Monday, January 2, 2012

Your Gift of Attention

This is an insight I got while watching Dick Clark's Rocking New Year's Eve with friends. We were in the family room, and all eyes were glued to the screen. In New York, all eyes were focused on Lady Gaga. She is the most highly paid performer on the planet. Why? Because she captures our imagination. She commands it. With her talent, with her art, with her costs,es, and with her ability to define the times and capture the essence of What Is Now.

Lady Gaga has the ability to manifest for herself great accomplishments. She has put in the time and effort. without a doubt she is a smart businesses woman. Now let's look at this with Reiki Eyes.

New Year is a natural break, a time of the Janus, that mythical creature who is looking both forward and back. It is a time of great introspection,yes?

Where are our answers? Where are our solutions? They are within.

Each of us has the ability to create our own life.

Let me say that one more time: each of us has the ability to create our own life.
It flows from your thoughts. You think good thoughts, guess what? Good things happen! You think self-limiting thoughts? Guess what? Outcome suboptimal.

Before you start feeling guilty, it is hard to get past the family of origin without picking up some tribal beliefs. That is to say, the unwritten laws of the family. For example, my father thought 'poverty'. My mother did not. I was in between. But when I married, his family taught me 'you save and it builds up.' by the end of our marriage, on our meager grad student salaries, we had amassed over twenty-five thousand dollars! Just like that.

A good resource for working through such issues is . Christel worked on me once. Was a little too blunt for my taste. But as a former ER RN from New York, she has a lot to offer as she is psychic too. A natural healer. Check her out.

So here is what I saw right before midnight: I saw the creative forces of millions of people, including those in my own home, being dulled by alcohol and taken away by the Big Event and The Cool Happening. It is okay, if you know it while you are giving that power up for the moment. But I saw the conditioning of the people. The unknowing to their creative power. I saw people out of touch with themselves to the benefit of the media and the merchandisers.

Jenny Mc Carthy is astute. She had the cajones to say on international T.V., "if the Mayan calendar is correct, we better have a really good time tonight!" the only spiritual insight came from a Playboy centerfold model! And a comedienne. Comediennes usually don't let life escape them. lol.

Own your dreams. Cherish them. Go with the flow, and trust you have the ability to make them come true. And if you start thinking 'I don't deserve it' go talk to Christel. Tell them I sent you. ; )


Reiki Doc