Thursday, August 24, 2017

Working With The Energies

I'm going to blow your mind.

See the above statement, 'a goal without a plan is just a wish'?

That worked in the third dimension.

In Duality.

We are in 5D now.

The vibrations are very fine, very strong, and are able to assist us.

Spirit can too.

You will find you soon have the courage to do things you never thought you could do, for example, my gay friend who for years used to rush home from school to watch Oprah--is going camping for the first time, enjoying the stars, building a fire, even drinking a beer!  He remains just as gay as ever, this wasn't the purpose of the trip. However, as he practices new skills and reaches to be 'off the grid' and 'independent from society' on his vacation, I also notice his Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine 'balance' within himself is 'readjusting' too.

What if the energies are knocking you on your butt right now? You can't handle them?


Drink plenty of water, eat things that grow in the ground, and walk with your bare feet on the earth to help you ground them.

It won't last forever.

It's the quickest way to assimilate these new energies...if you work with them.

How about me?

I got an order for two bracelets and a distance healing from a nurse at work yesterday. Yup.

Ross had said to continue to provide what I have to offer and see what happens.

I also had a wonderful two hour gap--I ate, I napped in the car--and I had a very good lineup for the day. I got home around eight, and I would have liked to have come home earlier. But at least it wasn't eleven.  I also had the insight to realize I've been assigned almost every other night calls, I lack sleep, and lack of sleep isn't good for us in so many ways...including weight gain.

So...I have a foot in both worlds, one of medicine, and one here.

There is resilience to me too--things which once were disturbing or threatening, I just mention to Ross and my teams and let it go. For example, I read a new channeled message on Galactic Connection from I think the seventeenth. Some parts are very true. The accountability one I've been mentioning for some time now. Everyone will get to look me and Ross in the eye, and due to the  nature of the higher realms, everyone will KNOW without needing to ask, who helped, who hurt others, who did what, and they are going to be accountable for their actions/choices. The part about being in a virtual reality? I grandfather told me mom life is 'like a movie' and 'we direct it'...what we think about now happens in a few days.  The discernment there is many I know talk to Divine Father, and also, there is only LOVE. The message channeled didn't have the qualities of nurturing, warmth, love and compassion. It was more of the mind. And I'm not surprised at all that it's a mixed message--with some truth in it--because that's very common and to be expected.

I saw a post over some 'Angels in the O.R.' training course. People are paying money to be in that role I have in surgery. Not the anesthesia part. They are getting certificates and I know someone else who is trying to make a business out of it. I wasn't the first Reiki practitioner in the O.R.  Pam Miles is the first one I met who did. I'm sure others were before her too. My goal is to make EVERYONE in the O.R. Reiki trained, if they desire it. And in the pre-op and recovery room too.

The latest by Kryon, Co-B-rah, Sang Nguyen (talking about the latest Montague Keen, etc)...oh yeah and  Fulford...I'm like...whatever.

I don't feel threatened any more. There are channels who channel EVERYTHING. And most aren't the ones for me. I had hoped all the disinformation would disappear once the frequencies jumped up. They didn't. There's no reason for me to expect things to stay the same as they were before. At some point, the energies will be incompatible. It's best to work on my own energy, and keep it healthy, than to compare myself to others who I am powerless to change.  Furthermore, they are 'all over' the community and I remain 'under the radar' and I suppose in its own way that's a good thing <3.

I will share you a story.

A good friend and star family member (she is my soul sister, another angelic being on Earth)--asked for advice on her living situation.

I sensed Spirit wanted to tell her to keep her eyes open, and when the opportunity they line up comes along, go for it! The window of opportunity won't stay open long, and she will have to be quick.

That was Spirit.

My friend has filters.

Even though the answer went from Spirit verbatim into typed friend received a distorted message.

Because of fear.

At first she thought she had to move right away, and buy a house. She panicked.

I had to calm her down.

I had to gently share an example how I needed a car to haul Anthony and his friends. I'd failed at looking in September, and given up. Then one day, Anthony and I got a nudge to visit a local dealership we hadn't seen. There was a car Anthony loved so much he offered me everything he had, all his money in his short six-year old life, two hundred fifty dollars, to help with the downpayment.

Spirit had communicated something to that child, he KNEW. And I had my fears about the financial burden. But I sensed the deal wouldn't be there I signed the papers. I may have slept on it. I don't know.

Over the years I've seen how it really was the best choice not just for then but for my years including now. It was five years ago.

So this is how Spirit works.

It turns out she had a minor financial miracle with just enough money to buy a car for her son, which was kind of the same.

The fear backed down, the message from Spirit she had requested came through, true this time. Without fear. Fear makes us not think straight.

It's all good.

It's only good.

And all the loose ends are going to settle themselves out in time, as we settle in to these new energies.

I have another example.

I thought today was a day off. I almost cancelled the sitter. But I knew she was cancelled last week. I planned to come up with 'other things'. Turns out a colleague is leaving the group, and tonight is the only night we can take him out for dinner as a group. And I have to work and have an early start too!
Sometimes I wonder why I even bother entertaining plans?  In this Now Moment--it seems like things change around often--'spirit style'...because so many unseen hands are guiding me and my life experience. LOL.

Ross wanted this picture. It's from him.

His message is 'you will reach your target'--of whatever you desire, as long as it is for the Highest Good and compatible with your Life Contract.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple