't TELL you it's a ritual. And they harness all that attention (energy of people watching) for their intentions (for their 'god' of SRA). 

(Please don't get all upset over your ice cream flavor of Football when I mention what I did about the half time show--you can have your ice cream--I'm making a logical argument--not trying to convert you to Basketball flavor or Ballet flavor okay?)

The SRA people think they are the predators, superior, to the 'goyim' (average people who aren't in the club).  They worship a god with horns, a goat god. And many wear horns themselves. Or mitre hats.

This whole Nibiru, Anunaki, bible linked stuff is a little too 'cerebral' and not 'resonating with the heart'.

Especially about earth splitting in two and dropping an orbit.


THIS resonates!

Angelic beings were known in those days too!

Everyone on earth knows angels.

I saw a video yesterday that said even some dark ones in SRA have seen angels come to take the soul of the ones who were being sacrificed in their rituals. Kerth Barker has seen them too and has an excellent description in Angelic Defenders book.

Angels are real.

There is not a mention of a single angel in that Sumerian video.

I choose angels.

I also found a new thought, one to share, and that is, while you are on earth you can become anything you want.


Just like cats and dogs aren't on earth right now to explore their personalities. Cats are cats and dogs are dogs, and they are content just to be.

Mankind has the ability to start each day anew.

Mankind has music (so do the whales and I suppose the birds).

Mankind has art.

We are made in the likeness of a loving Creator God.

There is nothing to fear.

In my yoga video, they said, 'the unknown ahead of us is the only place where our true happiness is'.

That's right.

Yesterday I had hip pain, and I did a kundalini video to open my hips last night. I feel wonderful.

I feel so good I did a little yoga workout when I first woke up.

For my personal growth, I'm 'hunkering down'. I'm working very hard to get rid of the mess, the clutter. Every time I see it I feel like it says, 'I have given up'.  Yesterday I worked and now our living room looks normal. The decorations are down, the tree is out, Anthony's presents are put away and the pile from tax season last year which has been next to the stairs is GONE.

I have a normal bathroom now which used to have clutter on the countertop, and also, the bird's room is clean and I am able to maintain it with a little attention every week.

It takes all of my mental stamina to clear this stuff out. Isn't it ironic that I clean out my soul and my baggage willingly, without blinking an eye, and yet, inside my house, I have so little time and interest to 'tidy up' that things have gotten out of hand over Anthony's childhood?

It's true he is a higher priority. Now that he's older, it's time to make the house look nice again. Not for others. It's for the chi, the life force, to flow.

The medical medium is another one who, like the video on ancient Sumeria, I'm not sure what team he plays on.

On the one hand, I see he's helped lots of people. I'm glad for that.

And he's most likely correct about the EBV.

I tried his thyroid advice.

I found that the celery juice gave me horrible arthritis pain. I know it's supposed to relieve it but I've never had my joints hurt so bad.

And the celery got expensive!

So now, I do what I can to 'lighten things up' and 'eat clean', and do juice a little celery based vegetable drink when I can.

I can't do it first thing in the morning, fifteen minutes before I eat anything else.

If I led you to him, and it works for you, I'm elated!!!

And if I led you to him, and it's not working for you, well, come sit here next to me, and we'll talk.

This is how I see you.

When I am with you in an attunement, and we open our chakras, you look like this huge column of white light.

THIS is my medical 'philosophy'...I've had it for a long time:  high vibration in the aura is protective, and throws off 'germs' and 'invader attack'.  Higher vibrations are always the most healing...on every level, every 'body'--physical, mental, emotional, etheric...

The other part is that imbalance of the life force, once in place, for long time, manifests in the physical.

That's why medical care is needed in addition to energy healing. Once the physical is involved sometimes it 'takes more'.

And THAT'S why the Divine Healing Codes are such a blessing! They work with the energy and are extremely powerful. Sometimes they can 'undo' the physical, or at least hasten its course.

These techniques don't require a high-speed blender LOL.

Cleaning a juicer isn't fun.


I'm here to tell you my wife is on her way. Tomorrow she has her first professional mediumship/psychic client, a colleague from her work. She is praying to find the right office in which to do this. It must be a place near her work in a medical setting.

Carla also had a 'test' of sorts. She is planning a vacation with Anthony for his Spring Break.

Anthony accidentally booked the time a day early, ahead of her actual vacation time.

Carla had said, 'Friday is okay if it's after work, late at night'.

But there weren't any flights.

Carla knew this and told Anthony while he was looking and she was washing the dishes--Saturday we leave.

Anyone who knows a twelve year old boy with a computer looking for a flight isn't actively listening.

When Carla clicked for her trip, she asked me. She used  a pendulum. I said clearly, 'yes', for I knew the eventual outcome of things.

Carla didn't.

How did she howl! How did she curse with the F word, again and again and again once she found out Anthony had booked the departure for early morning on Friday!  She kept rocking and saying, 'I'm screwed, I'm screwed, oh my god I am screwed!'.

Carla could have cancelled. She had twenty-four hours free to do so. But Anthony looked and they were not able to find an affordable flight for the two of them leaving on Saturday.

It was either that or not go.

So she waited, as I told her not to interrupt the scheduler on a Sunday, and contacted her for the availability of internal coverage.

There was none. She had to see if she could coordinate external coverage with one of the per diem workers.

Carla had to scramble. Even on the way home Anthony and her were concerned about the trip. Everyone she had texted had said, 'no' or 'I will get back to you'.

Yet in the back of Carla's mind, she knew I had told her 'Go' and 'It would be okay'.

On impulse, she asked Anthony to check her email on her phone as they drove.

One man had said, 'YES!'.

The trip was on. It was confirmed.  (he blows on the tip of his finger like you blow on a gun--ed)

There's also a video I'd like you to watch. Capsule Hotel three minute video.  Could you live in something like this? Like a hive? Is this the future? Carla thinks it looks like a mausoleum. It's quiet like one too. Anthony thinks it's great and would love to try one.

Is this not a FEMA camp? With glitter and rainbows on it?

Time will tell! (I think he's sharing a secret of a truth that is going to come out--he's got a funny smile like he knows something--ed)

I can assure all of you the future is GOOD, there will be no FEMA camps--but it was a close call and all of you should be made aware of this.

And about Niburu?

Pshaw. Don't give it any more of your time.

All things will 'sort themselves out' eventually.

In your lifetime!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

P.S. I like my ice cream vanilla. In a cone. (huge smile--ed)