Saturday, January 7, 2012

Why Ferberizing Your Child is Un-Reiki

Children are born to us from Home. They were recently incarnated, and have the higher memories of Heaven, their Lives In Between, and their Past Lives.

When they come back, they are in small bodies that have very high surface area to volume ratio. They don't retain heat like we do.

They have a different hemoglobin than we do, hemoglobin F, that hangs onto oxygen more than ours. It takes a couple of months for them to get back to the hemoglobin that we have. Their circulation bypassed the lungs in utero, and at birth, got switched to one like ours. The switch, which is often automatic, can have hiccups here and there, sometimes leading to a 'wait and see', others to immediate cardiac surgery.

Sometimes when babies eat and throw up, it is due to something called 'pyloric stenosis'. The muscles at the exit of the stomach (the pylorus) hypertrophy. The surgeon looks for 'the olive sign'. The stenosis feels like a small black olive with the pit in it. That is the size of the exit of the stomach. Consequently, in surgery for this procedure, I see the stomachs of newborns. They are way smaller than a small egg. Maybe the size of one and a half JUMBO olives.

One of the things about babies and children in general, is that their metabolism is very fast. Much faster than ours. And their lungs are smaller. When I induce a general anesthetic, and for all children, they are general anesthetics, my patients stop breathing. In a grownup, who has been preoxygenated adequately, I have time to go down the hall and have a quick cup of coffee (I drink it black), before they get into trouble from not breathing. Not that I would ever actually DO anything like that, but as a teaching point in anesthesiology we all make that reference.

For an apneic infant after thirty seconds you would have to mask them back up to normal saturations again. You actually have about ten seconds to get that breathing tube in and get them hooked back up to a ventilator. This is not generally a problem. Anesthesiologists do this safely every day.

So, as a physician, a newborn is a creature whose physiology is just as different from yours as their size. They need MORE FUEL to keep them warm and growing, they needs MORE OXYGEN because the inner fire is burning so fast, and they have a FUEL TANK THE SIZE OF A SMART CAR when you are driving a big fat MACK TRUCK!

Ferberizing teaches 'self soothing' and the justification is 'you need sleep more than they do' and 'break them in'. Let them cry and adapt. Children are 'resilient'.

Physiologically, that is a bunch of crap. If you feed them every three or four hours during the day, how is that supposed to change at night? Do children know the difference between day and night in the womb?

Now lets add to it the energetic onlay. Yes, there is more to life than what we know and perceive with our senses! Here is a new entity on the planet, who A) needs reassurance there is love on this plane, B) may be having nightmares from memories of past lives, and C) can see angels but angels can't hold and feed them. The reason your breasts throb and your heart breaks when you let them cry is that these innocents with barely any brain function or development are asking for what their body demands, and their soul requests--your nurturing, warmth, and love. Your LIGHT. Your GRACE. Your COMMITMENT TO THEIR WELL-BEING.

When anyone is stressed to the extreme, their Life Force in the Aura WEAKENS. They are vulnerable to Negative Entities and Dark Entities that want to attach to the Aura. They are energetic parasites. Not only will they drain the life force of your baby, they will also make life more difficult for you, as they lead to health problems. Dark Entities actually TRY to cause as much pain and suffering in their 'host' as possible. They get their energy from suffering. (again, check on this subject).

And you Ferberizing parents out there want you sleep. They won't remember anyway. 

That's fine. It's your free will. But the Karma is going to be repaid back sooner or later. Sooner when you are locked up in a nursing home. Later when you reincarnate back as one of your family members.

Break the cycle. Listen to your heart. Be a source of Love and Light to EVERYONE, most certainly IN YOUR IMMEDIATE FAMILY. You are in this together for a reason. You have lessons to be learned. Try to make it pleasant.

My mother, who is Italian, says in the Old Country, babies who sleep all night are kind of dumb. The smart ones don't need that much sleep. Every time someone brags about their baby's sleeping through the night, we exchange a knowing glance between us as we nod politely to the new parent.

This article, shows proof that unfed babies left to cry kill brain cells in the process:

Mom was right. She also says cobwebs are good to stop bleeding, like we use bandaids here. And when she saw the snake skin shed, she said 'keep it in a jar, this is even better than cobwebs. People save these back home.' O.R. workers, have you ever heard of Tisseal, Co-Seal, Thrombin-soaked Gel Foam and all those other clotting agents? Hello! Those old wives back in Italy were one to something! LOL

Take care and know, if you Ferberized your child, you did not know any better. Now you do. Make life bearable for your child. Being alive here is rough enough as it is.


Reiki Doc