Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Reiki and My Sister

My sister is not a spiritual person. But she is a Christian one. She went to different churches with friends and family. She is very aware of the worldly things. When we were kids, her goal was to be 'rich and famous'. 

We didn't always get along. Of course we loved each other. But there was jealousy, anger, and pride on both sides. Our parents were trying to get us to get along. But we were night and day.

She had her first serious health risk in high school. I was worried about her. A lot. We all were. It took a while to get her better, but it worked. She went on to marriage and a family. I admire her for her courage to stay at home and raise the kids.

But then serious health problems returned. Not just for her, but also for a child. Probably the most serious illness we have seen. I was there a lot, helping. Intermediating between the medical staff, the parents, and the child. There was a miraculous recovery, but we were always waiting for the other shoe to drop. About ten years later, it did.

In that time, not only did my sister become very capable of dealing with insurance, forms, and doctor's offices, she began to tap into alternative treatments. Acupuncture. Nutrition. Faith. We have cousins who are very religious, and they stepped in as they could.

I knew for the second child she would have complications and a c-section. But psychically, I did not know much else until I did Reiki on her.

I came out to them last year. In the Spring. My sister was open, and had me treat her daughter and herself. She really liked it. Her husband and son, not so interested. While I did Reiki on her, I saw her past life flash by. She was a wealthy Roman who died in Pompeii. I saw her running around, panicked, as the town dies around her. My heart was full of compassion. No wonder the need for earthly riches and control and safety. Both of them liked the chakra balancing because they could see the pendulum swing before and after treatment.

For Mother's Day, I gave my sister and my mother gift certificates to a medium I enjoy working with. Mom was right on it, but was unhappy. She got her unanswered questions answered about dad, but the guy said she was going to die soon. She hadn't even asked!

It wasn't until December or November my sister went. And guess what? She LOVED IT! She came back later with her daughter. 

So I gave my other sister my last gift certificate. My first sister had agreed to go with her if she wanted to go. She has had many financial problems in her field of work, due to the economy, and hangs out with the elite of the area. I smile when I think that out of the four sessions I had pre-purchased, I only used one for me.

I wasn't sure if he would honor it, as it expires 12/31/11. But he did. My sister who is very un-spiritual and un-religious loved it too.

I felt I helped Dad reach out to his family. I feel peace.

I also offered to teach my sister Reiki. The only other family member I have taught is my son.
We'll see how she does with that! I'll keep you posted.

Miracles happen every day. But only when you let go of the outcome.


Reiki Doc