Thursday, January 4, 2018

Test Drive!

Today we are using a little different format in our communication to you.

Our message today will include transparency which is our goal for the future in all of our financial dealings with this work. Once Carla figures it out we will keep a running tally of what comes in and what goes out. This way you will see nothing is hidden.

In summary for the Ross bracelet project--the bracelet with the rhodonite and hematite which neutralizes negativity in the immediate vicinity of the wearer--at a rate of thirty dollars a bracelet, and an initial investment from the two of us, Ross and me--of four bracelets, we were able to send out thirty-six bracelets. The total in donations for this project was eight hundred thirty five dollars, which made the distribution of these bracelets to three different countries plus the US--possible. We sent to Germany, Canada, the UK for international mail. The expense was one thousand eighty dollars, and counting ours as donation too at the same rate, we had nine hundred sixty dollars contributed, so the difference was one hundred twenty dollars in the red, which is only four bracelet equivalents.

We bring this up because we want you to know that this work is not free. Carla has to pay for the supplies, as well as for the shipping materials to protect the bracelets, and for the postage to send them.

None of these factor in Carla's time--this is free.

The bracelets are still available for anyone who wishes to receive one, as this project is never 'closed'.

Now we would like to list our fantastic donors, for whom we are most grateful. For anonymity we will keep lists as initials of sorts.

Ross sponsored with Carla:

  • Su Sa Ke
  • Na SrPr
  • Lo Bu (who donated hers to another)
  • Ca Vo Hi

Mi Le sponsored:
  • Ep Or
Br S. Su sponsored:
  • Re La
Lo Bu sponsored:
  • Ba Sc Fa
  • Li Bu and friend Su (two bracelets)
Be Jo contributed and asked for nothing in return, with an unrestricted donation

Ca Ba sponsored:
  • De Pr

Ba Br sponsored:
  • An Ga

El Ki contributed with an unrestricted donation--I believe a bracelet was sent to say thank you, I forget

Ma Bo sponsored (she declined the one for herself and donated it):
  • Ma Lo Le
  • Na Ru

Jo Le and An La sponsored through extremely kind and generous donations:
  • Ma Lo Le to select the following four--Il No-Fl, Lo Ro, Lo Bu, and Ro Dr
  • Ja Te Ri
  • Re Ga
  • Ma Ni-Ge
  • Do Go
Ma An sponsored:
  • Ki Co
De La sponsored:
  • Vi Mo

Da Le-Do gave an unrestricted donation.

Ce McDo gave a generous unrestricted donation and offered it to pay for postage, which quickly was done for the international ones. Thank you!

Do Yo sponsored:
  • Jo Hi
  • De Ke (my selection with her extra funds)
  • An LaRo (again, based on need)

Ma Va-Va gave a generous unrestricted donation which was used for shipping materials and postage--envelopes and bubble wrap and tape I went through like water lol.

Ju Fa gave a generous unrestricted donation. Thank you.

There is much healing which was made possible through you, and we deeply appreciate all of the assistance to make this possible. 

Would you like to take a test drive after the warm up?

It's straight out of Wikipedia.  Hopefully this source is not biased.

A farmer found a stone with hieroglyphics on it, deep in the roots of a tree. Swedish Immigrant Olof Ohman found the runes which are purported to be from fourteenth century Swedish explorers, in Minnesota.

Kensington is the nearest town.

Experts have called it a hoax. 

This is an exercise in discernment for you.

You are free to look things up online. 

If you go to Snopes you will lose points in this lesson, as Snopes is 'compromised'.

Remember in the context, in the grand scheme of things, the same people who own mass media, entertainment, governments and justice--own everything on the internet which is big--Google, YouTube--and there is active censorship going on in these times on the internet.

Furthermore, it has been shared by someone who was raised by practitioners of SRA and left it--is an informer now for the world--that towns with the ending 'ton' to them are named in this way to signify to other SRA  that the town is under control by the SRA 'team'. 

There is no right or wrong.

This is an exercise. 

We want you to be able to 'read between the lines' and to take your discernment for a test drive.

We also want you to start asking yourself questions like, 'follow the money--who has to gain from this discovery?' and 'who has to lose by this discovery and would lie to cover it up?'

Have fun!

Ross says hello.

He's communicating with me what to write, but not actively speaking.

Number 1:  he smiles and waves again. A reader was like, 'is Ross dead or alive, what's the deal?' (translated to California-speak, as in , DUDE....)

Ross and I have been alive together for thousands of years, and I've seen him die in three separate times we were incarnated together. Once he was Melchizidek and I was his anonymous but favorite temple girl (I was just as well his wife, actually). I was buried alive with him in his tomb.  The second time, he was Gamaliel and I was Tabitha. He was much like Victor Lazlo in Casablanca. WE were Jewish slaves in the resistance. He saved my life, and sacrificed himself for me as we were being chased by guards. I never could recover or bury the body. I lost my ability to speak. In the last, Ross was murdered brutally which scarred me deeply, but I was able to bury him and follow our tradition. 

