Thursday, January 19, 2012

Reiki Rumblings for The Economy

There is something deep inside of me I am trying to get out. A Truth, but not one of the mind. It is from the heart. It has to do with balances. Not of the checkbook or accounting register. But of the heart.

My heart has taken note of some things in the past month. They are starting to form a thought-picture. That is how Spirit communicates. Thought-pictures. Feeling-knowing. Just information that 'pops up' into your radar. 

I have asked for Reiki guidance so that the message I write will make the most benefit available to all.

Last night I did an epidural blood patch on a lady who had a high spinal during labor. There had been neurology consult and both a cranial and lumbar MRI. She is on the not-so-great insurance that is backed by the state. She got relief from her headache with the result of my intervention on her.

When I checked this morning, we talked, after I made sure everything was all right. She asked me "why the MRI?"

I said, "do you want to know the on the record reason or the off the record one?"

She wanted both. "The on the record reason is because of your symptoms there may have been grave neurological involvement and we had to check that none of this was happening to you. The off-the-record reason is that the neurologist did not want to come in, was probably busy with other things, and should have come in himself to look at you before having ordered this test. But the peace of mind is worth the additional expense of the copays. I know they are expensive, but it is worth it."

What she said next floored me, stammering, speechless. "I have (not-so-great insurance from the state) and I won't have any co-pays. I am not worried about the cost. I won't have to pay."

My God! Over two thousand dollars in radiology services without a penny paid to any of us. And no care over who is going to foot that two thousand dollar bill. This was her fourth child, all on the not-so-great insurance! Is there no regulation for this? For those who take advantage of the system and work it?

Why is it that I, her doctor, have to buy my own insurance policy for medical care that has such a high deductible the pharmacist can't believe it ($750 each family member), that does not cover MATERNITY, and she gets four kids for FREE? There ARE no private, non-group policies that cover MATERNITY. Anywhere without paying a small fortune. And the same is for the nurses too, who struggle to meet co-insurance monthly expenses, and deductibles.  Let us call that Problem Number One.

Problem Number One, from an energetic standpoint, is an Energy Vampire. Money is the mutual exchange of energy. Your service for mine. Your effort for mine. Even exchange. With the state to back her, there is no stopping this imbalance of time, effort, and service. Total energy suck. This is not a sustainable state.

Problem Number Two, EVERYONE IS WORKING LONG HOURS LIKE DOCTORS, even NON-DOCTORS! The head of the dealership runs his establishment lean. We were talking while I waited for my car. Total expenses are over half-million dollars a month, just to stay afloat with overhead. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, everyone works a twelve hour day. The only days off are Tuesday and Thursday. Half the crew gets one day off, the other gets the other. This is how he manages to stay in business. He does not resort to psychological scare tactics and tricks. It is a good, old-fashioned 'quality sells itself' place. 

Everyone I know is working these hours! My sister, with her internship for free in her psychology program. The swim teachers at the swim school didn't get MLK holiday off. It was a normal work day in the hospital. Companies are squeezing more and more time out of their workers. There is no leisure time! I live at my work. We are so short staffed (so everyone 'gets a big piece of the pie') that I have to work post-call. That is correct, starting another day after working a 24 hour shift with no relief. "you doctors need a union", the car guy said.

How does this look through Reiki eyes? Someone is benefitting from this. It is more than the economy. WHEN do we grow? When we look inward. When we have time to explore our individuality. When we have time to try new things, to work for our dreams. This has slowly and steadily been taking away by the advertisers and industrial complex. There are constant interruptions to our day, from the TV at the gas pump trying to get you to buy more of something at the snack shop, to blaring media on radio, the internet, and TV, to really intense working conditions. Our personal power is being taken away by survival.

It is very sad.

What can we do to change all this? Go camp out at City Hall and protest? No.

We can do five things to bring prosperity, abundance and sanity back to the Economy:

1) Connect to Nature and Connect to Source. The Universal Healing Energy of Reiki itself is the never-ending supply and abundance of time and resources. DON'T LET ANYTHING derail this process. It may come in mini-sessions a day, from a Sudoku to a stoplight. Let IT DREAM, let your soul awake. Connect. 

2) ACCEPT AND ASK for Divine Intervention. Your situation now is here and here for a reason. Ask to be shown the lesson. Think about what you would like your next situation to be, how to improve. Reflect on this. Every day. Take time to listen to the workings of your Heart.

3) Try to Keep Up with the Joneses is OUT. You are you and they are they. Do not compare. For everyone has their lessons. Keep yourself on your own Divine Work.

4) PLAY!  This is another source of Divine Light. Be happy. Laugh a little. Raise your vibration as high as you can. You will be more resilient to life's little challenges. And even the big ones. Daily self-Reiki is an excellent resource for this.

5) TAKE THE ENERGY OF MONEY AND LET IT GO. Try to look PAST it at the Energy you are exchanging itself. Try to take the Marketing thing out of the picture. Think about YOUR MONEY as YOUR ENERGY from YOUR WORK, and pass it wisely to the companies that you think BEST SERVE your Highest Ethics and Divine Calling. This is far beyond simple Quality and Service. What businesses do you want to perish from the earth? Pornography, gaming, and the way that fashion is commoditizing 'perfect image' come to mind for me. They are insanity, and should stop. Perhaps you think high calorie foods, for example, what Paula Deen promotes should be banished? Either way, find what you like BEST, support it, and know that good will follow. This goes for charity, too. Support what resonates with you. And do not be afraid to spend on it, for the Universe will provide.

At Church Summer Camp, I gave all my money to the charity collection on the last day. When it came time to ride the bus home, for a full five hours, I forgot to budget for lunch. I just sat there while the rest of the kids ate at Mc Donald's. Someone noticed. Like I had so many times before, I did not want to get attention, and said with a smile, "I am not hungry." But I was. My friends knew. And gave me money. I could pay them back whenever. I got a small cheeseburger and fries and water. It was enough. I gave to God, and God provided for me.

Remember this. It is now more than ever that this Faith is required in our work. And in our families.


Reiki Doc