Thursday, January 11, 2018


There's been lots of movement since yesterday.

There's a new John Smallman which greatly resonates with me since I have been working on many things which are similar.

This Article on Holly Butcher 1990-2018 re-emphasizes why it is most important in our daily lives to appreciate both the connections with others and the earth. As a baby you are well aware of this importance. As we grow, and are more able to 'move things' and 'make things happen' in our Earthly life, it's not easy, and it takes much of our attention. But at the end, as Holly so wisely captures, those 'busy things' aren't the things that matter.  

I had another run in with my Higher Self yesterday.

At of all times, on my drive to work to go and do my first reading face to face away from the protective wings of Anne Reith, PhD, my teacher. I did lots of them in training. But not 'on my own shingle' away from the computer.

I saw her with Ross. Up. He kissed her.

I looked at them, puzzled.

He said, gently, 'this is YOU when you are not in your daily life'.

He pointed to her, and then he pointed to me.

I felt the connection, I knew it was true.

Part of me relaxed because I understood that a part of me was UP there always taking care of him; I thanked Her for this because now my earthly soul could know peace that Ross was loved and cared for in my absence. The thought of him being alone up there bothers me a great deal. He really needed me a lot when he was incarnate. He was the classic helpless male in the kitchen, and everywhere else in the home outside his workbench!

So I thanked Her. I understood we are both the same thing, only I can't remember.

Ross said actually up there, he's not as helpless as he was here, he can actually 'think up' a dinner or anything he needs, so that's one less reason for me to worry, although when I am with him he enjoys my caring for him very much.

Ross was SUPER happy I was talking with Her. And not being an angry, hissing cat spitting mad like I usually am. I've never seen a bigger smile on him, ever. Just beaming with joy.

Why do I get so angry?

Because of this:

I feel like she has 'one up' on me, some weird metaphysical shit that I don't understand. And it's just too close to home with the Illuminati for me to feel all cozy with Her. ESPECIALLY the thought of her being with Ross and me being here.

I told her I know better that she's not eating bon bons and sitting on a couch like Petunia Pig and smirking over my being stupid down here on Earth.

I gave her credit.

But I also asked her WHY am I in pieces? Why is this so because I don't like the feeling of being ias many spare parts. I want to be ONE whole thing and not to be split apart. My soul LONGS for this, just to be one, to get it all together, and to move on with my life because I asked her, 'what is the point for me having to be here in the first place?' and 'why can't I just be YOU here?'.

She and Ross said something like it's important that I come down here every day, that I forget everything from home, and I go about my daily life. (I feel like I'm blundering, practically walking into walls and furniture of the Spirit World to find my way through my journey).

They said something kind in tone but I didn't understand it.

Then Ross emphasized again, I am the only one for him. And my HS said if I wanted to sleep in Ross' arms tonight, she would send him!

She didn't seem like the man-stealer I had feared her to be, after all.

Immediately after talking with them, my attention was drawn--in the way Spirit wants you to see something--to a license plate that said ROYALTY2.



I shrugged it off.

Ain't no one like that anywhere I know.

I was conceived in Compton, and born and raised in North Long Beach.

I'm from the hood.


I had my first reading today.  With Arleen B.

I had risked my friendship with Kelly F, my surgeon friend, and gone to her for an embarrassing favor on Monday. I told her the situation. I see dead people. Someone wants a reading. I need a room with a door that closes and is quiet enough in case she cries. Everyone cries.

Kelly sublets her office from her husband's eye group. So she couldn't offer me one of hers.

But we brainstormed for places in the hospital. There was one room, near the end of the hall with radiology, which nobody even knew was there.

I went and looked. It was perfect. (Kelly says she's glad to be my friend and doesn't think I'm Looney Tunes too)

Well, on Wednesday, I brought Arleen, and there were paint buckets on a cart in an empty room! The chairs were stacked up. It looked like the painters were done for the night. So we started our reading.

At one point, after the mediumship (she was very pleased, and so was I, to have her loved ones show up)--the painters stuck their head in the door.

I don't know who was more surprised--them or us--to be honest. I told them we were having a meeting and it would be twenty minutes.

I pulled the rank of 'doctor'. They had to listen.

Then Arleen wanted a reading, and I did an Earth Magic one for her. It was a nice reading.

At twenty minutes we had wrapped up, and security came to the door, and they said, 'perfect timing!'.

I guess that means I have to find a new place.

Spirit says I need to have it always be in a place where they do exams. A medical setting.

I have an idea for another friend I can ask a favor. I don't do this every day, I don't expect to, but perhaps if he's in surgery often I can book a time when he's not using his office space. I want to have other people around when I work.

How did it feel? Yesterday?

REALLY GOOD. I have tools to help people, more than just Reiki, it's like a tool box or an arsenal of healing skills and I really like it.

Ross said, 'I have a gift for you' as I drove home.  He wanted me to go to the other crystal store, the one by my house, to see Charlie and let him know the reading went well. Charlie is the recipient of a pair of boodjie stones he really wanted but couldn't afford--which I bought with my first reading money.

I went, I was excited, and the workers--not Charlie, but Michael and I think Brenda--talked.

I saw a little Herkimer diamond for Arleen. Spirit nudges me and I know.

I found a wonderful Selenite wand, a flat transparent piece, not a chatoyant one. It made me think of Lisa and Bella and made me happy. I'm working on a gift for Bella's birthday, for her, and one for Lisa, as well as a project I've put off for months which Bella actually inspired.

