Saturday, January 21, 2012

On What is Happening Emotionally, Spiritually, and in the Physical Form

Something was quite different yesterday at work. Everyone was helpful. Nobody got upset. And people were touching me! In the hall, when they said 'hello', about five or six people reached out and touched me on the arm as they said, 'hi'.

I have been in the OR daily since 1994. Let's do the math--that makes it eighteen years. 

Yesterday was different. Very different. We had a sick patient with an exploded appendix that must have ruptured like, ten days ago. Everyone was calm AND AT THE SAME TIME helpful! There were no screw-ups or blaming. And this was with the most old-school, legacy, my-father-was-a-surgeon curmudgeon at the helm!

Something else is different.

Every time I am away from my son, I ache for him. The longer I am away, the more I miss him.

Yesterday I didn't. That little empty part of my heart was full. I was happy for him to have his activities and time with his father. I have been trying to fill that empty with everything from accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior, to relationships, to hobbies, to pets, to my son. There is always something 'missing'. 

I am whole.

My heart swells with good vibration. There is joy and love in my heart!

And my eyes. Let me put it this way--I have astigmatism and can't see far without my glasses. Like, when I drive. I can see without them. Crystal clear. And the last time I put my glasses on, everything was blurry. Like my glasses belonged to someone else.

There is a harmony, a joy, a Light in our existence.

Something has happened. Something big. Right under our noses without our knowing it. At least it happened so to me.

This is right on schedule. I have been viewing YouTube carefully. Bangonitdave got silenced. All videos gone. Komurosan did not post all day yesterday (maybe at midnight after I slept). But Komurosan is my favorite channel for getting information from the Galactic Federation of Light. There is another source, I just added her blog to my list, who had a video showing her face. She has been anonymous like me. She said that Disclosure is 'days to weeks away' and posted five days ago.

Our brothers and sisters in the sky have always been there. Our whole lives, our whole existence. Only now we get to see. And get to know them. There are our brothers and sisters in the Inner Earth (Surprise! ) called the Agathans. They fly in crafts too. I can't wait to get to know them. All of them. Our family from beyond the stratosphere of Earth and from beyond our understanding.

Supposedly the grid that makes up everything there is has changed already. It only looks like the old one. But it is different. And a new energy source, Zero Field, is coming online next. It will have a few hiccups, but will free us from petroleum. Hooray!

Be glad for what is happening. I feel it already. It feels terrific! One by one it will happen to everyone. When it does happen to you, just rest and drink lots of water if you are sleepy or tingly. Allow your body to adapt. It comes in waves. If you read my Karuna posts, you will know what kind of interdimensional disturbances you might be experiencing, especially with three dimensional space and time. It sort of warps a little to your perception, then it settles out after a few days.

Make the jump! Hang on everybody! This is gonna be exhiliarating!


Reiki Doc