Thursday, January 26, 2012

On Socialization

"What kind of man would ask to see a baby, anyway?!" said the mother with the stroller to her mother (the grandmother) in the elevator at the mall. "I did this (gestures with hand like a karate chop into the distance) and gave him a dirty look."

Wow. The same lady who had opened the doors that were closing  by jumping across the elevator quickly was slamming some male admirer of her sleeping infant in a baby Bjorn on her chest. Quite the duality.

Today we are going to talk about what it takes to live in groups. "Live from your heart but don't forget to take your brain with you." Judgement. Only for survival, as an instinct.

What probably happened to the woman in both examples, is that her inuitive energy fields sensed something weird about the man that wanted to admire her baby. He could have been a pick-pocket, or a child molester, or a kidnapper. I doubt a sincere evolving being would have raised her warning signals. And for us, a mother and boy, two Reiki practitioners,  there was no visible or energetic discord to her bubble of safety.

Living in groups has a key thought that is a principle that determines how one interacts with others: the sense of reasonable ability to survive.  Carolyn Myss talks about this. "I will help someone to survive but not someone to surpass me." is very common thought. 

I was raised poor. The common thread I heard through my childhood was, 'our parents did better than their parents. We did better than our parents. We are raising you kids to be better than us financially.'  It was the hope of Mom and Dad for us to surpass them in every way. Even to be taller than Mom, who is 4' 11" and found this to be somewhat limiting in life.

They told us most American parents do not want their kids to even be as good as them.

And in raising us the way they did, they were priming us for success. I have a good education and career. My sister I wrote about lives in a well-to-do neighborhood and is involved in a big charity as a housewife. And my other sister jets around the globe with the 'in' crowd. She has partied with Britney Spears, met LMFAO, and been to the Playboy Mansion more than once. (I could not live her life, but she surpassed my 'Playboy Club member' parents in that respect.)

Where does the Reiki part come in? Already we have talked about energy fields and auras, and how they interact. We have talked about Intent, and its use in childraising. But now, I want to add the Collective Conscousness to the mix.

We are all connected. Energetically. In the highest sense, our thought patterns are 'catchy'. Ever been to a live sports game where the crowd is the extra man on the team? Ever notice how the winning side is louder and more vibrant than the losing one? And how fast it can switch with the momentum of the game?

Mob dynamics is an animalistic herding phenomenon that is present in the human species. Take a look at the sinking of the Italian Ship recently. Witnesses who survived said that 'women and children first' went out the window. People were pushing and shoving and walking on other people's faces in order to survive. The 'get free and live' mentality spread like wildfire, and all the socialization went out the window. There was an article by Mark Steyn about how the economy and the times are basically parallel to the dynamics of that crowd on the sinking ship.

I say, not so.

If there are enough Evolved Beings and Reiki Practitioners,  they can jack up the Collective Consciousness on purpose. I do it in the O.R. every day. And in the Labor and Delivery Room. Verbally, I am like, 'you can do it!' or 'yay!' to the surgeon. Energetically, I radiate Light, Peace, Calm and Harmony. It's 'catchy' and I do not enjoy surgeons/teamplayers in the O.R. being negative and hurting patient care. There are some patients who are so negative they trigger the Collective Consciousness and case outcome by themselves. That is harder to counter. But a room full of laughing spirits helps to cut that fear the most.

Fear? Or Love? That is the concept of duality. You get to choose. Follow your heart, but be sure to take your brain with you. You can control your reaction in a given situation. Reiki training and a daily meditation practice (even praying while in the car) help support this 'muscle' in Spirit in your core that can effect everyone around you, and thus, the World.


Reiki Doc