Monday, January 2, 2012

On Heaven, Disneyland, and Hoarders


Heaven is real. There are no glasses in Heaven. That is what a little boy said to his dad, after he had a near-death experience. His father made a famous Christian book. I read it. I couldn't get beyond the arguments and the mental explanations in the context of the Christian faith. I kept wondering how, if this father believed his son, he felt the need to justify himself so no one would think him a heathen, or crazy, or worse.

Heaven is a place where there is no hatred, jealousy, or anger. Its inhabitants look the same as you. There is no food, but there is shelter and you have your own home. There are periods of rest. But not like night and day as you know it. Everyone has assignments, and they work. A lot of it is helping in one way or another, for example, helping negotiators on Earth. Heaven is three feet up. That is all. Heaven is superimposed on our present reality, looks very much like it except some of the older landmarks are there also, and is slightly above it.

In Heaven, everyone is accepted, and loved. And everyone is with Bliss.

There is no Hell. People who have done awful things on Earth, if they are not immediately reincarnated, go to a holding place where they can work things out. They have racked up Karma, and will be expected to pay this back. Every one of us on Earth, at some point, has been a horrible person in one or more of their lifetimes. That is to get the full experience of being incarnated. And everyone, yes, everyone including the worst monster sociopath you could imagine, is going to have to pay every cent of their Karma back to the collective consciousness. 

Although waiting in line at The Magic Kingdom may seem like hell to some of you, it isn't. Disneyland is a very good place. Some of the precepts of Heaven are in action already. Everyone is welcome, regardless of color, or sexual orientation. Or size, for that matter. There are a lot of very heavy people walking about that park! The Disney experience promotes the imagination (manifestation), kindness, and love. Yesterday the clerk at the restaurant register gave my son a 'Honorary Citizen of Disneyland' button. Out of the blue. He said every cast member has the ability to give one out a day. And today, that boy was it.  Disneyland is a place built on the premise of happiness and safety for everyone.

Yes, they make a lot of money. Yes it is a business. Yes they are not perfect. They make mistakes.  But the principles, the purpose are closer to up There. Which brings me to our next topic: the Hoarder.

Disneyland makes their money on the byproduct of happiness--the happy memory. Every photo and souvenir, except for the shoes and clothing that is available just in case you are too wet from one of their rides, is about memories. Of making the feeling last. Of taking that memory with you. I bought several 2012 items, for having spent the first day of it with my son there is a very powerful gift. I want to remember...

People that live from the heart, for whatever reason, are sensitive to energies in their immediate environment. When I was five, I started to notice that the arrangement of the items on my dresser had a 'feel'. Placing the objects, for example, one was a glass St. Bernard dog that was about three inches tall, had a 'right feel' and a 'wrong feel' in various locations. 'Wrong' felt somewhat like brushing fur the wrong way, or chalk on a blackboard. Through my various traumas of youth, I inadvertently switched that switch 'on' and like radar, I 'sense' everything I encounter, instead of just using my eyes, ears, and mind first. They go together. 

Would not someone who is sensitive in the unseen channel, who has been through a LOT in their life, not want to make the heart connection open on a more regular basis with things that are safe? Like animals that radiate unconditional love and need it? Like toys that made our children happy? 

Would they not go by the adage, 'If it does not cry, it can wait' in running of their home, dropping physical/material needs when faced with emotional/spiritual ones? In time this becomes a defense that is quite obvious to everyone except the hoarder.

The fundamental problem here, is that we are spirits in physical bodies, on a physical plane, and we have to engage in the Here and Now whether it is our wish to or wish to avoid it at all costs.  The only way for a sensitive to have a strong foothold on the Earth, and all of its hectic ways, is to develop a strong core of inner knowing that is fed each day by grounding to the central core of Earth. That lets all the anxiety be absorbed, and quiets the mind so the heart can find its path on this Earth.

Unlike Disneyland, where the general purpose is to be a consumer, everyone on the Earth has a Plan for them that originated while in Heaven. A contract, if you will. A Life Contract. Everything you ever do or know or have met is related in some form to this agreement. In the hoarder, it is the garbage in the mind that is reflected on their Earthly realm, and until this is quieted and healed, no amount of TV show intervention is going to keep the clutter from ever coming back.

My mother, after a financial setback, began to hoard. The never-ending prosperity of Heaven is right outside of her, but she can't see it. There are many happy memories in that house, and decisions to be made that weren't. You cannot sit in that home except for a few places in the living room. The bedroom for guests is useable. As are the bathrooms and the old bedroom of my sister. But her bed, the one she slept in with father, is covered with little piles of stuff. Dad passed in that bed. She prefers the couch. No wonder.

Her gardens are beautiful and carefully kept. But inside, the temporary cure for her pain is now causing it. And through her work with the grandkids and her mother, she is not home enough to tend and care for them. The can only do the basics of food, clothing, and shelter. 

It is only natural for us to want to experience Heaven on Earth, while here in the physical plane. It is normal for us to want our Heavenly Home, to miss it. But Heaven sent us here for a Purpose, to experience ourselves in three-dimensional reality, to find En-Realment (see for an excellent resource on SoulShaping. He is definitely one of my SoulPod!), and be a Light on a Hill that is for others.

Enjoy your challenge in your day. You came on Earth because of it.


Reiki Doc