Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Reiki Hands

That is how you heal when you use Reiki as a healing technique.

Once you are attuned to Reiki Energy (be coareful, as this is best done in person, although there are Reiki Maasters who have made videos and internet sites that claim to do this), the hands are activated.

The Universal Light Forcre Energy can now flow through you, coming in through the top of your head, and tingles down your arms to your hands. There is intelligence to that Light, and knowing. When you use your Reiki Hands in a healing, the first part is to open their aura and scan it. There are fluctuations in the energy body, especially the chakras, in disease. I can pick up on it. And now when I pick up on a deficiency, there is added information given, like a picture that flashes in my mind, or a knowing, that helps to show the life situation that led to the imbalance there.


This is the name for a crystal structure that creates electrical energy when paressure is applied to it. Conversely, when electricity is applied to it, the crystal vibrates. Is this some New Age philosophy?

No. Just basic science.

For example, a Wintergreen Lifesaver, when crunched in the dark on a cold winter night, outside, will make sparks. A Wintergreen Lifesaver Candy is piezoelectric.

Dolphins and toothed whales have melons on their head. This is an area of the body that allows for focused echolocation sound waves to generate. This helps them get a look at their prey. There is suscpision that the reason dolphins help swimmers in trouble, especially those in trouble with sharks, is that the sonar pattern of a human has similar heart and lungs and ribs pattern to a dolphin. So the dolphins, when they use their sonar, make it from the melon. The sound waves bounce off the objects in front of them, and are heard in the jawbone. The dolphin brian makes the picture from the sound reflected back.

Bats do this too. To find bugs when they feed at night.

People have developed the field of echocardiography and ultrasound. This permits us to see before committing to the knife if the trauma patient's spleen is ruptured, the liver is fractured, or there is free fluid in the abdomen indicating need for exploratory laparotomy. We see kidney shape and therefore function. Even a small device is used to see how much pee is in the bladder, for if it is overdistended a foley catheter needs to be inserted. Ultrasound is used to place large venous access lines, in obstetrics, and for the heart. What was once almost scientce fiction in the 1980's is now state of the art patient care with echo societies and conferences and research.

Although the hands are not crystalline in Reiki, and there is no pressure, they are scanners and emitters of Light, the Universal Healing Light. Anyone can do it. There are no machines. I wonder how the field of medicine will change for the better once Reiki is on board with the practitioners?

It looks promising. And the patients shall benefit from it, too.


Reiki Doc