Ross is alive and well in the Spirit realm, On The Other Side.

I am a medium, and I am in communication with him almost at all times. He is my guardian angel in this incarnation for me as Carla too.

Number 2:  The grief bracelets

Here are the people we have sent them to, free of charge, as an outreach. Ross says remember, every time there is a 'fundraiser' project, we --Carla and I--meet or exceed this contribution somewhere else.
  • Vickey Rosendo. She wanted one for her nephew whose loss she has difficulty coming to terms with. She lives in Mexico, but asked for it to be sent to a sister in Brooklyn. We made one for the sister and one for her. It was lost. We--at her request--made duplicates as well as one for her husband, son, and daughter--and re-sent them signature confirmation to a different address in Brooklyn--sister in law. We have not heard from them. We are asking to make sure everything is okay.
  • Ca Vo Hi whose father just transitioned
  • Karla --whose mom just transitioned. She works in the office of Kelly and was given one extra to give to Kelly whose mom was in hospice and passed a week later. Kelly is holding on to her bracelet for dear life.
  • Caysen's family--Caysen is a triplet who died in his sleep at age twelve in mid December. He was special needs. Four bracelets were given, hand-delivered, to his parents and two brothers.
  • Ma Va-Va I believe requested one to help with the grieving of a beloved pet who died suddenly

Number 3:  The Jingle Bracelets

This one went quickly. I lost track. I had one hundred bells. I made them as requests came in. There are about twenty extra bells and lots of beads left over from this project. It was equal parts by mail to readers here, on FB and YouTube...and equal parts just given randomly to people who had interest in the one I was wearing. My hands were very sore after this project.

Number 4:  Ron Head

I'm reading both books on Amazon from Ron, to give him support and also to balance out the Kerth Barker reading which is heavy and dark (along with good angelic information too).  I'm on the Archangel Michael one, and next is It Rings True.

Please consider supporting people in the community who bring value to your growth/Awakening. Ron had a setback a while ago, I vaguely recall him asking for donations like to cover some expense that was unexpected.

Many people are in really tough financial times. The donor of the selenite has a husband who has been out of work for a long time, and they have four kids, one with special needs so she can't just go to a job someplace.  Ma Lo Le is also in tough times. I have sent materials for bracelet making overseas twice to help her support herself. There are also two holiday packages which are taking forever to arrive which Ross and I have sent. She has a son who lives with her. Her faith is strong, and she endures poverty which is really real. Another in Germany had to retire early, due to health, and the income is a small percentage of when she was working. Having enough to pay for heating oil is a struggle. Ross and I have helped with this a few times too.  Once we paid the rent for a widow whose husband was losing the house and not telling her about the financial troubles--just for one month for her to grieve. This was a long time ago the rent. We don't help strangers, because once we posted about the rent we were inundated with requests. We mention this because surely there are those in your community--either the face to face one or here--who are selling things to help support themselves. A small purchase, of a shield or a jewelry or a book--will help them considerably by giving them HOPE. 

Ross says to take care of your family first. Meet your own needs. And when a little extra comes in, perhaps think about sharing it, a little for you, and a little for those who are in need.

I know for myself, donations give renewed energy and excitement to create new projects--and the passion to carry them out to share with our readers.

We have one supporter, who I will keep anonymous--who has been giving at the extremely generous generous level--for a whole year. Every month. It keeps me going knowing I can do this work with some support. It has all gone for this work.  We thank you dear, and know just because you have given on a regular basis, it is never expected. Every month it is a beautiful and wonderful surprise. 

We also have supporters with our school, who pay tuition for both themselves and others.  Thank you.

clap! clap!

One last thing. Anthony texted me late last night, he was at his fathers. I sensed trouble. 
He said he was 'overexposed'.
He had accidentally/curiously watched Marilyn Manson, and was traumatized by 'whatever IT was'.
I told him it was evil.
I told him he was correct to call for us.
He asked me to send Reiki, which I did. He was surrounded by large dark blob beings of very low vibration. They didn't like me.
I also sent Michael and Ross to watch over him. 
I told him to watch Doc Vader or Bad Lipreading Star Wars to laugh.
Then to stop with the late night computer/phone stuff. 
He agreed.

Ross wants you to know when you are 'overexposed' to darkness in your Awakening, to call for him and Michael. He will help you. 

He also says for you to ground to Earth.

It will support you too.

And to drink a tall glass of water. This helps you to ground too when the emotions are unsettled.

Aloha and mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The couple