Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Breakfast Squares

When I was a kid, I was sick a lot. Most often it was upper respiratory things, such as strep throat and ear infections. It was always my neck and above. But the worst, and the hardest one to heal from, was my teeth.

I was 'dentally retarded'. That is, my baby teeth were slow to come out. For orthodontics, I needed to have all of them out at once. An oral surgeon put me to sleep and took out eight teeth at the same time. All that was left were the ones in front, from eye tooth to eye tooth above and below, and four molars in the back, one on each corner.

There was pain. At first I lived on yogurt. and cool liquids. My gums were too weak and I had to re-learn how to chew so that it would not hurt. This went on for some time.

Then mom brought me some of these breakfast foods that were popular back in the times. They were called Breakfast Squares. Mind you this is way before the concept of a breakfast wrap.

Breakfast Squares came in a foil packet, and were between two by two inches and three by three inches square. They came two to a packet. I thought, 'oh my gosh I'll never eat all that!'. But I was sick of yogurt and liquids. So I gnawed. I took a little bite of the corner, like the tiniest bite you can. And it was good! This is how I learned to eat again. Through the Breakfast Squares. Slowly. And about two weeks later, I had my first bite of cheeseburger. That was a momentous day! As my mouth healed, and the teeth grew in,  I ate more and more of my familiar foods.

Is there a Breakfast Square in your life?

Let me make an example: my babysitter who almost married my Uncle. They were in love, and I hoped she would one day be my aunt! It was like Heaven. Then out of the blue, she ran off and got married to some old guy with glasses whose parents were rich. She broke my Uncle's heart. But we never held anything against her. (she grew up without a father, and we figured that had something to do with her actions).

On Sunday, at my Mom's house, I showed her Facebook. We looked everybody up from the old neighborhood. Babysitter was the first to accept me as a friend. She actually came on Chat with me.

My psychic connection to her was wide open. I understood. She had pain being reconnected to the past.

She had doubts. She typed and erased and typed and erased, you can see it 'so and so is typing' and then it goes blank. I picked up that she still loved my Uncle. She turned away Love for Security, which is a different kind of love. Now she has a daughter, son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter who is as cute as a button.

Her brother died of a freak accident about five years ago. And she stopped speaking to her sister about ten years ago.

Here we were flooding her with love and gratitude for having found her, and she is holding back because 'I am grayer and fatter'. 

What is it she can't digest?


The most simple and natural of things.

I am studying 'Invisible Gifts of Power' by Caroline Myss, M.D. She says our capacity to give is connected to our security in our own survival. She goes as far as to say that a meal can hurt or help, depending on whether the giver also gives a sense of hope along with it. 

This blog is a Spiritual Gift of Intellect and Spirit. I adore sharing with you. I don't get paid. I have my day job. I am starting to meet people who don't get paid who are powerful workers of Spirit online. One that comes to mind first is Tom Campbell. He is one smart dude. He figured things out. Literally. The Big TOE is his Theory On Everything. You might want to check it out. Only gets reimbursed for expenses, travel, food, room.  There are others. Evita Ochel, who is head of Evolving Beings, makes videos for YouTube, and that is how I saw Tom. So the company I keep, metaphysically, vibrates at a very high rate. We are all phenocite crystal people.

Caroline Myss, M.D. spoke of a model, who took away hope of a new model at her first show. She went against her intuition. And Caroline gives example of people who feel the urge to help someone, but don't follow it, and feel guilty after.

If you are like this, you have no Spiritual Teeth. Something has taken them out from you. You need to grow them before you can be whole in Spirit again.

Find your Breakfast Square and gnaw on it. Don't settle for ice cream and yogurt. There is so much more in the banquet of life! To be enjoyed! And experienced. Know where you are. And that it is not a permanent condition. Love your pet. Smile at the homeless. Call your mom. Maybe spend time with her. Learn to interact again with others.

How do you start? By taking out the older and grayer self-judgements that are blocking you to love's flow. There are a hundred and ninety million ways to love, not all of them physical/sexual/romantic. Let the Universal Light Energy flow. Any time you think a grey thought, challenge it. Is this true? Is this kind? Would I tell my daughter or son this as truth? 

Once the heart center is opened, you never want to go back to the way you were in the past.

Life holds miracles.

Find them.

Starting with your heart today.


Reiki Doc