Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Guest Speaker from a School Near Where Movies are Made

They're heeeere! Just like in the movie, Poltergeist, Reiki Doc announces that Intuitive Medicine is going mainstream.

Dr. Oz has been raising the awareness of the public.

Now another M.D.-Intuitive is going on the lecture circuit for a Medical Association. I have one of the books on CD by this author. The title of the talk is very toned down, 'how to use your intuition more in your practice'.

How do I feel about this? Kind of relieved, really. I have been holding my breath for months, wondering who would do this work. I am the most Type B out of my whole class of medical students while in my training. And this has been stressing me: who is going to take this to the healers in organized medicine? Is it me? Do I change my life?

Not really. There is something Spirit wants me to do. I have a book of messages from my patients who have passed. They stop by on their way Home, and give me inspirational advice. It has been waiting for about six months what to do with it. Now is time to try. I am staying anonymous. I can be of more help this way.

One of the limits on myself, as far as Spirit goes, is having to stay humble. Once I lose my sense of humility, my gifts are gone. Better to be backstage than out in front for me. It feels right. I want to stay protected until the time is right to make myself known, if ever. I can't make the lecture, but I know what she is able to do, much much more than she is going to let on to the group. Won't want to frighten them.

But know, It Is Happening. Doctors are being lectured to, for Continuing Medical Education hours of credit, by a lady doc who writes books. A psychiatrist that is famous and is making the rounds. 

That is a good thing.

Your doctors working with Spirit to heal your body, mind, and soul. 


Reiki Doc