Friday, January 20, 2012

Bliss, Love and Harmony

Yesterday was better than most. I experienced a level of lovingkindness I had not experienced in a long time. Things are different. I think Reiki has been a huge part of it.

I was on call for OB. It had been an incredibly slow day. Then business started picking up. First a call for a blood patch, I prayed for guidance as I talked to this woman, with the not-so-great insurance that had a complication twice with her anesthetic. A high block, and then a spinal headache the following day. I was surprised at my candidness, and calm in that situation. She chose the patch, it went in.  And I was called away upstairs to the Unit to intubate a Leukemia patient.

"God Bless You!" the nurse said when I arrived at the room. "Thank you so much for coming so fast."

He was actively dying. And alert. In terrible respiratory distress. I looked at the armband and using his first name explained who I was, what I was going to do, and what to expect after. He had had the breathing tube before. Once asleep and intubated, blood pressure went down. Way down. He was on dopamine, vasopressin and norepinephrine drips already, and they were maxed out. 

"Can you put in an a-line?" they asked. Sure! Of course! I LOVE putting in a-lines. I hadn't for months. The right side, the vessel spasmed. On the left, I tried, and then like, WHOA!, the needle 'jumped' in and I got it. As I sutured it, my phone went off. Another epidural request.

After that epidural, I got some sleep. Maybe from midnight to two a.m.  At quarter to two, I got told there would be a c-section at two-thirty.  After a ten minute snooze, I got up, and packed my things. When the next anesthesiologist comes on, I don't like to have all my reiki books and household projects all over the room. I bring my own pillow and I take it back. Why did I pack at two in the morning for just one section? I get off work at seven. But I knew. Deep in my bones I knew I would not be back.

C-section, followed by epidural, followed by c-section. At six forty-five I was done. And the new guy was at the L&D front desk.

I got home. There was chaos. My mother had a temper growing up. Now she manifests disharmony when she watches my son. They love each other deeply. But I came home with food from Mc Donald's, not Taco Bell like he asked, because Taco Bell was closed.  They did not come downstairs, He had pulled the drawer out all the way on his dresser, and was freaking out because he could not find a pair of shorts without a zipper that fit. (He dislikes zippers. Sigh.). 

Patiently, although I was starving and exhausted, I put the food down and went upstairs. "I don't want any drama. Calm down. Did you know there are shorts in the dryer?" After that came the food fiasco.
The egg sausage biscuit came to us blank. I called the store and got upset in Spanish. (the total ripoff was about four bucks). I was surprised because the people in line waiting for food pickup, and the workers had been so nice.

It was mom's turn to say, 'just don't go back.' At the grocery store near her house, they ring items up multiple times and overcharge her. And at local fast food, she has to double-check.

I got my boy to school, and went to get a car wash at the dealer. They are free. Everything clicked. There was a ding on a wheel, and I was glad I had the insurance to cover wheels and tires.

I was a continuous source of Reiki while I spoke with the manager and receptionist.  

I came home and mom was still there. We talked and then I started to fall asleep while she was talking to me. Sitting right up in a chair. She covered me with a blanket, kissed me goodbye, and went home. This kindness was not typical of her, and I noticed it and enjoyed it.

When I woke up, I blogged. I cooked in the crock pot spaghetti and meatballs and sausage. I fed the snake, and prayed so hard for the rat not to suffer. One-eyed rat is happy, and the feeder roommates were okay. After I put the transition symbol in the rat, the snake squeezed. He didn't attack. The rat was just sitting on him calmly and the snake closed in on him. No biting the snake. No struggle. Unconsciousness came quick. 

At the store there was a woman with wrinkles and too much makeup on. There was a new flavored water in the juice section. My son wanted kool aid juice boxes. I asked him what the sweetener was, for I bet it had high-fructose corn syrup. He was like, "Look it has 100% vitamin C!" But that is typical packaging to promote added vitamins when the product inside is not healthy. Nobody advertises like that on healthy food. Then he looked at the water. I said no. Please consider the 100% organic juice packets (they are diluted to have less calories). And the lady stepped in and said, ''water is always better." And it came out of me, "No. Flavored water isn't. You don't know what kind of crap (chemicals) they put in there to make it taste like that. He gets a frozen bottle of water in his lunch every day (temperature is HUGE to him. It has to be ice cold for him to drink it)." And I walked away. No juice and no flavored water. I did not like her butting in.

Throughout the store she heard me telling my son no to chocolate, cookies, pizza, Starbucks fresh hot chocolate. He has a weight problem and he craves sugar. He actually snuck an expensive candy bar into his pocket to try to convince me to buy it. I was polite but firm, and said doing that is actually a form of stealing and we don't do that in a store. He got cocoa puffs (I can't get him to eat breakfast because he is not a morning person), little blueberry muffin packets 'for when you are at your dad's house and you are hungry.', one lunchable, turkey sandwich meat. But there was a peace in all our interactions that was welcome. Everything was calm and fair, except for his childlike ways to sneak which are quite natural for kids.

At home, dinner, movie, phone calls for the assignment to work and family. Everything flowed.

Because I am gone so much, and this weekend is time for his dad, our son asked to sleep with me. I said yes. As he fell asleep, he was close and I started Reiki to flow. I turned on the switch with the power symbol in my mind. And Reiki can heal even when you are unconscious/asleep.  Reiki helps so much when work is long. It helps give him the love and harmony he lacks because of my schedule at work.

People are nicer. It is no fluke. And it is going to keep getting better. Peace and harmony are coming to Earth. Everything will be working for the betterment of all upon the planet. It will not be without work, challenges and struggles. But they will be fair tests. Intuition and inner guidance are going to help all of us as we go through our day. Just like for example, the day I showed you in this post.

Bliss. Come and get your fair share of it. There is plenty for everyone.


Reiki Doc