There was a rhodochrosite ball with a heart in the pattern. It's in my collection of heart-shaped rocks now, really firing the love energy up.

Ross' gift I thought he was crazy. It's a beautiful Lemurian Twin crystal. Clear. Large.

But one of the twins is obviously male!

I kid you not there's a little extra crystal in a certain place!

There's no mistaking it's my husband whom I have loved for centuries and centuries and centuries.

I understand these twin crystals are me, my Higher Self, and him, all together as one 'unit' in Spirit, totally linked, and totally inseparable. There is no way to separate these two crystals! And the female one is all my energy, no matter where or what form it is in, in any incarnation. It's all ME. Even if this part can't remember.

Michael gave me a small discount because, as I said, 'I pay the rent for the crystal shop'.

I needed that high energy crystal to keep MY vibration going UP, UP, UP.

He gave me a pillow to display it and I politely thanked him. But I don't display my crystals.

As my HS told me, as I was falling asleep, she said to hold the crystal in my arms as if it was Home itself. My baby, my dream, my longing, of Home. I had a piece of it in my arms.

I slept well.

I've also been firing up the Yoga. I adore Kundalini yoga with Ana Brett and Ravi Singh.  Look up if you're interested.

I'm sore today, but happy.

I want to do this form of yoga every day.

I already stretched and did a small yoga workout. I know, right? ME?! LOL.

Every day is a new opportunity to change yourself for the better.

I feel compelled to call your attention to this article:

I've read Kerth Barker.  Everything he says in there is true. The SRA cannibals, especially the 'High Adept' ones -- feel that cannibalism is a way for the deceased to 'live on' in them.

People are tricked, trapped, told they are in quarantine. Their naked photos are taken and put into a catalogue for potential buyers. It's ridiculously expensive, and when one is needed, the buyer must purchase the whole human.  It's not like at the grocery store.

The victims are butchered in an examination room when the doctor comes from behind to examine the throat. One swift cut on the neck. With no warning.

If the meat is to be 'adrenalized' then the victim is tortured like crazy before the actual death.

The loved ones are sent about thirty thousand dollars in 'insurance money' over their lost loved one. In SRA circles, this supposedly makes the crime 'okay'.

Then when they eat, there are photos of the deceased on display.

This shit is REAL. It's not fiction. And those people who are members of this 'club' are clearly in SRA at the highest ranks.

Nobody donates their bodies or wills them to be eaten. And the only ones who would be close enough to death to consider it would be too sick to ingest. Young Healthy individuals don't just decide out of the blue to sell their bodies and die.

Every nuance of that article reeks of the philosophy of SRA. Service to self. No rules.

Some are concerned that SRA is coming out into the 'open'--the last phase where it's a viable religion and right before the New World Order 'hits'.

This is why your being here, and loving in all of your daily interactions, is most important.

From how I see it, these SRA 'High Adepts' aren't the only spiritually advanced beings on the planet. They may be 'low', but there is an equal or greater number of 'Angelic Adepts' here on Earth at this time too. And according to Creator, our collective Free Will has made the choice to Awaken.

Besides, so many of the dark ones have merged I'm pretty sure that most of them we see are just holograms anyway. It's like a video game, and the end story is being played out on the world stage. They will transition/stop being holograms in a way that makes sense to all and for the Highest Good.

The mergings continue.

So does the Tsunami of Love.

Divine Mother is incarnate and she's taking excellent care of us.

Mother Mary is also part of Divine Mother, in a past incarnation. And she REALLY looks like this. Her eyes are deep blue, and crinkle a little at the corners because she smiles so much. And her voice is so clear, beautiful, like little bells when she laughs! She is very loving, and loves every single one of US!

Go to Her for help when this Awakening thing gets to be too much for you to handle.

She's saved my life from an abusive marriage and got me into medical school.

If you're ever bored, and want to read something cool, try 'Medjugorje' by Wayne Weible.  He was a journalist and non-Christian, non-Catholic. He watched a video on Medjugorje for some article, and much to his surprise, Blessed Mother started to talk to him through the TV set.

One thing led to another, she wanted him to write the book. He did. And he converted too.

Here is a goldmine of videos for you.

I also had an important takeaway. Part of the EarthZSchool's member's 'reaction' and eventual leaving the group, was over 'witch hunts'.  This one was on the side of the witches.

After watching these videos, I 'get that' it's a valid point.

I asked my guides.

What I was told to do about it is to remember Spirit is 'experiential'. Saul was the worst abuser of Christians, but when he met Jesus, face to face, he converted, and became the most prolific of bible writers, Paul, and was martyred for Jesus. 

When these Christians, 'cast out' all sorts of things, they only see the dark witches, the dark occult, the SRA. So, I'm GLAD for their wanting to cast these things out!  

I can't blame them for not understanding the ways of angels. Or how telepathy is common in the higher realms. So is co-creation and manifestation. an aside...on the way home? I saw an even larger message. 'Royalty Trucking' on an enormous truck.

Royalty? I never see that word. Anywhere! Kind of makes me scratch my head...but back to the main point...we've got the right people on our side. Try not to worry when the SRA show their true agenda, their true selves. It's only temporary, and better things await.

And people can change--the bible thumpers--one face to face with The Man in the Robes and they will joyfully sing a different tune, just like Saul/Paul.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins (he holds his fingers up like our crystals--tight, next to each other, and then with a smile uses his other hand to cover his 'kissy bits'  part of the crystal-- lol)