Monday, January 16, 2012

Finding Wholeness At Whole Foods

It was a busy day during my fellowship. I had stopped at a local Whole Foods Market to grab some lunch. It was busy, and I had to share a table outside to eat.

A worker from the store came out and sat with me. I was a little embarrassed by her beachy good looks. I am like, no makeup or anything in my scrubs. But we talk.

She had had a terrible closed head injury. She has siezures and can't drive. She talks about her life before the accident, and after. How she is lucky to be alive. But she is slower now. And how very hard it is to find friends. They have to drive her everywhere, and people get tired of that.

"So where do you live and how do you get to work?" I asked.

Right down the block. Her parents got her an apartment close to work. That is her life.

"I am a better person now than I was before the accident." she discloses. "Before I was stuck up, mean, and made fun of people. I was very very popular. I don't have to be like that now. I can't. I wouldn't trade it for the world. I have to go. Time is up for lunch."

I walked away a better person for that chance meeting. But for the grace of God goes I, I thought.  She was young and in her  twenties. Although I never had the chance to tell her, I had neurosurgery in my twenties too. For a very minor problem. But still, I had it in order to have children. My pituitary was with tumor. My life changed after that surgery too. My face is numb. And my mind is slower. I used to be able to learn so quickly.  By medical school, for I went back after the surgery, I had to study much harder than I ever did for Engineering.  I always felt sad because of this. I never spoke of it to anyone. But now, I realized how lucky I am, to have lived through what I have lived through. 

Sometimes I think that girl was an angel, sent to me to hear just what I needed to know in order to get on with my life.

Angels are on the Earth, you know. They don't have wings. They look like you and me. The  only way you know who they are is by their humility. Their helpfulness. And their Light.

Take care, and have a nice day. You never know, you may interact with an Earth Angel today.


Reiki Doc