Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Leaving Las Vegas

The first time I went I was eight. I was not impressed. All children had to stand on a rug that was the size of a hallway, and not allowed into a casino. Sure there were places with video games where parents could check in their kids. But it seemed to me like they were dumping them there so they could gamble. The only money I spent, and it was lots of it, was for the poor hungry chickens that were inside the games that ddi a trick. I didn't care about the trick. I saw how alone they were, and starving when they ate! The only good thing about Las Vegas was the pineapple shakes at Mc Donald's. And the desert sky.

As I grew up I could take it or leave it. I didn't get the excitement people talked about when I won. I couldn't understand it. I grew up playing craps and blackjack as a kid. Never for money. For chips. Gambling was strange.

After my first love, my college sweetheart and I split up, I wanted nothing to do with a big church wedding again. And annulment. That was worse than the divorce. Mom loves Las Vegas, and she and dad eloped. So for round two, I did that. Anniversaries were there. But I went for the luck in love, not Lady Luck in gambling. That failed too.

My sons' daddy is an entirely different person from my exes. He loves Las Vegas! Took me there when I was starting to think I might be pregnant. Partying isn't good when you think "there is a bun in the oven". I had more fun with him than anyone else. Until at the noodle shop he had the conversation, where is this relationship going, anyways.

In my history, you can see I don't like it, I avoid it, but when I must, I go. Husband and I enjoyed Lake Las Vegas once. And the Four Seasons was great for a friends' wedding.

But I have to share a secret. Because of Reiki and my spiritual work, I can't go. A friend is having a special birthday. (my family too me there for one. Saw Sigfried and Roy. I felt like my birthday was their excuse to do what they wanted, but it was expensive, so I was appreciative.)

Why am I sending a bouquet to the VIP suite instead of going?

It is uncomfortable to my vibration.

What? Does that make any sense?

Absolutely. We have our own vibration. There is a name one, a personality one, I can feel/hear. It is the one I tap into when I do mediumship. I know who is who without looking. I can feel it energetically, the signature of who they are. Just like mama whale has a squeak that is a name for its calf.

In addition, there is how vibrant we are at this signature. Do you vibrate at high frequency? Or it is low? Vegetarian, meditation, crystals, , making love, Nature, massage raise it. Guess what? Gambling,drinking, drugs, loud music, and hanging out with others with low vibration lower it. An aura, or human energetic system, is weakened and vulnerable to negative entities and dark entities (parasites, energetically) at this time. I have gold mesh protection. But even with that, I can have attachments if I invite them. I think four days of marijuana, getting drunk, sleeping on the floor, or with whoever I pick up, is going to make me uncomfortable and at risk for catching an entity I don't want.

So I am staying home. And spending one hundred thirty dollars on flowers that the VIP concierge made me feel cheap and promised to make my friend 'be blown away' at the same time.

What is this love of money? I don't get it. No pampering for me. No bling. It feels icky for me.


Reiki Doc