Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Love, anger and hate--how Sports fits into Spiritualty

Think about it. At the game, your team is winning. Hurrah! Hurrah! You are elated. The other team is catching up. You love to hate that team, you love it! You love it! You are the fan : )

You buy everything, even your checks have a common theme in place. Your gives conversation, companionship, something to do, something to bond's fun. Not to mention a great excuse for drinking, gambling, and relaxing too.

What is this? What is this, I ask you? What is competition? Is it trying to do your best? The players do all the work. Do you take care of your body? And play a sport for your health?

Who does it benefit? The razor manufacturers, the beer companies, the auto industry? The NFL, the NBA and major league baseball?

Society conditions us at a young age with sports and recreation. And bubble gum card heroes to look up to. High school teams help mold young athletes. College sports are a big thing. And pro sports are like, Well, the Gods, are they not?

Everything has to do with your vibration, raising it, and lowering it. Sports tends to promote jealousy, anger, and hate. It goes with the territory. It lowers the vibration. It is Earthly, in the way of mankind. It is a whole way of looking at life. What was once striving to do your best becomes an obsession to an Olympic athlete. Their motive is to seek fortune and fame, is it not?

My father loved sports. He would read the paper, listen to the radio, watch the game on t.v., and talk to me while keeping every sport straight at the same time. He taught me how to throw a football, how to bat. I loved watching games with him. He never was extreme, but joining him let me see a side of him I liked so much. But when he did a sport, he brought us. Skiing. Golf. His heart was good.

What can you do to raise your vibration? Real sunshine for a bit. Salt water, either ocean or tub. Prayer. Meditation. Energy work. Nature. Animals. Exercise. Eating food choices that are good for you. Making love. Laughter. Doing something you enjoy.

How do you lower your vibration? By associating with jealousy, anger and hate. The choice is yours. Try not to get carried away with sports enough to head in that direction.


Reiki Doc